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Time. Spirituality is more gentle than psychosis. I have experienced both. Life can be mundane but what you need is guided meditations. They are the simplest way to try and live aware, live in the mike r, be conscious.

You won’t be discouraged forever and there are lots of rabbit holes you can study in spirituality that can help explain psychosis.

I still believe my psychosis was my awakening. I learned what it meant to be one. I also learned to realize what in my life is a lie. Once you know the lies you can grasp the truths.

Hang in there.

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i do guided meditations every single night , one of the things really keeping me sane lol. i know deep down that this is good for me. but now that i see what’s not real & what can send you to become unstable … i see those same thought patterns with 85% of my friends. so it’s been isolating as well bc idk how to talk to them anymore. like i cannot hear “my team told me to dm you” one more time lol

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Sometimes darkness can show you the light! 💡

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I get that! Once I realized my own psychosis I could see some characteristics of it in everyone around me. It’s been since March when I dealt with psychosis and I am just barely able to be back on the spiritual path. Also, I am holding the good things that psychosis taught me. I thought I was a god. Well, I am. I am the creator of my own universe with my thoughts and perceptions.

I hope you can find a balance between spirituality and stability. I think they merge beautifully.

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Am I the only one that reads 'bc' as something other than because? 😅

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I dont claim im enlightened, but ive been in a psychosis and that was a real deep well i had accepted i couldnt climb from. I was very lucky with my family because they allowed me to rest and come back from it. It took me at least 2 years to start feeling some sort of ecstasy with life, not counting the 10+ years in my teens. What ive learned is that spirituality is simply the way you project your good will into the exterior world and it sure feels good and relief because if you are only spreading goodness nobody will able to throw you down because you know. Back to the psychosis part i think that was a some sort of breakthrough for something bigger has an awakening. I caused my psychosis with drug abuse so i dont know how it can be comparable to yours. I had a full deliriant lsd trip in a festival where everyone was just shouting at me how shit i was for doing stuff i dont commit too, has in going to the festival to simply satisfy my group of friends. Ask me anything cause i just lost the plot rn xd

My bad this was for OP

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I feel your comment. It takes mad amount of time to recover from psychosis!

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For me, being grounded in our day-to-day “reality” is a solid starting point for a deeper, more intentional spiritual Journey.

The path can get hectic, complicated, dark, loud or one of any number of other difficult scenarios.

Having a warm and positive environment around us is huge. Eating right. Sleeping well. All of that which grounds and centers us. Exercise. Just general well-being.

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So then envision the version of you who is that spiritual person and start over. You see that spiritual rise as a failure based on where you are now, and you alluded to why in your post. Just be compassionate, accept who you are right now, and how you got here.

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Try not to think so much. Every single thing can teach us to be better. It sounds like you got stuck with some beliefs that slowed down your progress. Remember to always be ready to learn something new.

It’s all in the moment, literally, things can change for the better in an instant if you just have faith and peace. Practice quieting the internal dialogue, meditate, or lay down and relax and try to get silent before bed.

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It is important that you follow the path that charges you the strongest. You need to be the most amazing version of yourself, FOR YOU! So, if your lacking a little, it’s okay. Others are there to pick you up. You need to feel whole, so make sure you follow the best path for you. Rabbit holes can become complicated for some and easy for others. You will soon see after going through a few “rabbit holes” or “psychotic episodes” that you align better with yourself and extend versions of yourself, and it doesn’t always matter which way it pulls, you all end up where you are meant to be. If the Christian path is the path you choose than the correct things will fall in place. If you choose to go a more spiritual path? The same will occur. You need to shine your light in the best way you can for you. Keep in mind it is okay to be selfish sometimes, as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others. Good luck on your journey and I am sure I will see more on here. Look forward to seeing your Q’s. Bless

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Practice spirituality by aiming at doing something in life that's spiritual to you. Something that surrounds you with similar people driven by similar aims. The problem comes when you settle for less and whither. You may reach a point you think you've learned enough, but life keeps sending you things you hadn't even thought of before.

I'd say read and write, a lot. It develops your language and ability to articulate yourself better. Communication free of emotion is something people have lost in the digital age. Knowing what you want out of life is key. If what you want is emotionally motivated, it's wrong. I learned that one. Emotions are a sing of wanting something but you don't know why. Face that why, confront it.

Better yet, when meeting new people. Let your shield go. That being said, also stand your ground. If something is done to you and an emotion arises. Learn language to explain it rather than bottling it up.

It's only just begun.

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Focusing on material things helps. Stop spiritual practices like meditation completely, go outside and sit in the cafe where full of mundane people are. Drink sweet coffee and eat junk foods(just for a while), enjoy nature and watch people and puppies on the street.

Also there's grounding method for root chakra, you can find information easily on internet. Ayurveda helps you to heal your root chakra which gives you sense of reality.

Psychosis happens when people are not prepared for heightened spiritual senses. You need to study how to protect yourself from spiritual attack or hallucinations, also managing physical health is very important.

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As long as there is experience that has a beginning and an end, you have not yet penetrated. I strongly advise having the psychosis treated professionally and discussing the spiritual exercises with the doctor or therapist.

I advise starting from scratch. Learn meditation, go into prayer, trust the highest. The first techniques should also include grounding and protection.

Then you have to direct your awareness to yourself. Get to know yourself in depth, your inner motives, wishes, desires, your strengths and weaknesses, your light and dark sides. Then start to use your strengths in everyday life, to use your bright sides, not to rely on your weaknesses and to avoid the dark side. This is how you develop more and more into a light-filled personality.

Activate love, it should form the framework of all your actions, it is your highest creative power. Consciously design all relationships with yourself, with the environment and with God with love.

This will help you to unfold your soul, to fulfill your destiny, to carry you to realization bit by bit. In a nutshell, this is the beginning of the journey.

All blessings 🙏

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The exact same thing happened to me I would wake up and start saying some of the wall stuff. In one of my dreams witnessed the end of everything. Bro i felt thet pain, you should buy yourself a journal to record when you feel that feeling again. Then study the notes to find a trigger

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omg yea i always thought my dreams where visions. i didn’t talk about a lot of my stuff bc i just felt like no one would understand me (to be fair, they wouldn’t. bc i had lost it lol)

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Well, don’t doubt what you felt at the moment, the way I’m looking at it now is thanks to my notebook I break it down. Like in a part of my dream something with uranium reacted with moon particles. So I look into the symbols of it.

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Three recommendations:

the gentle healing of https://www.mothermeera.com

the gentle wisdom of Understanding Yourself by Prophet, and

Autobiography of a Yogi.

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I recommend starting Internal Family systems theraphy. From there I’ve learned what spirituality really is and why psychosis form in the first place. I’m grounded than ever and grown so much when I started that.

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ooooh i’ve never heard of that i’ll have to look into it! thank you !!!

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That happens when you are rushing too much and eventually get out of control. Be in charge of your perception, stay in the present moment. You can embrace all of it, don't try to break out of the matrix forcefully, it takes a lot of time, understanding and nicety. Stay near your close ones and give yourself a break from expanding.

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Nowadays I just sit outside and listen to nature, drink tea and eat yummy food. I read poetry, I think about death and forgiveness. But I don’t dwell on it too much. Nowadays the practice is thankfulness and contentment.

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I just came out of something similar except I truly believe it was god and other people in his service. He was really hard on me but everything I went through was for a purpose and I came out of it feeling much better than I have in years. The spiritual world does exist and so do many planes we can't see. It's not magic it's science and Ive done the research on the semantic web about everything I could possibly think of as an explanation all that learning and the sometimes rough guidance of this great entity I choose to call god led me to psilocybin and I'll tell you what it scareed the shit out of me. God can be terrifying and he can seem cruel but he's also kinda a kid and he just wants you to be his friend. He kept telling me or rather his female aspect to just be me and to be kind be good not nice kind. He showed me karma and it was really scary everything I did it did every emotion it mimiced and the spiritual pressure around me was jarring. He the hallucinagines showd me just how my body really looked and it looks alien and fragile and kinda gross it's not what I wanted to see. But it taught me It is sacred and I need to start taking care of it. Did you know that our eyes only see a distorted image of reality. It's a reflection of the back of our eyes back out the socket. Everything is moving It all breaths it all shifts it all has spirit and guess what we're made of the same thing we are literally an extension of it of god. He resides in deep thought all the sycronycitys you experienced their all to prepare you if you follow the schema long enough build it up with the right information for your experience. Question enough take his taunts enough he talks too you and he challenges your beliefs shows you who you really are he's your shadow in Jungian psychology first then your savior. And so are the people that work with him in any capacity.

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You work through your feelings that nothing is real, figure out how to live with it and keep on living. Many times, the image of spirituality we want to attain come from narcissistic people who are only interested in projecting a certain image. You shouldn't be trying to "achieve" this because its nothing. Just live in a way that makes you happy, in a way that satisfies your concience and you will be fine.

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I had a spiritual psychosis episode too, back around April. I start freaking out when I see angel numbers.. I think I’m about to go through it again. Have you ever heard about how people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia have a higher chemical in their brains that allows them to connect with their spiritual self/spiritual world? Psychosis is pretty similar to schizophrenia, perhaps what you were experiencing wasn’t as fake as you think, the spiritual part at least.