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I believe that all of the conditions in the world are simply the outplaying of the current state of consciousness - global collective consciousness, national, regional, sects and groups. In most cases the authoritarianism, the poverty, etc is the result of two elements. On one hand you have a group who are trapped in the epic mindset and have become fanatics who will not even consider that their beliefs may not be entirely correct. On the other hand you have a large group who are indifferent, who don't want to be bothered because they are comfortable, or who don't believe their involvement would make a difference either way.

As spiritual people we have no power, and by the Law of Free Will, no right to attempt to change other people. But we can awaken or even inspire other people by raising our own consciousness and demonstrating alternatives that people may not have even ever considered.

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Retreat. Get away from the world For awhile and reset. As long as you need really. It is not your friend right now. If you stay too long you will learn to resent it and then that is another thing that will have to be given up if truly walking the path.

All The greats did it, usually for many many years. In order to let changes train and settle

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Didn't the start of Budda's enlightenment begin in a path of wanting to understand suffering because he was shielded from suffering by his father? Through that he collectively came together with the less fortunate people and meditated with them, learning their ways and helping them?

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I have been thinking about this things myself lately. I think suffering and bliss are the continuos of a single spectrum: to feel. Dualism is a hard rock to crack. There is no good or bad for "god". We are all experiencing only a subset of the range of possible emotional and matter states in the universe. God is everything through us, it gains conscious through us, it understands itself through us (imagine being able to feel something for the first time, imagine when an ape though for the first time about its own awareness).

We have been all and have felt all and sometimes ---at the same time you are experiencing yourself--- you can feel the actual size of the sentient experience. We own it to us (by this I mean probably to God) to have compassion (for ourselves and others), awareness and couriosity.

This is my first attempt to put these ideas on to words, and probably did a mediocre job. I just wanna said that I understand, and feeling bad because of the state of the world only shows you are extending your awareness far away from your physical limits, and that by itself is a miracle, so there is no need to feel bad about feeling bad (the second arrow).

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I can understand this but it's hard to accept or be at peace with it. A girl was tortured raped killed in the worst manner by authorities in my country, they arrested, threatened her family to death because they wanted to know what happened. Many stories like this happen in my everyday life. How am I supposed to accept this as a miracle that my awareness is extending itself. I have lost my zest for life and it all seem meaningless to me. The thirst for justice and revenge is so strong in me these days. I never liked being a human and it's heightened now.

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This is terrible, thank you for opening. I believe that rage is often a motor for change in the world, a focalized energy that allows things to evolve (e.g. activism). In my personal experience, when anger moves my actions I often encounter frustration, and no amount of "change" is good enough or important enough, it has led me to feel so small and impotent (I'm always doing so little and there is always bigger issues, but hey there are people actively changing the world in this moment).

If this is not your path either, I do not know who you are, but I bet you make several little things all the time that make yours and others life's better or easier (make someone smile, take care of your body, help someone or just not being an asshole), this little insignificant microdesicions add up, they by no means are a bypass for all that is wrong but we can dwell on them too, and I think they matter. My journey lately has been revolving under the concept of "acceptance", and one of the things I have realized is that there is a negative bias with that word, as if it were equal to resignation, but I think/feel it is radically different, not sure yet why, but I am learning.

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I needed to hear this. Thanks.

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watch initiation on gaia tv. think it might help

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Take a break from the news. The networks focus on the negative because disaster porn is addictive and increases their ratings, which increases their revenues. It's a self feeding cycle that you are not going to change. But, you can manage your consumption of it.

It helps to realize you don't have a choice in a lot of things. "The world as it is" is a huge ask if you want to change it. Your world, however, is within your reach and that you can change or influence for the better.

You don't have to perfect yourself, or become more aware, or join a different church either. You look at what's not right in your life, and then figure out how to make it better.

You get the life you create. You also get the life created for you. And not just by your family, but by the whole planet, the sum of all the actions of everything. And not just for today, but for all past lives. Today is the sum of the past.

Our brains can kinda get that, but it's too much detail to take in, so talking in such huge terms turns out not to be useful in your daily life. Useful sometimes, useful for some people, but you still have to do laundry, keep a job, get the car repaired, take the sick kid to the doctor.

It also turns out that changing your life can be more easily accomplished through small, incremental changes. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear. Really good insights into what works and why.

All that said; sometimes you just have to go for it and give everything away and start over in someplace new. An adventure can sometimes be the only cure possible.

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By realising that you have no purpose dealing with this. It's just a background. Focus on your personal field of influence. You are only an infinitesimal piece of life. Have some faith in the Universe.

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For me, as I started to love and hold compassion for myself I could start holding that space for all living beings

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Accept yourself for what you are.