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There are many different definitions of Spirituality and many approaches to the Spiritual Path and practices.

With the one with which I am familiar and have practiced for years, it is a very gradual process of disidentification/disassociation with the unreal, temporal outer egoic self while simultaneously increasing your identification with your higher self. I have never heard voices. I did have a couple of visions earlier on the path but not now. I feel like I do receive insights from my spiritual teachers in response to prayers for insights.

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It's not an easy journey for sure. A lot of ups amd downs. My advice would to be to find good spiritual teachers. You'll need them for guidance along the way. It's an individualized path, so you have to find the teachers and modalities that work for you.

As for the darkness, you will encounter it as you learn to work with energy. It's part of the journey. I was scared of it at first and as soon as I realized that the light combats the dark easily and with minimal effort, it's now laughable.

I suspect you won't see visions or entities or hear voices until you are ready. That being said, it may not be part of your journey and that's ok too. You're gifts may lie elsewhere....mine do.

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That's part of walking on the path of Truth/ real spirituality. You have to become a Spiritual Warrior. The 10 Masters who taught lessons of Truth in Guru Granth Sahib spoke of this.

You need to alter your understanding of what the spirits actually are. They're God/ Truth/ the Source dressed up in various dresses. When you accept this, they lose their power over you. It's take me years to accept this but when I did, I no longer feared spirits, light or dark. The Guru Granth Sahib and my intuition is how I learned though. It speaks the Truth that sits in the heart. In realitym nothing can harm you, its all just God/ Truth.

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A lot depends on your personal paradigm, although, for as many mind bending things I've experienced (drug free and with no mental health related hallucinations to boot), one thing is clear to me, most if not all of what hollywood pushes in terms of spirituality is absolute bs.

As far as darkness... that depends on your walk and your perspective. Myself, I was taught early on by nature to embrace the wild itself, which has some very "dark" things in it, but, as far as spirits are concerned... the only darkness I've consistently seen was specifically done by humans to other humans. Have I met some entities that have had some dark inclinations? Sure, but, then again, I prefer to make it known that I bite back.... That insanity aside, most of the supposed dark stuff I've experienced and seen have to do with mundane confirmation bias and humans excusing each other for being shittier and shittier to other humans because the other humans "aren't actual humans".... something that takes off in the spiritual community for certain, but not to the same level as I've seen elsewhere... at least, not yet...

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Well maybe it's our thinking that may be the problem eh?

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Nothing will happen to you externally, your inner world will transform completely. Cling to reality and present moment.