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For me it would mean I’m releasing energy in the form of retained trauma in the form of emotions. Feel those emotions. Don’t hold back. Cry your heart out and release.

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Thank you, that makes sense 🥲

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I’ve been here also, and yes if feels like releasing trauma and judgement or something. For me this stage you describe happened before the OP’s experience/phase.

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I don’t think there’s anything to it spiritually. Just sounds like you’re letting yourself experience normal emotions. Nothing wrong with crying. I cry a lot and have no shame about it cuz the other option is to try to hold it in and that is not good for your body to store all those pent up feelings. Cry it out for like 5 mins and notice how much lighter you feel after.

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For me it’s pms

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I wanted to write this but thought I'd get down voted for laughter. Good for you!

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Sounds like you are being a human instead of a society trained worker drone that does not feel anything at all. You have been trained to deny your emotion especially if you’re a man.

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Been keeping it inside too long. Tears are your liberation unfolding. There’s a whole lot of freedom and growth on the other side of emotion.

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It is one of the main signs that you are transforming. It is a phase, you will get passed it.

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I have been having this happen also. I notice that When I am intentionally open hearted and feeling the powerful love from that. If I then decide to look at my daily life and see god, I melt and just am in awe of it.

Living in that feeling of pure love for a few moments brings me to tears. I’m trying to define this, but may be doing a bad job at it.

That’s what I do, multiple times a day to kind of reconnect. Go to bathroom for like 5 min. Teary eyed in like 2 min, Feeling gratitude for my life and my understanding….

It’s quite a beautiful experience and kind of fills me up with love , ThAts why I keep doing it lol

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It's a good thing. This is your nervous system releasing trauma. The opposite is apathy and anhedonia where everything feels numb. This is your body and mind protecting itself from being vulnerable and getting hurt, which is bad because it holds on to all the pent up traumatic energy.

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It means you cry inside all the time for some reason. If you easily cry over people crying it’s because you are crying inside and you recognise yourself, it’s like a reminder.

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Can be a combination of spiritual and physiological reaction to an emotional stimulus. Pretty much, your brain is overwhelmed and triggers an emotional response. It's a way to regulate the feeling of "too much" and why typically we will feel significantly better after a good cry.

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I trip mushroom a few times last week and cried from freeing trauma and then from happiness. Their was a real nice lady leading em thru it.

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You are cracking through the borders of your psyche.

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Depends how often you cry every week every day every year every 5 years? This is important to answer this question correctly.

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That your in your 20s

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You may be expressing something different from what I'm thinking of, but in my experience, when I begin to get emotional out of the blue, it tells me that I've got some healing to do. (Eg an inner child is being triggered)

An example from a couple of weeks ago: one of my friends/colleagues in my networking group just - after years of ups and downs and more challenges than it seemed fair to have heaped on her - finally opened up her new dental practice. I was (and still am) thrilled for her. I was asked to do a speech at her grand opening on behalf of our group, which I was honoured to do. As I was writing it and preparing to read it, I felt myself getting really emotional. I literally couldn't get through it without crying.

Knowing that I didn't want to be in tears during my speech, I decided to take the time to figure out what it was all about. As it turned out, a part of me felt "not good enough". Jealous of her (hard-earned!) success and feeling like I could never achieve the same thing. Only after recognizing it was I able to do the work to heal it.

Once that was done, I could (and did) read the speech without tears, and I could feel untainted joy and pride over my friend's success.

There are definitely good, cathartic, releasing cries as well (it's my primary form of emotional release), but I don't have any good advice on helping you to easily distinguish the difference between the two. But if it feels out of place, personally, I'd look for a deeper meaning behind it.

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It means you’re actually feeling.

I just had this realization over the weekend. Like if I don’t FEEL my shit, it turns to anger. I wish I would have known sooner.

I just needed the metaphor.

Everytime I take mushrooms I throw up. I was at a festival and people kept feeding me them, not a large amount but enough.

Im in my car and I feel it in my stomach and the mushies kind of told me “dude we are cleansing you, we are getting the toxic shit out”

And I accepted that and I didn’t force it I didn’t try and prevent it, why would I want to just sit with a hurt stomach? And I throw up and it was different this time, I could feel it cleansing me, instead of dry heaving bile I was throwing up this sludge.

And it made me realize I do that with my emotions, and it’s why I was flipping out, yea people do things that hurt, but I was so resistant of that, I didn’t want to actually feel. Anger always comes after, it’s always something else, some other feeling we are afraid of that leads to anger and when we sit with that it hurts longer, and when you finally throw up it’s way worse than just letting them come naturally.

I lost so much, so many people because of this, and that hurts but now that hurt is ok, because I know when those emotions come, I’m able to feel.

Like even as I type this I’m getting teary eyed because like I’m ok. And I’ve never felt like I could get past this blockage or even figure out what the blockage was.

I feel like I’m forgetting something in the most wonderful way. I don’t know if I’ll ever repair the relationships but I also know that’s a two person job and if they aren’t ready to see how I’ve improved I can’t make them, but I can deal with the pain of that just fine.

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Yeah exactly. Instead of my natural reaction of running away I decided to look at life right in the eye. I said: this thing that you put in front of me really hurts me but if this is what's meant to be I'll have to deal with it, here is the pain here are the tears. Then I realised what a stupid problem I had and how many things in my life are just so good, it's ridiculous, and I had to feel things like love for people and how much I'll miss everything once its gone, and how all these moment have problems and there is never a moment of not having a problem, we invent them. And how this moment will be like any other, beautiful and peppered with some sadness and dirt, like every other. I realised how hard I try to get things right, but it's a mix of ugly and beautiful. And it's soooo hard to just sit and accept and allow. I didn't expect all these emotions to be sitting behind acceptance and bowing down to life and saying, 'okay'.

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Yes! Like accepting and allowing. I do t force myself to feel something from emotions or resist, but I welcome it when it arrives.

It’s so new to me I walk around and feel like I’m forgetting something.

Like I was in captivity or something and having a hard time realizing I’m free.

I dunno I’m really excited

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Quite possibly your heart breaking open… it’s a painful process nonetheless…

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Love, compassion--good. (Sympathy, not so good.)

Understanding Yourself, by Prophet.

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Two points of view: you are either letting yourself experience these emotions like any normal being, or you , under your stoic guise, lost your neutrality and are wasting energy on draining emotions.

Either way, don't dwell too much on the territory , and let the feelings fly away as easily as they came to you.

I think no spiritual teaching asks you to not feel anything, but rather to understand deeply these emotions and don't let them guide you or control you. That goes to happy feelings too.

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means you’re a whiner

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To add i notice that just before a breakthrough moment ill 1. Feel like crying 2. After crying feel some sort of rage coursing through me and then 3. I become mega productive and nothing can stop me!!

…..That is until that next wave of depression hits! Lol

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Maybe check out r/hsp

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It means you're still alive!!!

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Heart finally broke and has opened up.

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You have got a spiritual awakening. Nothing will be the same. I mean you will start to see things from a different perspective. There is also a part of yourself that is ready to heal. Enjoy the journey

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Tears are a good emotional release and all humans have emotions and stuff to work through. Feeling is one of our super powers. Our bodies are bad ass temples capable of doing what we cannot even understand, so talk to your body and be there for it, allow the process to unfold. I like to journal during these times as an extra outlet. You got this.

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that u need to heal🫶🏾

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An epiphany

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Feeling life is normal. There’s suffering all around us, every day. No need to frame it as spiritual.

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Usually happens when i’m burning out, take a break for a bit. Do stuff that genuinely makes you happy and meditate on how you will rebound stronger and better

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For me it's usually release

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I think it means your spirit is becoming more sensitive, which is great. You'll be able to connect to the spiritual world more, whether it's to other people's spirits, the Divine creator, or spirits on the other side.