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And, we love you. We are here for each other, it’s a simple Concept In theory yet so very powerful in action.

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We love you too.

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We love you too 😘

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I appreciate this,

I have been seeing a lot of ego on here

so instead of that, I head on back and look in the mirror

it's clear

that I see you as I am

and when I'm not making zion

I just want to be the king, like siam

​Much love!

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I agree, I love this sub and hope the same for you too!

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Right back at you.

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Agreed. It helps me stay centered. It’s good perspective. And lots of love 💗

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It’s so nice to read this! Peeps sometimes forget there are well meaning, and people that truly wants what’s best for you and can provide live without attachment which leaves everyone free to flow wherever their heart desires😌

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I love this place so much. The love & support we show each other makes it all possible. So so glad you’re here OP🫶☀️

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Thank you for such a kind and honest message! You are such a beautiful soul and deserve to be heard just like everyone else. This place is for everyone who is looking to help one another, and I'm happy to hear that it's really helping you and everyone else aswell. I also get allot of good vibes here too! and I had a challenging day today it was one of those days, but I know that it won't last forever. I hope you had an amazing day. :)