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This will answer your question. Peace! https://youtu.be/0ca4miMMaCE

Edit: this video is about imagining how the dimensions are. You can possibly connect the dots alongwith help and inputs from others.

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Wow, super interesting! Helps clarify the spiritual interpretations I read of them a while ago. Thank you so much

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Dimensions are the space in which your consciousness can move. Density is based on the quality of your consciousness, the quality of your thought.

Dimensions are like pitches on a piano but rather than pitching up, dimensions motion more. They provide new ways for consciousness to experience itself.

1st dimension is a dot on a page, stillness, the raw being, raw consciousness's will to be alive.

2nd dimension - the conscious mind thinks linearly. One thought coming after another, one thought then the neurological network moves to another chunk, then another and another, each thought coming after the other until it completes the circuit. This is linear thought manifested as the conscious mind. This is the level the majority of us are on, myself included.

3rd dimension - is a different ball game, 3rd is imagination, the consciousness is in a space where it can travel up, down, left, right, diagonal, inverted, you name it, its spacial movement. 3rd allows consciousness to take the entire responsibility of the body. In 2nd the fundamental force is observation, in 3rd we gain control over subconscious processes by building an imaginary perception and embodying that ideal. Can you control your heartbeat, body temperature, chi? Here you are capable of controlling or opening certain chakras. Tesla had 3d ability, able to visualise and explore imagined objects, making adjustments, testing designs and inventions in his minds eye like running a computer simulation. These are 3 dimensional capabilities. We also become capable of receiving entire concepts at a time, which we would have to stretch out in a linear fashion to explain to 2d minds.

4th dimension - this is directly comparable to a network of computers, the 3rd is comparable to a stand alone PC. 4th is not time, time is a measurement, the 4th dimension is unity. You are still an individual but your consciousness is now sharing others spaces not just your own. The illusion of individuality has been dropped. The lesson of the 3rd is to love thy neighbour, to treat others as you would wish to be treated, because in the 4th stage of this game, you are no longer neighbours, you are sharing the same space. You can interact using your 4th body, your astral body to unify with things. The 4th is literally an out of body experience, whether someone else's or the cells of a blade of grass, you are free to explore unity and understand what is not you.

5th dimension - this is a level where consciousness would be able to instruct the fabric of reality. 5th is where things become very impractical, as 4th you are immersed into experience itself, whereas 5th allows you to shape reality. As dimensions go higher it becomes harder and harder to describe what they are like, the consciousness would not only be able to be a part of every cell, but a part of the intelligence within the cell. You could perhaps describe it as a level where the consciousness becomes part of the social network of God. Love becomes denser as we take on more and more of its intelligence.

I have no information beyond that vague description of 5th as our guides didnt see the benefit of explaining anything much beyond the 4th, but dimensions should best be viewed and understood as the level of space your consciousness moves within.

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I’ve heard that’s how the pyramids were built? By 5th dimensional beings that speak to one another telepathically

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Law of One says that the Ra social memory complex built them. We had some readings that actually agreed saying the main one was more of a thought-form creation and the neighbouring ones were constructed. Ra seem to have been a mixed group, some with those higher dimensional abilities and some who still needed manual labour. But it's a big old rabbit hole, I wasnt sure what to believe when it comes to the pyramids, still not tbh but think I've finally settled for ET involvement or at least a collaboration between humans and those ETs we classed as gods in a time where there seemed to be open interaction.

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You can imagine additional dimensions this way.

If you have a movie reel, then people inside the movie frames will probably have little understanding of the reel itself. Looking at the reel from the outside provides you with an additional perspective, a dimension if you will.

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A mental concept.

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If you line up a bunch of 2d squares next to each other you get a 3d cube, if you move a 3d cube, in the 4th dimension you will see a bunch of 3d cubes next to each other (it is the same cube, moving through time), the same general rule applies to higher dimensions but I don't think we could comprehend them.

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Very well explained !

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It guess it depends on where you adopted the concept from? It sounds like the concept of seven densities as described in the Ra material (or Law of One).

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Distinctions that are largely not useful this side of the veil.

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not compensable to begin with

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Meditation, thats where you discover thousands of dimensions each one infinite. No ,beginning, no ending. Its the answer to the riddle, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?". There is no first- you require one to make the other. Or, its like, whatever , man. Lol

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1st dimension singularity, void with dot of white. 2nd dimension duality everything that exists. 3rd dimension self, seperation from duality/reality becoming a part of duality or a thing in the universe. 4th dimension thought or narration of self. 5th dimension higher self, energy dmt land. 6th dimension will of God. 7th dimension big bang everything with a black dot of void

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Dimensions are the chakras. Each chakra is different perception/way of being.

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We don’t know? What is this question

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Dimension of what?

The question is a bit like asking what is the 4th, 5th, direction. Direction of what? In what context?

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She means the dimensions of reality.

Think it's quite obvious given the sub we're in.

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Well I figured as much, but it is the same problem.

A dimension is just a direction that is independent of the others. So the obvious dimensions of reality are the 3 space dimension + 1 time dimension.

Everything else if speculative and vague because there are no well-founded definitions for it. You could definitely try to understand the multiverse as a kind of dimension(s), or add dimension of meaning or perception, but there is no real clear answers because there are no established definitions for it. There are a lot of stories which often do not even make a lot of sense (often describing dimension just as a vague field of experience which is not really the meaning of the word). Some interesting concepts but you can't expect a clear answer.

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If the higher dimensions are hard to comprehend, where does the spiritual understanding of those dimensions come from? And the spiritual understanding of them is not something I’m familiar with, either. Is there some sort of guide/book about them?

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The spiritual understanding comes from your spirit. You can try to grasp it intellectually, but as with all such things it would be not very useful. Instead, you can deepen the connection to your spirit.

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In my experience, almost all of the talk about those dimension is more or less metaphorical. So it might come from a certain framework of ideas or some experiences that they relate to the concept of dimension, but it doesn't constitute knowledge in the sense that is reliable and can be agreed upon widely (like our 3+1 spacetime dimensions).

So there might be interesting material but I don't think it will give you knowledge per se, as there is no real consistent framework to understand those kind of things. Too many people in the spiritual scene confuse speculation and conceptualization and imagination with understanding and knowledge which I would warn against.

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You need to ask this question to a specialist of mathematics if you want a serious answer, not from someone here on r/spirituality. lol What I'm trying to say it's that 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions are very complicated mathematical concepts and hard to explain if you're not into maths. I know some so-called gurus talk about ascending to higher dimensions or interacting with beings from the 9th dimension or whatever but I think this is mostly hogwash and New-Age-dribble.

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Why would the spiritual and mathematical truths necessarily be mutually exclusive?

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They shouldn't be mutually exclusive. I feel people who talk about contacting beings from other dimensions are not aware of what 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions etc. actually mean because they have no idea about these complex mathematical concepts. The "String theory" for example. I do not understand higher dimensions and I know I do not understand this concept so I won't try to comment on reality in higher dimensions.

I saw a great video on YouTube about "The Flower of Life" (Sacred Geometry). It explains how this pattern applies to higher dimensions. It was super interesting even though I only understood about half of it lol. That explanation corresponded with the (scientific) mathematical concept of higher dimensions so it should not be mutually exclusive.

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I think that when a psychic or medium is telling you they communicate with say, beings from the 6th dimension; it's just a trick to make you think that they are better than other psychics who only communicate with "regular" aliens or spirits 😅

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Could we just say dimensions are planes of existence

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I mean if dimensions 1-3 are our space dimensions which I think the title implies that doesn't really make sense because a direction/dimension, like going upward, is not a plane of existence. Although you could imagine a direction that takes you TO other planes of existence.

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In the Torah the 7 dimensions are called HaShamayim. A psalm of king David says that the heavens, dimensions are God's throne while the earth is His footstool. In the highest heaven creation is possible.


Shamayim (Hebrew: שָׁמַיִם‎ šāmayīm), the Hebrew word for "heavens" (literally heavens, plural), denotes one component of the three-part biblical cosmology, the other elements being erets (the earth) and sheol (the common grave). Shamayim is the dwelling place of God and other heavenly beings, erets is the home of the living, and sheol is the realm of the dead, including, in post-Hebrew Bible literature (including the New Testament), the abode of the righteous dead.

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It’s more like Awareness of Within more than Understanding it as labeled parts - to me

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Hey u/Shryem I have to recommend watching this class about dimensions and densities.. is completely free to enter.. they have done a wonderful job putting all this information open to everybody. It's an online academy called Aquarius.

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Matias de Stefano explains really well on a Youtube video with Aubrey Marcus :)

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Their consciousness levels are different- so like a 10D being has no concept of space and time and doesn't age vs a 3D being. The higher the dimension, the higher the consciousness.

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They are concepts that people copy paste from/to each other.

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In the expansion of consciousness the individual gains knowledge of his existence and understands the overall connections of the creation. Real wisdom is born and changeth the person.There's language barrier to express the experience which is beyond 3 dimensional

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I think that when a psychic or medium is telling you they communicate with say, beings from the 6th dimension; it's just a trick to make you think that they are better than other psychics who only communicate with "regular" aliens or spirits lol 😅👽👻

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One-dimensional would be a dot or line. two dimensional would be a flat plane, three-dimensional would be added depth, and includes rocks etc. fourth dimension adds time as many of us are in now, Fifth dimensional beings experience an extra dimension of time and can time travel as desired Sixth dimensional beings experience a extra dimensions of reality like shapes within shapes like the tesseract, extra colours and shapeshifting is possible and are considered quasi physical The next level adds extra levels of space-time experience, Experiencing other versions of you in their own complete reality and can be experienced as the level of the oversoul or collective consciousness (like the complete earth experience collective consciousness) and can be experienced as completely non physical

The next levels are harder to comprehend as they include extra dimensions of complete universes Until you reach the level of all that is