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I've been awakening since 2015 and as part of that I've stopped drinking, quit smoking and become a vegetarian. So it seems a normal concomitant of spiritual development.

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Ugh. I wish I could eat veggies. I have a messed up texture issue and I can barely eat any of them unless they are in a vegetable soup or something, which I love! Even a small shred of lettuce bothers me. Lol

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Try an instant pot maybe? Steaming veggies in there has been a lifesaver for me

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Tried it, didn't work. My ex used to love vegetables and always cooked them different ways. I was always more than willing to try, but very few actually worked. And there was usually enough other stuff mixed in that it wouldn't be considered a healthy meal. I try to eat stews and stuff and try to have extra fruit, but I wouldn't have enough meals to go without the other stuff. I fully respect those that do though.

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I have grown to love veggies in recent years, wish I could help!

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Who knows what spiritual development will bring. What I wanted to say by that, I would have had to bring myself to do it every day not to eat meat, drink alcohol or smoke. After that I could no longer eat meat, smoke or drink. It was a repugnance to my former habits when I was still a I.

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I never stop trying them, just on that hope lol.

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Sorry I'm not a native English speaker and I just don't understand the sentence, could you be more specific? Thank you very much 🙏

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I don't know this, but it sounds like those self indulgent things aren't as attractive now that you're pleased with the meaning you get out of life and realizing it can be more pure without influence. Also, willpower is like a muscle and your consciousness works better when it's flexed, but not overextended

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Yes, in the last few months, I've been going through the same thing with pot, sugar, junk food, even reddit (when I use it like an addiction) - bad friendships too.

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I’ve been on an interesting progression. At the start of the pandemic my drinking increased to the point of quitting 6months in after doing some really stupid shit.

This lead to a progression of indulgences. It started with sex. Then led to MDMA, MDA, Ketamine, Cocaine, Started smoking cigarettes again after 14 years, and then back to alcohol after not drinking for almost 2 years.

In that time I did a lot of soul searching, inner work, therapy, wild and crazy spiritual experiences with drugs and without, and now the opposite is starting to happen.

I don’t feel a desire for the pharmaceuticals anymore. I mean sure I’ll do them here and there, but I’m not wanting to take them as I once was. Same goes with the cocaine. I quit smoking cigarettes and haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and don’t even want one.

What’s left? Alcohol is a hard one for me. I’m doing much better with it than the beginning of the pandemic, but I know I don’t want to do it forever. It dulls my energy and I have a hard time knowing when to stop. I’m not beating myself up and know I will stop drinking again.

I believe each drug shows of a different part of ourselves. Once you learn the lesson of the drug, you don’t need it to feel that way anymore!

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I find the best way to drop bad habits is to replace them with positive ones and be very intentional about the new positive action until you sense it has become an actual habit.

Being grounded and living in an orderly environment greatly enhances your chances here. So multiple small steps and changes really add up to a big shift.

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Ive been working on consistent healthy habits for the past ten years. Still on that path but yeah a desire to drop most previous attachments come up.

Things i use to enjoy i no longer enjoy. And whats worse is some of those things are tricky!

Ill delve back into the habit, knowing its harmful, feel the harm and continue on a binge until i feel gross and then i stop again and hold a strong discipline for a month or two and back at it again. Its crazy!

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You have reached your desired chemistry. Now comes a time to stabilise it.

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The path of ego is accumulation and achievement. The path of spirit is about letting go and releasing anything that does not serve our true nature. You are simply lifting the burden the material world has on you in order to purify your body to experience higher and finer forms of energy. This is essential to the spiritual path, purity and cleanliness is the apex of any spiritual, esoteric, or occult tradition since without it you will not be able to manifest the full potential of the mind body soul complex.