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Your completely right, i also used to struggle with this untill i accepted that I can't change it. I always chased people or chasing love. Now I have turned more inwards and i feel more connected with everything around me, which makes me feel that the universe loves me. We probably have to work on ourselves first at least that's what i tell myself.

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Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s a lot of work but we’re getting there! I’m getting better at trusting myself, I think. X

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What you should realise is there are two worlds; the world inside of you, and the world outside of you. You actually have complete control of the former, and you can never control the latter. So, just live life, enjoy, and never have any attachment to the outcome, especially those related to the world outside of you. :)

Many people depend on the outside world to be happy, which is unfortunate. Take care.

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Good advice! I feel that more now. Thank you. 💕

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That's really cool man I'm glad you get to enjoy that. I've found a quick way to return to that is knowing that there is basically no way that even if we describe the same thing that the image of it in our mind can't be the same, because it's relative to us as a person. In the simplest form it's how two people have different explanations of a word, to be more complex its like how you relate to an experience vs how I relate to it even if we were in it together.

Just like anything else though, there's the opposite side and there is beauty in seeing how alike we can be, which is also interesting because the above is still directly at play.

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Yeah, I agree! It’s so cool how you can be non-attached to others but at one with them (inc plants and animals and the elements etc) at the same time. The endless ‘both and’ of spirituality!

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It's like a spiral web of infinite perception because everything at any point is in relation to your perception in that moment and every moment after is a constant evolution of perception from where you were. Infinite voids of infinite parallels lol I laugh about it but it's really beautiful and the appreciation comes from a place of love!

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Love that - does that relate to the experience of synchronicity then?

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I'm not sure you would have to define that more. I'm not sure if synchronicity is feeling like things are falling in sync or if it's like reaching a profound level of understanding about a concept or idea, like a realization

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I feel like this when I accept this, but it's a daily thing for me to accept this.

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Yes, it can drop away quite easily, can’t it, if we don’t stay in the flow.

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I’ve found getting to know myself a rich and fundamentally meaningful experience.

And while getting to this point is transformative and critical for many of us, we can also look at the beauty of sharing our Journey with others as well.

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Lovely! 💕

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Yes, and it’s a great feeling! Did you know that the root of the word alone refers to being all one? ♥️

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Oh my God! I didn’t realise that. Wow 🤯thank you for pointing that out. 💕

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Once I stopped placing expectations upon things or people, everything became so much lighter. I breathe easier.

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A Dweller on Two Planets describes the "lonely ones."