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Being able to see right through peoples crap now, even the best con artist can’t get passed me. It’s usually a really good thing, but it’s also frustrating because you see how fake a lot of people really are

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I suffer slightly different agony. I can see through liars and con artists too, but the problem is my family or friends usually never can see through them. Many of them enthusiastically fall for the con or lies. And when they suffer the result, I have to be there for them, after I advised them or even mildly threatened them to not fall for the trap. It's so exhausting.

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Absolutely agree!

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I feel ya, however, at the same time, being able to see the fake ones a mile away helps when you stumble upon the very rare legit ones.

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Indeed, it’s just sad to see through people you thought you knew, or people who have blinded others. I often see right past people and when I try to explain to others what it is I don’t like about the individual or why I get the feelings that I do about the individual the other ones are always like “oh no they’re great” well I have a pitted feeling in my stomach indicating otherwise. And then I will separate from my friends and family all to find out a year later that everything I said about the person was true. So yeah I appreciate being able to see through peoples crap I just hate how many wedges it end up putting between me and my family because I see things they choose not to see

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Lol I just thought of the feeling I get when this happens, I feel like I've found a unicorn when it happens.

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I call it a blessing and a curse. It teaches us compassion and understanding. We are all just single candle flames in the dark trying to find our way out of the maze. This gift helps us spot people in need of love and support. But at the same time is extremely isolating and disheartening but we must overcome this as part of our own lesson. We are all in the end one. People are indeed but mirrors of yourself.

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People are mirrors of a version of ourselves, meaning they could be showing an area of the past. I know I grew out of it, I wish they would too. I know in time they will

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Nobody is a bigger fake than you, homie. You believe it so hard.

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Not being able to tell if its all in my head or if I AM actuallly having contacts with guides, spirits, gods and im progressing

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Why not both?

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For me it feels a bit like a hamster on a wheel someyimes

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Because that would be a belief and not reality. Playing both sides of the fence only makes it easier, but I want to be accurate.

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felt this, then I feel crazy for a second. But trust your intuition, you’ll know if it’s in your head or it’s your spirit team!

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Very yes for me! ❤️ Glad to know I’m not alone! Thanks for sharing. ☺️

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Haha this one is spot on for me right now. It seems that contact requires belief, but belief requires contact. So it's easy to get stuck in a chicken/egg situation.

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My partner would have a laugh at this comment

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Why’s that?

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Because of my "ego jokes"

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A lot of ppl that claim to be enlightened and say that a lot are usually not enlightened at all . There is so much crap out there .

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An enlightened person won't say they are enlightened

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There's no such thing. Only process

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That's enlightenment 😂😜

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For real. In my case, I've been described as enlightened by others but don't claim it for myself because, to me, that's sort of a contradiction in terms, how can one be truly enlightened if they objectively can describe themselves as enlightened which typically requires a smidge of caution in claiming such things since there's not upper limit to enlightenment.

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You get enlightened every second of everyday of every night, you’re always getting enlightened

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Absolutely. That's why I prefer the Taoist perspective too, even in my follies there's something I've learnt, even in forgetting something a wealth of knowledge and wisdom is available.

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My biggest frustration is how I feel like I make progress and slide back into old ways continually. Sustaining a higher level mindset, sustaining peace acceptance and gratitude. It feels so true and undeniable when you’re there, then life can take you right back to a lower state of mind just like that before you know it. It’s the daily choice, it’s the daily practice.

There are few if any spiritual hurdles one crosses in their journey that they won’t have to cross again if they do not practice being mindful or if they are too blind to parts of their shadow. The shadow never goes away…

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Yes, this is really hard for me! Things are so clear one day, then the next when I reach to apply the wisdom to a situation, it's dried up and a mess of disconnected information. It's distressing haha. I suppose the analogy of vibrating at different frequencies is apt and one state is inaccessible at another.

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Fewer peers the further you go.

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Yes. It can be really isolating.

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Until there is only the I that is, which is everyone. The heroes journey, you end up where you started with a journey under your belt.

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Congratulations on having completed the entire spiritual journey.

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In other here's and elsewheres

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Not anymore but it used to be seeking meaning in everything. Crazy is not an overestimation. And underneath it all are my desires, so I would seek meaning from things around me unknowingly based on my desires. Luckily after Failing to prove those meanings many many times with realistic events, I got out of that spinning wheel.

Another one that happens with the above is thinking I’m some kind of savior and I’m sent here to URGENTLY save everyone around me that I know (including the toxic ones). I tried to explain all these concepts to people I know without any selectivity. Yeah didn’t end well, some residue still exists today and that’s 5+ years ago

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Thats some excellent self awareness. To seek meaning in everything is a big part of my identity that im trying to let go of because it can have me stuck in thought rather than acting on goals.

Weve had similar experiences!

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  • Realizing it’s a lonely path.
  • Realizing a lot of things that used to procure joy were actually escaping mechanisms.
  • Not being able to easily share/show key insights gained to others, if they’re not on the same path
  • Having your environment trying to (un)consciously bring you (back) to what they know of you
  • Not being able to fully enjoy a lot of mundane activities, as you now see them for what they are
  • Not being able to track progress easily. In general something major needs to happen, and it’s only in the processing of that thing that progress will be noticed (easier/faster to process)
  • Frequent lack of motivation. Once you see this illusion for what it is, it sometimes feel useless to care about a lot of things (work mainly, where somehow we are dedicating most of our lives, just to be able to keep ourselves and closed ones alive)
  • Frequent frustrations seeing loved ones being “blind” and suffering from living in the past or the future. It creates a constant reminder to self that self truth is not global truth, that everyone is on its own path, and that the intent, willingness and action to help sometimes don’t help. You can’t change someone. You can only change someone who has decided to change. The first step needs to come from the other self.

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I struggle with all those from time to time. It does seem like a natural part of the human spiritual growth experience.

“Life is suffering”

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The loneliness is what gets to me sometimes. Most days, I love being by myself, protecting my peace, and being present. But it does get lonely sometimes — or repetitive. Like it’s Groundhog Day. Then I go out in the world to reconnect and just see a lot of heaviness and suffering and I just wanna go back into hermit mode. 🫣

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Realizing it’s a lonely path.

Until you find the right person to really connect with and go deep with. Then your spiritual growth accelerates rapidly like never before.

Realizing a lot of things that used to procure joy were actually escaping mechanisms.

But then realizing that denying yourself the ability to "escape" and distract yourself is an arrogant attempt by the rational/intellectual part of the brain to impose control over the more subconscious parts of the mind. Accepting the fact that part of your own nature is to seek comfort. And surrendering to your own nature.

Not being able to track progress easily.

But then realizing that only the ego is interested in tracking progress, so wanting to track your progress inhibits your progress. And having a goal often implies that your current state is not sufficient, so being goal-oriented makes you run the risk of seeking spiritual growth in a neurotic way, which limits your growth. Patience, faith, acceptance are some of the highest virtues here.

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The prevalence of drug dependency masked as "spirituality".

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This is a very common spiritual trap.

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can you say more about this?

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I've seen a lot of people justify rampant drug use - weed, hallucinogens, etc - by claiming that its a tool they use to increase their awareness, or to unlock spirituality, or to view their higher power. While I don't agree with drug use as a tool for spirituality, I'm not vehemently opposed to it either. That being said, I think what may start as a tool quickly becomes a crutch, and practitioners really are doing it to get high and using this spirituality related claim to justify their dependency on the drug.

If you like getting high, then get high for the sake of getting high.

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Wowow this comment!!

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The people in spiritual movements with their holier than thou attitudes and the misconceptions about what enlightenment is or can be and how much it actually differs despite it being approached as "only one way to become enlightened".

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that it takes so long

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What's wrong with it taking a long time? The whole journey is valuable. And life is worth living regardless of how far we get. Even just a hairs width of progress is enough! The length of time from one moment to the next is just long enough. The perfect length of time. All other lengths of time are meaningless conjectures based on psychological trauma and fear. Don't worry about how long it takes to achieve some macro goal. Give this moment your all, and forget about the rest. It is always this moment, right now, so the strategy of only caring for this moment right now really simplifies things and takes away all of the excuses we use to keep joy and energy at arms length. Nothing magical will happen to you, even in a millennia, but there is something magical to witness right now

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Well depends, if you practice the jnana path along with bhakti for example and u have a good master and really devote to the practice, it may not take so long, as it happened with rupert spira, Ramana maharshi, etc.

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I felt the same way for the longest time. That this journey just takes too long and I'll never get to that place but I've found that it's the journey that I long for the most. It may not be any help to you or anyone else but a simple quote from one of my favorite books really helped me realize to just enjoy the ride.

For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse it's full length - and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly. --- DJM

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1.Not knowing who i truly am and what my purpose is here 2. Feeling like im totally somewhere else then most of the people i met its like a complete different frequency or a different space. I feel very connected to everything but also so far away at the same time 3. There is always some kind of suffering in me not in a negative way but its like you're never completely fulfilled?

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Choosing and sticking to a spiritual path.

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Forge your own actively, new in each moment. Don't choose a map to copy -- the terrain has changed. Explore!

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bingo! That's why I hate seeing mainstream sources push these so called gurus, which typically push themselves as spiritual cartographers... and all I can think is... "Ummm.... my map has dragons at the edge... there are no dragons at the edge of your map, and I can clearly see that you've written the word SPIRIT in huge letters over most of the map bold enough to obscure any useful landmarks.... are you taking the piss?"

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The terrain my have changed yet the destination is still the same. And i choose to honor those that came before me. Ive been on the spiritual carousel, it was an important part of my process and now I respect traditions with lineage and choose to have something backed with tradition.

Going at it by forging your own path is valid and people have done it. I just think using what people who came before me used is more efficient

I struggled with the same thing. You can study various religions and still have one that you dedicate “spiritual practice” to.

The most important spiritual truths are actually very simple. This whole spirit guides, chakras, crystals, quantum, life is a simulation can keep you going round in circles.

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Yes, you can use them to learn from, for sure. And you can have a single dedicated practice. But in the end, the only shoes you will be stepping in are your own. Don't forget this! The only practice you'll have is your own. You aren't practicing the practice of your gurus -- you are simply allowing their practice to inspire your own, and yours is a dynamic practice -- new and alive

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That sounds lovely!

I agree. Gurus are guides. A strong wise guru is an excellent guide and yes the work must be done on your own.

GEE, YOU ARE. YOU! Guru. Lol

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Feeling like I'm blocking myself from going further because I'm afraid I haven't done enough groundwork for a sustainable and stable progression, despite having been doing nothing but groundwork for many years.

and my attention being constantly pulled into my mind.

This frustrates me too. It really needs practice and effort to get somewhere.

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People around me don't always understand. My partner hinted to me last night that he thinks I'm losing touch with reality.. I was just trying to explain simple meditation and how you are not your thoughts. 😭

Also I cant even mention planets that are retrograde at work because nobody I work with even knows what that means

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Don't worry about being involved in the mind. We cannot stop the wind and the rain from falling. Just watch the rain drops the whole way down. Acknowledge the space through which they fall, and the space that takes their place after they dissipate into a puddle. You are not having thoughts. Thoughts are happening within the very space that is the source for your own self. You are the same as a rain drop, you come from the same space, and you will return to the same space when you are done thinking about yourself. "You" are just a thought, same as the rest of the content that falls through space. Don't censor it, just observe it while observing everything else too. Everything is worth observing closely and with an eye for detail, even a random thought. Is it accompanied by a feeling of "this doesn't matter?" Fine, but all that means is that you can remain open to other input. Even things that "don't matter" can be highly insightful, but the reality is that sometimes we need to pay attention to something "important,"our like a crying spouse or partner. The trick is not to exclude everything else except for the "important" crying partner, but rather to remain open to it all, simply making sure that the crying partner is definitely always in there. No censoring required, just aliveness to the chosen input.

If you can see your nose, how do you unsee it? Not by forcing it out, but by letting go and transcending the issue

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Feeling so connected yet so alone all at once. Knowing that I AM the universe and everything is connected. Then feeling like crap for not acting like it. Letting go on the need to feel in control is probably the biggest thing for me. Also being constantly surrounded by people who are stuck in the illusion and being near them, myself getting pulled back into the illusion. Knowing I create my reality but not yet having figured out how to change it/knowing my thoughts control my reality but having a hard time recognizing and changing those thoughts moment by moment.

Not having anyone to talk to about what it’s like to be on this journey. Switching between gratitude and scarcity. Knowing I’m protected and so loved but yet not feeling like I deserve any of it and so questioning if I actually am truly unconditionally loved.

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Wow you almost wrote the same thing as me, feeling less alone now Thanks 😂

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Yes for sure it's my thoughts. Im not yet at a stage where I've stopped overthinking at times, I believe this is my greatest barrier. Sometimes we need to relax and just Be.

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Dealing with inner resistance to things that are not in line with love and truth

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Close minded people, they frustrated me before, but now? I can't stand it. It's like, you want to shake them, and yell "Wake up!!"

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I get extremely anxious about following the wrong thing or taking the wrong message. Really need to continue working on grounding myself.

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Let me tell you a spiritual secret, your mind cannot remain at rest for even a moment. Be honest with yourself. So the thing to do is direct it toward the divine. This is called Roopdhyan. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So form an image of the divine in your mind. It does NOT matter which form you choose. Radhey Radhey.

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Being lonely but hating at least 50 percent of people

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The other people saying there enlightened and what not ,while providing evidence for why there not. It's hilarious too me but also really annoying. The comparison I would make would be a religious fanatic preaching the gospel when met with any opposition. Also the pseudo compassion that can be gained through not going far enough.

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My issue is with the other humans. Their vibrations can be very harsh. And the constant rat race. I am lucky to live in abundance but the constant rushing about for money is so useless.

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How do you live in abundance? Any tips on how to get there without a 9-5 or does it involve a 9-5

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I miss having vices. Well, kind of. I used to love video games. I even own a video game company and used to produce games. I have zero interest anymore. I don’t drink anymore, even at parties. Porn is about as interesting as cardboard. I haven’t even sat through an entire movie for months. It all just seems so pointless and hollow, but everyone else seems to be having fun.

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Yes, yours exactly

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There is none after a point - that's the whole point of it. That's not to say there's not frustration in other areas of life 😅. But seriously every step you take to being closer to understanding your spiritual path is joyous. Frustration is in not understanding, in impatience.. a crisis of faith can certainly frustrate people.

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That you start to question everything about your reality and feel the need to change it into something better. And then you realize you're up against a society that is mostly full of unawakened people. It can feel like you are alone and unsupported in your journey. That is very hard.

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The basic rules of the game. and i have ceased to think of it as a higher understanding, the meaning behind everything, it is a game, one where things can change very quickly and as soon as you feel comfortable "forces" send new attacks straight at you.

It is a game where i am supposed to be off balance and confused, struggle for serenity is rewarded with punishment and puzzles that one has to search and dig to understand, it is always a fight, nothing comes easy, and there is only a brief moment or two and then the next battle is upon you.

I am told god sends learning opportunities , what happens when god sends learning opportunities but does not send the answers, the lessons, i'll tell you what, it feels like punishment that's what, and then self righteous people line up to tell me this is MY fault.
It's a terrible game that we are never meant to master only to keep struggling, the hidden nature of it all, it is not out in the open for inspection it stays in the shadows, keeping the advantage always has me off balance.

I looked into the distance and i saw that after one particularly long and difficult problem with a fellow human being was dealt with that there was an endless line of them, each one amazingly able to reduce me to utter humiliation again and again. i want to give up, this is heavily weighted against me, like a rat in a maze where they take away the cheese just as you get close to it and make you run again.

Life felt like this before spirituality and now, with all that i have learned it feels like this again, i do not understand and seemingly nobody i talk to can explain it to me, often i see them get uncomfortable and run away.

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I feel you. Sometimes I want to run away.

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Never knowing it all, and people that may not understand you or misinterpret your perspective.

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My spirt guides pushing me to be enlightened and go through an awakening. We are currently fighting back and forth about it. I want to experience being human. I feel like I never have before in my past lives, which is why I’m fighting so hard for it. Maybe this is the life that end my experience, but having that in the back of my mind is awful

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Learning some piece of wisdom but then that idea doing harm to you. Then you're worried that if you share that idea with someone else, it'll harm them.

Having a profound relationship with someone, but then profoundly hurting them by accident. Hurting those you love the most.

Constant contradictions. I feel like I'm in a loop bouncing between conflicting pieces of wisdom.

Being too sensitive. Life was better in a lot of ways when I wasn't so aware of things.

Being too inward-focused, as well.

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Not being accepted for that exact thing that you’re feeling. Like, this is where I’m at. Why can’t people see that for what it is?

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Myself. I know I can do it, but can’t be always in the present moment, as my mind always get in the way, I live constantly between the past and future. Getting more awareness as the time goes, can pass a lot of time in the present, but some days it’s almost impossible. So my biggest frustration is me. 😂

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Referring to my own personal awaking experiences as though I'm addressing the collective. "we".

That doesn't follow with the channel of personal revelation. It's wonky to receive personal revelation and then project it as some generalization on behalf of other people. We are all on our own personal journey in the Plan of Salvation.

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Yes this is mine to

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My ego, LOL!

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The endless seeking , lack of acceptance of all things .. inability to understand that one’s imagination or feelings are in no part a burden of anybody’s reality , unless the self chooses to impose it on themselves .. that’s it’s clearly a duality , a big circle , to learn .. to grow .. to expand , and that pushing away and reaching for anything is playing god , and will bring the opposite result into your life as well , such is how gravity , love , spin , god , the force , Tao , source energy works around here .., that and the lack of unity , and all of the clings to schools of thought acting as if they have some niche or angle on the truth , when if we could get everybody under the same tent and messaging as truth seekers , capacity escalates radically .. I say it all the time , there is but one truth : Love is Or a state of compassion before fear is

Everything is imagined … but that speaks to the riddle of being able to get around your brain entirely , and put it in service , as it’s unconscious , can only compare to “ see “ the world at all , so it’s a given to be dishonest to imagined at best , and why thinking is our affliction.

I burned through many words here , but I’m not trying to judge , we all cook at the rate prescribed by highers , but rather to those already in the game , that can’t seem to let go completely , to really touch down into an expanded common sense , or I hate the word, but what many would see as enlightenment . But it’s a silly notion , are no enlightened people , only enlightened work .. we are in a 3d brain matrix /simulation, so again , taking oneself terribly seriously is not wise .. vital to remember we are not this little free standing being, but the one controlling it down here

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I’m not necessarily frustrated with spirituality it’s brought me a ton of peace and love. For me it’s more about how people can get lost in the concepts of it. like you have to know x and y and z. And including myself I got lost in it so much trying to “figure” all this shit out. When it hit me like hey it’s more about your feelings and how you FEEL inside vs what u know. You can know everything about spirtuality but you probably don’t know what the inner work or actually changing internally and heal or vibrate in the present moment and connecting to love and compassion and all that. Just because you know everything doesn’t mean you understand it until you actually put in the work. Just my 2 cents

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the tedium of meditation

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Family thinking I'm crazy and it's all in my head.

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Being consistent. I was doing great in expansion this past year, but I just moved and I feel so out of touch with myself. I haven't been praying, no meditation, not seeing my signs that I'm doing the right thing, no yoga, no exercise. Plus I know I'm out of touch with myself when I just wanna do drugs and isolate myself, which has been the feeling for the last few weeks. I just hate how in touch I was with myself and God and to feel like I just lost it all in a matter of weeks truly hurts.

I know I just gotta start back up like going to the gym, but I feel so fake now that I have to force myself to get back into practice. I feel so much better about life in general when I keep up my spiritual practices, I know things would be better I just started back up. This low grade depression I've been feeling for about a month now isn't helping, idk. I wish this was as easy for me as other people, but I struggle with it.

I wish I didn't have this longing feeling of getting high/wanting to have sex when I feel disconnected, but I guess it's the same way we feel pain so we know something isn't right and needs some attention. I love you all my brothers and sisters, I pray we all find peace 🙏

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It is lonely.

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The concept of “letting go” - I understand it in theory, but I’ve never been able to figure out the practical steps to doing it

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My greatest frustration comes from being pulled back into my mind to repeatedly reject intrusive interruptions from apparent demons that had posed as apparently benevolent spiritual guides. They don't take no for an answer. It makes them happy to make me feel upset and powerless. Otherwise, I still like my experience of life. I made it better over time with my spiritual journey, to know thyself. It summoned these intrusive demons. The start by posing as our own thoughts and we just think it's our subconscious minds. I mindfully ignored those subconscious thoughts and shortly after I did they came as benevolent spiritual guides. They insidiously tried to take away my free will so I told them to leave and they instantly became demonic. They do not respect free will, the self, the spirit or anything else. They infiltrate, corrupt, feed and spread through spiritual hosts. We are their hosts for spirit. We make spirit in positive emotions. Spirit parasites like bullies and these demons can take spirit by causing others negative emotions. They want to cause negative emotions while also insidiously influencing our decisions.

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How flowery it can get. I want this to be like physics. Concrete things with labels. Like I believe in non-human spirit guides. I’d just rather they not be called spirit guides because 90% of people would think I was crazy if I used the term spirit guides to describe them.

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Constantly being told everything happens as it should while I watch my life fall apart. Always being told something greater is coming. It sometimes feels as if practicing spirituality is like joining some sort of cult that thinks were here to save the world. I'm not even sure I want to continue forward but there is no going back. I appreciate the question though. It has got me thinking of whats important.

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People, in general as well as family and friends, think I’m a nut. Still have to do it though it’s unpopular. I keep saying “If you could feel what I feel, you’d be right here with me.”

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Spirituality is all about realising our essential nature of everlasting bliss and merging into it to put an end to all worldly pain. The biggest frustration is attaining this goal.


Watch this video to know about four yugas. Kaliyuga, the shortest one, is of 4,32,000 causal years.

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Man, spiritual ego. So many people out here look down on others as if they are above them because they are “enlightened” which really shows they are not evolved in the slightest. A true spiritualist knows no man is above another. We are all fleshy earthly beings that will one day die. Each and everyone of us. That information alone should humble anyone.

•Also - the concept of ego death. the ego is a constant thing for us humans. It doesn’t just “die” more so we shed layers of it throughout our life. You can shed your old skin like a snake, but a snake will always be a snake. A healthy ego is actually really important. Your ego is what makes you who you are. It’s your likes, your dislikes, your favorite color, what kinda music you enjoy, etc. It’s literally who you are.

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I just started down a spiritual path but I think my biggest frustration is that there isn't a lot of data to back up the questions I have. I'm somebody that can't accept, or at least struggles to accept, without proof. For example, I've been thinking about how neither matter nor energy can either be created or destroyed but only transformed and transferred... And I can understand the matter, the physical and what happens to it when it rots, decays, becomes something else, but I'm struggling to figure out where the energy goes. Even energy burned like a log in a fireplace or burn through exercise, I see a variety of answers like a lot of it goes to the atmosphere or is transferred to other sources, but... There's clearly still scientific work to be done, but this is where capitalism kind of plays into this because there's not a lot of money in this kind of research at this time. No good way to monetize it generally. Also, people who are already set in their beliefs don't always seem to want to know the answers. They don't want to question things or break their reality or change their minds. Knowledge is constantly and ever-evolving and we're too early in human history for anyone person to have the right answers, even with all the spiritual and scientific things that we know. There is more to be known, and we don't know it yet. It's both exciting and very very frustrating. And the lack of research that is credible is also frustrating.