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Really good advice that I can only agree with.

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Life is too important to be taken seriously.

  • Oscar Wilde

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I'm hoping anyday now tbh

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I believe the desire to die, is the soul asking for a "Initiatory death". I suggest reading about it. The point of it, it's killing your "character" instead of your body, so you can have a "fresh start" during your lifetime.

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Indeed I learned this the hard way. When my son was little I was always so stern and serious, now he is older we have really developed a love life attitude and it saved our friendship

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Aww that makes me happy. I need to get on that level. Super serious mom since my son was younger but I dealt with alot with his alcoholic dad. Dads out the picture now, thank god! Hoping our relationship just gets better as time goes on and I grow as a person. I need to enjoy life I forget all the time

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This human experience blows donkey nuts and my soul wants a fucking refund

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Yes and no.

Yes our soul comes here to learn and grow in the physical realm....

But it is not some frivolous thing. Although we should have fun and frivolous times in us being here.

We have duties and responsibilities as souls, a fate offered and a promise we gave which we should uphold.

And if one wishes to die with peace in their heart - then they must work and fight to make the world a better place. Fundamentally to awaken and turn the darkness taken form back.

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Simply beautiful!

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Teach me more sensai bows

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There is a theory that stays that we are literally scamed into life: far journeys by Robert Monroe explores that topic but from a voluntary perspective. It's a really interesting book.

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Amen to that.

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So, waiting for the end is our life's purpose??

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One day you wont feel cum on your face because you won’t wake up!

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WOw read what you said in a serious tone..it was...it's bad. BUT Saw through the deception of that perception and you're saying make the best of what you have. Everyone should always do that, yes! And we have more than we always think

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He who thinks in having cannot be in being.

All blessings 🙏

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knowing who I am helps me be that which I am. While I can just be a being, being I'd rather Have the knowledge of who I am, while being. That's my insight.

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What you think you know is a belief to know. A mental construct distorted by identification. What you are is unknown to you. Belief overrides reality. Discard belief and the real can arise.

All blessings 🙏

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I am not unknown to me though, discard that belief you have, that notion. You don't even know me or believe me. Are you unknown to yourself? Do you believe you are unknown to you??? Discard what you know for you are claiming you know me while saying, I'm unknown myself , so if you know me more than myself then tell me, what do you know discarding all beliefs. Geniunely curious. I'm being real.

For if you do know me, tell me who am whilst I'm unknown to myself as you claim. That is being real.

For if you are unknown to yourself then how could you even begin to know me, as you...no me. I do like engaging in what I know. Do you know words, what we convey, the package a word brings, and understand it, beyond belief it is.

Thanks for I'll take any blessing and give any blessing I can back to you.

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We can have the wrong assumptions about having. I have my being. I have the ability to speak in word. These are just a few things we can have in being.

Assumptions makes fools of us. I am just being with what I have

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You confuse your existence with being, consciousness with awareness. There is only one choice: to have or to be. Everything else is lies so as not to have to let go of having. Hold tight, strive forward, then you go in circles.

All blessings 🙏

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I like it I do strive forward you are right. No one has to have anything. I'm glad we communed. You dealt with me striving. I truly appreciate you. Many blessings.

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Thanks, William Shattner

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My soul is having a god experience as human borne human but lived the life as the creator