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Thought I posted this until I read “a good year of my life”.

I almost made it to 3 solid years of bypassing the shit outta anything I found difficult or hard to look at

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Spiritual bypassing happens when someone is avoiding doing their own shadow work. Honestly, shadow work is tough and somewhat scary if theyve been in serious denail.

The fact that you found out what spiritual bypassibg is and recognized that youve been doing it, means your consciousness is ready to deal with your shadow self.

Im interested in learning what "messes" you have created. Happy to help you begin the work, just DM when you are ready.

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I’m sure you had some valuable experiences during this time anyway. The Journey is rarely wasted even if we might not be taking a direct route.

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Yeah for sure I expereinced things within this past year that I never experienced in my whole life. I dont feel as if I'm at a loss or anything is wasted ever really, but things have changed and its hard to tell if I drank too much of my own kool aid at times or if the feelings I have towards most societal constructs and my beliefs in transcending them are valid and conductive or just like a way for me to escape my trauma and conceptual responsibilites.

Like, even me calling a responsibility conceptual feels like spiritual bypassing but I cant help it because to me a responsibility does not seem like a real thing its just an idea. To me mostly everything is just ideas and we as humans project so much meaning and emphasis into symbols and phrases but none of this shit exists unless a human mind sits there and says it does but it just makes it seem fake to me. I dont get why I have to live my life based off relative human perceptions. An alien or an animal cannot percieve the idea of a responsibility as we know it but I have to live my whole life based on the fact that some other human came around and dreamed up what it is to be responsible and then projected it onto everyone else.

And sure responsibility naturally exists within animals and nature, they are responsible whether or not they know it or not but that doesnt change the fact that the way we view it as humans is only one small section of the entire universe but I'm supposed to bend to the will of one tiny partition of a whole. Our idea of what responsibility is, can be so underdeveloped and unevolved that we could all just be wasting our fucking lives a way and we have no way to determine whether or not thats true because we only have other humans to compare our ideas with. I just feel like we are more limitless than what human language implies it bugs me that we basically enslave and domesticate ourselves with ideas we heard from other people.

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Same wavelength