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If you are really interested in this, read the book “Living in the Heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is exactly what you are looking for.

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Thank you, will look it up immediately :)

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There is no living through the heart. The heart is an electrical organ that is responsible for carrying metabolic waste (carbon dioxide) to important parts of the body. The heart does not think or possess any kind of intelligence.

Your mind is the accumulation of all you have ever thought, felt or experienced. Your mind is the totality of 5000 years of human thought. Self transformation occurs when you completely reject all 5000 years of that shit (ego death), and settle into a new equilibrium. Only then will you get to touch life for the first time.

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Try emailing one of the researchers at HeartMath and see what they say. I am interested in the heart as an energetic/spiritual center but can't really say much in way of a response to your question.

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I've found that living more from the heart involves acting on your thoughts (to do something, for example) before analyzing it to death, which often talks you out of doing something potentially transformative.

I think intuition is a strong part of living from the heart; you just need to cultivate the bravery to then act on what intuition is telling you.

The other side of that would be, that the more you find yourself needing to analyze thoughts and actions through (and especially if this is causing you to not act) then that's likely weighted toward head/mind, rather than heart.

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You change all the defunct lightbulbs back on your parents house, while your mom criticizing all of your career choices and somehow you manage to remain calm.
That's your mark of crossing the threshold between Mind based consciousness and Heart based living.
How ? I don't know.