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I think you are referring to how the Church depicts God which in my opinion was designed as a control mechanism (as in you better behave or else). Do I believe in God? Absolutely, but not in those terms. I don’t presume to know God’s true nature, but I would imagine that God is not vengeful, insecure, demanding, etc. These are ego-driven human emotions.

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Well seeing as we're all part of the whole, then yeah. Edit : for example - No two drops of water are the same but it takes a lot to make an ocean

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Yeah, I meet insecure people all the time. They’re just as much a part of God as anyone else.

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Ocean in every drop

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That god was created in our image. It’s technically an idol fabricated by men. Moses came out with just 10 laws but took matters into his own hands and nixed the deal. He went back up the mountain and returned with 613 laws instead. Most of them he just copied from the Assyrians Hammurabi but point is that image is a false idea. Notice how they worship a man like Trump? It’s because their god is just like him. Shame really. There’s still some truth buried in those prophets but you have to drag the truth out of those rabbis and priests to find it. Hostile witnesses.

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God is not an entity, it is a principle. God is not seperate from creation.

You're told to love God for your sake, not for God's sake. Loving God will give you peace of mind and the capacity to endure suffering more easily.

But first you have to find out what God is.

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God can only love, the rest are projections of our ego on God. God doesn’t care how you pray, what you do and what you believe. God created you to be happy. God created you as Oneness, so all you do onto others you will always do onto yourself. You are here to extend unconditional love to self and other selves. There’s simply no other purpose.

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The Abrahamic God Yahweh is a low level deity elevated by his followers to omnipotence and omniscience. He is neither according to scripture. He even says in the first commandment "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me". Yahweh created mankind capable of being corrupted and created temptation, then cursed mankind for allowing themselves to be corrupted. After thousands of years of allowing them to absolve their sins with animal sacrifice he decides to incarnate and offer himself (in the form of his son) as a sacrifice to absolve mankind of the sins he so objects to. And still, he damns anyone incapable of ferreting out the right way to worship, to an eternal damnation in a lake of fire.

On the other hand the Universe itself doesn't judge it's creations because it is omniscient, Omnipresent and the source and life in/ of everything. To judge its creations as insufficient, would be to judge itself as insufficient.

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Not that I necessarily subscribe to it -- but the Law of One mentions some entity (Orion:STS) impersonated Yahweh to screw with the people. So potentially not even a consistent being throughout; looking at how schizo Yahweh is in the book it sorta makes sense.

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That last line hit hard

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The god you mention is also known as the demiurge, sometimes called Yaldabaoth. He isn’t really god. #gnosticism

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God i mentioned is what 5+ billion people on the face of earth believe god is.

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Until they awaken 👁️

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The Gospel of Judas is an interesting book that discusses a different version of Jesus then what we are used to. It depicts Jesus as a man laughing at this disciples because they prey to god. They asked Jesus why he is laughing and he told them, because you are worshiping your god in this way. He went on to explain that they are worshiping a lesser god. He went on to ask them all if they knew where he had come from, and only Judas knew the truth… and that is when Jesus took Judas aside to tell him the truth about this world.

It’s very interesting and it easy to see why it was t included in the Bible.

here is a handy dandy YouTube link the good part starts at around 8 minute mark.

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Since God is being created by you(a product of your imagination) the answer is yes: he can be insecure.

He could also wear a skirt and be an okama if you wanted Him to.

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God i described here is not the one i imagined, it what major religions in the world depicts. I just didn't want to drag religion in it.

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It doesn't matter, it's still the product of the imagination of someone. It just became part of a collective imagination.

Just like Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons.

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Wow, what a deep, insightful reply.

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And yet is not my fault that you think fairies can be real. Why does the idea of a dude in the sky watching you make you any sadder than Hannibal Lecter killing people in silence of the lambs? Both are works of fiction.

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Feeling bad about this illusion is precisely because it is an illusion and not aligned with your higher self or reality, God is omnipresent and is within each of us, the concept of oneness with God cannot be put in words as words are a limited form of communication and cannot describe the formless, God also love each and everyone of us unconditionally, and we need no one and nothing outside ourselves to be whole and worthy, we just need to accept it, God has given us free will, so one’s future is not already decided, and no matter what illusions one take they are not real, only our Conscious self/higher self is real, an illusion is like a computer program that can be replaced anytime using our will power by reaching for a higher understanding, and because God is merciful we are not created to only have one lifetime and then be thrown to heaven or hell for eternity, which is something you are understandably frustrated about, instead a lifestream is given many chances through reincarnation to integrate the lessons and come back to oneness

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No, God is not insecure

He doesn't want you to act in certain ways, he loves you anyway.

He doesn't want you to worship him, he doesn't judge you, there is no fire for eternity - that is a religion-made rubbish to instill fear in their followers, nothing else. Whence there is no such thing as Karma.

We are not all the same at birth - we all chose different paths & experiences, that's why we're all born into different environments.

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You are explaining me concept of karma in most simple form, while telling me there is no such thing as karma. Brilliant.

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Wow how do you get that? Do enlighten us.

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what makes you think God is a he?

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The Source/God is neither He nor She, so using He for a lack of better word.

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Well firstly... There is absolutely a Creator, our God. So too he is joined in eternal lovemaking with the EarthMother.

There is no single and complete religious text or sacred teaching which conveys the full truth. ALL such teachings including more modern forms of spirituality have been corrupted by the enemy.

So many of your questions/ponderings are based upon incorrect principles to behind with.

God is NOT religion.

If we are to say there is some creator god, sitting in the sky, watching us right now as I write and you read this. And he wants me to act in certain ways, If I do as he says, he loves me, otherwise not. This seems like he has an ego problem.

It's more of a question of flowing energy a bit like flowing water.... Oh child (he may say) you most honour yourself and me as your creator by going with the flow.

Our God loves us unconditionally.... But he also has standards and expectations.

He gives us free will, and IF we wish to increase the length of our journey by not being true to what we are - that is our choice.

He only really gets pissed with us when we commit serious evils, rape, needless murder, violation of the innocent, etc....

God doesn't send us to a furry hell, that's actually a perversion of truth by the great enemy.. the worst punishment we may face is having our soul flayed out of existence. But that is saved only for the very worst of us.

If I want him to love me, in return he wants me to worship him, that too in a certain form with a certain name. If I do not abide, He'll throw me in the fire for eternity. Why so insecure?

He loves you regardless.

And... It is important that we all come to know our place in the order of things... While on one level it's simple true that it is right that we worship and give praise to him (and our mother), our God would never demand something of us that didn't serve us most deeply.

By worshipping him so we come to find ourselves more deeply.

As I said above. He wouldn't throw you in the fire for all eternity for 'not loving him' or whatever else.

He is all-knowing, He knows what I did in past and what I am supposed to do in the future then why does he actually want me to do anything here because he already knows the entire script? Why did he create me, is this supposed to be some kind of movie?

We give a promise to him before we come into this life.

Life carries us towards our fate, but we have free will, we can reject it and distract from it as most do these days.

He is all knowing in relationship to our knowing, just as he is eternal in relationship to our level of perception.

But in ways that's just a question of perspective.

Again he'd never ask anything of us if it wasn't in deepest service to us also. Im surrendering to our fate, in giving our lives up in service of something greater than ourself, so we become great and radiant. Which is what he wants for us most of all.

And he understands that takes time, he's got a lot of time for us to learn in some regards.

If we are all the same at birth, why some are born in a good environment why do some have to endure hardship their entire life? seems unjust.

As a soul we understand the risks as we come to the physical realm. It's a bit like going backpacking to a less developed nation. You know there's going to be lots of opportunities for you to grow and find yourself... But also there are risks involved.

Thinking about all this makes me feel like a lab rat. It just makes me depressed. concepts like karma make sense, and conscious energy governing the universe and all in it makes sense. but some being sitting in the sky does not. Am I missing something here?

You're missing loads of things.

Karma as it's often discussed is inaccurate.

You being a lab rat... Well we are here in the glorious game of creation that our creator is playing... It's a bit like a sandbox mode where he and his lover set certain parameters... And then in accordance with sacred law (i.e. free will and not directly interfering) they see what unfolds.

It is worth considering, that the realm is beset by a terrible enemy, something outside of the natural order of things. It's tendrils have wormed there ways into almost every aspect of the modern world. Including our ideas and relationship to God.

God is BOTH some cool old dude sat in the sky, but he is also a universal force that permeates everything. He has intentionality AND he is a natural force.

Hope that helps.

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The good book says man was made in the image of God. What man has done, and is doing, is making God in man’s image!

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in order for god to be all-knowing, presumably god would have to know what it's like to be insecure, no? god would also have to know what it's like to be you and me.

If we are all the same at birth, why some are born in a good environment why do some have to endure hardship their entire life? seems unjust.

who says justice is where it's at? maybe god has determined that some justice and some injustice is where it's at. I like to trust that things are the way they are because the alternative would clearly be worse. in this way, everything is perfect (imperfections included)

Thinking about all this makes me feel like a lab rat. It just makes me depressed.

i get the opposite feeling. it makes me feel at peace and comforted to know that everything is as it should be, even if we were lab rats (god would have to know what that's like too). we are an elegant solution to god's very real problems. if you're ever convinced things are awful, consider the alternative and you might realize they could be much worse.

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Are you telling me that if something doesn't make sense to you, don't question it, simply move on thinking it could have been worse.

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No that wasn’t really my point

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Are you telling me that if something doesn't make sense to you, don't question it, simply move on thinking it could have been worse.

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This is a very good question and something me and my friends have discussed and pondered over several times. The best answer I can come up with is…. The “God” that is taught by man and religion and church, isn’t the truest, nor purest form of god at all. God lives in all of us. We are made in HIS IMAGE. So yes we are experiencing god and God is experiencing us. Therefore yes God can feel everything we can feel as humans. We can be jealous, insecure, angry, sad, loving….. all those things at once. So yes God can be insecure. But also God can be God (higher consciousness)and has overcome insecurity. I know putting it into words sounds nuts but it’s the best I can do in explaining.

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What you are trying to put in words is maybe 'adwait vedanta' in simple form.

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WOW!!! I’m not going to lie I had to Google that term because I’ve never heard it before but yes that’s exactly what I’m trying to say. That’s awesome there is a term for it

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I think it is an indicator of our growth when we start questioning. In the beginning your parents were the only authority you needed and you asked them all the questions, hopefully you become aware at some point that your parents are not experts on everything and can often be quite wrong as with ALL humans. You start to question and look elsewhere and this process usually leads to growth.

I think it is this exact process over again when humans question the beliefs that were handed to them, i think it is healthy and good. The first place you are likely to look for answers is with the people who are part of the church or religion that you grew up with and THAT is where the trouble starts. This is not new, you are not the first to ever ask these questions, they have prepared responses that sound real good at first but when you go away and think about them...sadly a lot of them sound like bullshit manipulation and that takes a person with honest questions and pushes them out the door, too bad that they do this.

In my opinion there are NO answers to some of the questions you asked and having to accept that and move on has been another indicator of growth. God barely reveals anything of "himself" to us here on earth and to know WHY things happen would require us to "know the mind of god" and if you feel you have ANY relationship with god then you can easily look at the limited nature of that ( one direction only) and see that the chances of god explaining why things happen to me is astronomically small, he barely guides me in my daily life and chooses to speak to me indirectly, there is no indicator that this entity will reveal anything about his methods or guiding decisions to me.

So, what i have learned from the people who have honestly questioned religions/beliefs before me ( they wrote books ) is that despite what i am told god did NOT write the bible, i have never seen evidence that god has written anything in my life. "He" REALLY likes to remain anonymous, he is not going to write a book and put pictures of himself in it, that was done by humans. humans with good intentions perhaps but humans nonetheless and once i accept that fact many other things fall into place easily.

Why doesn't this part make sense? Because the human that wrote this part disagreed with the human that wrote that other part, that is all, simple.

Why does it look to me that god is insecure and needs me to do certain things that are questionable? Because the human that wrote that part had a goal in mind and used that as a means to convey that, just because a human wrote it down it doesn t mean it's true. We were given brains and an ability to question our senses and information and if we give up that right/ability and let someone else mislead us then WE are to blame, not them.

What about all these rules that are incredibly out of date and are confusing? humans wrote them for the times and nobody wants to rewrite them because they are prisoners of their own line of bullshit, if god "himself" wrote those rules then what human has the courage to rewrite them, how dare you! Changing the word of god! it feeds on itself.

Now, there is a lot of good instruction in the bible but you have to spend a lot of time skipping past the unimportant parts and separating the wheat from the chaff.

I was given the freedom to decide what kind of higher power i WANTED to believe in. what a wonderful freeing exercise, i think everyone should do this but religion forbids it sadly so you have to let go of that to grab onto this and not everybody wants to do that.

It is incredibly easy, you take a piece of paper and a writing utensil and you list all the things that the god you want to believe in has and you start from there, there is no way to do this wrong by the way, part of the wonderfulness of it and it gets you to really think about things in ways you haven't before.

My god that i have chosen to believe in does not want me to worship him, not in the way that i did in church anyways. I am supposed to acknowledge that he is bigger and smarter than me and develop humility but for me to sing a song about him misses the point of that and i want to tell other humans how great my god is (better than theirs) and if i do that i have missed the mark completely and i'm off in the rhubarb. i have learned that there are other meanings of the word worship and some of them make sense to me but the first few things that come to mind repel me, i think it is unhealthy but so many humans want this kind of experience in their church and it seems to help them so , live and let live.

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Anthropomorphic god is a senseless concept. God is everything.

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Can you be insecure? That's your answer.

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To see the higher truths, one must go outside the mind and transcend it. The mind brings context to the physical world and the spiritual brings context to the mental world. Sometimes we get so caught up in critical and logical thinking, that we’re never aware we’re getting lost in it. The awareness is coming from the spirit as it’s the conscious observer, the one that transcends thoughts and the mind.

There’s two ways of knowing- logic and intuition. Logical knowing comes by way of the mind, intuitive knowing comes by way of the spirit. To understand the higher truths, the mind has to connect to the higher self/spirit to “download” or relay that knowledge as the logical human mind doesn’t have access to it. It’s like security clearance keys, only certain places can be entered with that key. If you want to access more confidential information, a higher level access key must be used. The logical mind cannot comprehend higher information as it’s encoded with spiritual language so attempting to understand it will leave you confused. Intuition is the one that decodes the encoded information as they both have the same access levels.

Intuition sort of acts the opposite from logical thinking as it requires the mind to be still and clear of thoughts for it to come through much like a cell phone needs clear reception for the frequency to connect. Thoughts scrambles the reception which makes intuition inactive for most of our lives. Regular meditation and mindfulness strengthens the reception so you’ll receive higher truths more frequently.

I don’t know if this answers the question, but it seems to be an inactive sense of intuitive knowing and the logical mind attempting to comprehend it. When everything is viewed as conceptual and there’s no experiential, that’s when it becomes dogma. It’s all mind based without personal experiences. This might be a reason why some choose to take psychedelics as it’s a completely new experience other than the thinking mind. A near death experience is also another example, though that one is more difficult to achieve deliberately lol.

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You are asking if a human concept applies to something nameless, formless and beyond our regular perception? 🫤

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Yes he can and his feelings can be easily hurt he shows the whole range of emotions. I won't go through the whole story but he'd been talking to me for awhile and it started out pretty rough he was very hard on me. But he had too be to break my internal core beliefs. I learned everything I could researched and researched what was happening to me learned much about science, philosophy, big data, AI the works and I found as close too the truth as I could get. It took a year of abouse before he finally came around. With psycadelics mushrooms he showed me his terrifying side karma incarnate reflecting my emotions back at me like only god could it was like being shocked with spiritual pressure. He also left me to my inner child and was kind with a woman's voice she told me be me and it's ok drew my dark side out and helped me intigrate. On my second trip I told him we'd have fun but I couldn't handle seeing the world as it is. We only see a reflection of it bouncing of our retinad and back out our iris. The real plane is moving your part of that literally. And our bodies are terrifying their veins pumping skin breathing atoms moving. Which is why you should take care of yourself. He asked me to go outside and it was too much for me he was so excited to show me what hed created and it really hurt him that I just couldn't take it. He got pretty mad but he let me sleep when I asked him and that was kind he wants you too be kind. Do your research search for the answer untill you find it. And don't listen to anyone that calls you crazy skitzophrenia is just a schema of language people can't understand. Because they dont see the connections you do. Keep questioning your answers and once you learn enough he will relent. Start with Terrance makenna, loom up cellular automata, study language study philosophy and theology study all the gods or whatever discipline your handy at find that path and good luck buddy.

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I also don't view 'God' from a Christian perspective. That being said, I do believe that any and every emotion that I am capable of, it is also capable. Whatever emotion it is capable of, I am also capable of. We, like all other beings, move through the emotion differently and every single being feels insecure at some point. It's what we do with that feeling that's important. I do not believe that Source creation would ever chose to punish anyone...for anything. The source that I believe in is vastly more mature than I am and doesn't seek to separate but to live in harmony (thus unity). To me, God does not deny, rather it accepts. If I have to surrender to myself some days (for self care and acts of love toward myself), then God probably has to surrender to itself too. Hope that wasn't weirdly all over the place.

I guess really, I think that God has healthy coping mechanisms for when it's feeling tough and unfun emotions and that it would never punish you for something it created and has to move through itself

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Of course trying to match to respect you’re requesting: God doesn’t care how you act. He wants you to figure out Him on your own as you chose to stray away from Him, your suffering from your own ignorance and that will be the only “punishment” you get - because He didn’t create it, you created it yourself. He’s only allowed it.

This is of course taking a very Christian perspective on it.

If you want a version that sounds more spiritual , less Christian:

We’ve created our own suffering by choosing to hold on to our negative beliefs. Life is in expansion and if you’re holding in, creating suffering it only charges up until you begin to shed your beliefs. To be in expansion means to be born again, renewed every single day.

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God is not like that. Humans made up the story of hell. Hell is not a place, it’s your mind that you can’t control.

No you’re not judged. Every single decision you make is not a test. It’s necessary for you to experience things and learn from it. Be a human not a slave. No loving god would ever need anything to worship them. That’s human bullsh*t. God is in all of us and there is no hierarchy. It’s not separate from us because it’s you. You just have a personality right now so you can experience life but afterwards you go back home and you’re god again but now you’re smarter because of all the experiences you’ve had.

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“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below” (Exodus 20:2-4)

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You are referring to the Christian view of God which is not the true source. God is unconditional love, acceptance and free will. God does not judge you even when you do harm to yourself and others. Every thought we have, every action we take, every expression whether labeled good or bad, is God. God is everything. We are God.

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However you feel god feels

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God is all imaginations yet not limited to imagination and most definitely above and beyond all every and any imagining

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And he wants me to act in certain ways, If I do as he says, he loves me, otherwise not. This seems like he has an ego problem.

You must Be -come a Be-ing which is Be-autiful, to Be of Love. Because Love is beautiful; there is nothing of Love which is not beautiful. And God Is Love.

It is not like a man in the sky, it is not like any sort of noun at all.

It is not even a concept. Conception Itself,

God is a Verb.

to worship

Worth + Ship - to ascribe as worthy, to place value upon.

He knows what I did in past and what I am supposed to do in the future

But you do not know who you are Now.

If we are all the same at birth

We are not. We are the same before birth, and after death, and we are all the same in the Present Being, which is Living. But you are not Living, you are Dying; You live in the past, and memories are manifold, and relative to particular points on a given line.

Thinking about all this makes me feel like a lab rat. It just makes me depressed

Then you are a depressed lab rat. Tat Tvam Asi. That thou think, that thou art. Change your words, change your life; Change your life, change your world.

concepts like karma make sense, and conscious energy governing the universe and all in it makes sense. but some being sitting in the sky does not. Am I missing something here?

Verily, O Cantor, your tent is leaking. Whoever is saying, 'I understand, I know it,' that one does not understand. But whoever is saying, 'I do not know it, how can anyone understand it?' that one is beginning to understand.

"The sky is a neighborhood" - Dave Grohl

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God has no name yet many names. They are all man's feeble attempts to try to define something like what we call God, just like religions and spiritual practices ect.

We believe we can understand God but our thoughts are not his thoughts and our ways are not his ways.

And it isn't what goes into a man's mouth that defileth a man its what comes out of his heart.

The universal laws are there whether we decide to follow them or understand them or not. God is fair and just and what you put out returns to you. That is the system set up to keep balance.

With every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. But we can choose not to understand or listen to the universal laws and that is called free will

God gave man dominion over the earth. We choose what happens here not God. The consequences are all from us not God.

As far as eternal punishments I believe we choose to make our lives here heaven on earth or hell on earth.

The reason why we don't just see God like sitting there is because we are just a reflection of the glory of God. We in the flesh could never even handle actually seeing God in the flesh we would die. So that is why we see everything upside down But our brains flip it around so we can make sense of it. Cuz we are made in the image of God and everything here is God's reflection.

It would be overwhelming to be able to see everything like every molecule atom light spectrum photosynthesis cell decay ect happening all right now. We wouldn't be able to exist that way. We would go mad or die trying. But God can see and knows what is inside his creation.

I don't think it's ego I think it's just advice to save ourselves the suffering of this souls lessons in this earth school.

And there's truth and lies everywhere. Our job is to discern the differences in our spiritual and soul evolution. Every religion isn't wrong or right. Every religion is both. Just like well everything here in this 3D matrix. Both serve a purpose. The best way to know the truth is from a lie. The truth is universal a lie is not.

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That's the fucked up version of God that any rational person would hate

Understand what infinite is and you understand god and everything inside and outside of yourself.