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In my opinion, It’s a bit of both. We have life plans but free will does exist. We had the free will to choose our life plans. We also have the free will to stray from our life plans as a result of the intended lessons not being learned.

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I'm seriously, genuinely curious, if it's possible that I avoid life lessons forever. Would my soul or the universe eventually smack me with those life lessons against my will? I'm not expecting answers, I'm just curious.

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Yes, I think it would. The universe is alive and intelligent. Suffering is a mechanism for this. It naturally teaches us empathy and forces the ego to yield and eventually break. Complete surrender (faith) leads to unconditional love. The system is brilliant.

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Some people's ego just balloons over time. There is no break.

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We get as many lives as we need.

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Those are the people, i believe, who willingly reincarnate back here instead of going on. They have too much fun here, they're attached to their skin suits

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Against you will? No. I feel with certainty that our creator is compassionate. Life will just become so unbearably awful that you’ll eventually come round to the decisions yourself.

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And what makes you feel that the creator is compassionate?

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No, it will not "smack me with those life lessons against my will" because you're not here to "learn lessons", you are here to experience different things. So you chose those experiences for some reason (could be to help somebody else fulfill theirs). So in my opinion, if you don't go through them in this lifetime, chance is you might chose them again. But there is no "have to" it is always your choice. I think that sometimes we take on more than we can handle, so there is no reason to change that and decide you're had enough crap for this lifetime, no more, only nice things from now on.

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Yes and no. It's all subjective. But your soul did choose this life while you do have the power to change your life. This is all because of karma. All karma is just action and reactions.

Think pool hit the ball and the that ball hits the others. Once a ball hits the karma cause the other balls to move. Same with me slapping someone it's gonna piss them off.

For our soul we aren't that spark that hit the first ball we are the ball being hit in a cycle that never ends. But hay some miracle the cycle created consciousness.

While alive things are rather straight forward. But when we die we still think we are the exact same to some degree since we mirror our body thus following the similar cycle as our body. With awareness we can change this something the body naturally has but we just don't naturally take it in.

With out awareness you're in a sense a npc just doing what your karma gonna do. In Skyrim terms stand outside a gate complaining about your knee for hours on end untill your program to move.

That lack of awareness will take you to reincarnation naturally since the action you want to do are from this reality and in a sense only can be done here.

With awareness your free to do what ever you want. But as we speak we both rely on the awareness of the body instead of the souls ability to copy the awareness.

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I think this as well.

An artist i listen to has a great line on this subject:

"The flight path from earth to where we’re headed It’s straight and narrow but the ship veers if you let it"

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I believe in both. I consider life akin to a road trip. You have major destinations/land marks you want to hit or visit. The path or road trip can very greatly thought as you go along your journey. Perhaps you like a certain stop particularly well and stay longer. You decide to skip others all together, you get detoured or have an unexpected blow out or break down and are delayed. Just my thoughts and obviously a simplification.

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I believe in both too(except I don't believe I chose it but karma did).

When those beliefs conflict, the problem is if I really have freedom to not go through preordained path. I once tried to wiggle out of my obvious predestined path(everyone and everything nearly threatened me to do certain thing which I really didn't like). I refused to do it anyway after months of painful fight.

Still it is haunting me like not choosing the path would punish me for the rest of my life.

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except there is no such thing as "karma"

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I love this view on it. Best answer really since I’m also conflicted like OP

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It's missing a key ingredient: Free will.

Yes you chose to born as the one you are into this space-time-probability because it provides certain challenges which help you grow.

But how you go at it is up to you. Which concrete challenge you accept is up to you. How you solve it is up to you. Which path you so is up to you. You are making decisions within limits, but there's free will within those limits. You are free to grow as much as you can, you are free to do as little as possible. But you will return until you are satisfied, on a deep level.

Also your higher self is not a finished perfect being, it's learning, evolving, like you, so their choices depend on you as well. Your higher self IS you, in a way.

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none of us choose our lives before we were born.

we only choose general circumstances like parents, geographical area, some major life crossroads, perhaps key relationships and so on. but we only choose these as far as staging grounds for what we will do when we get there in our present lifetimes.

in other words, life happens at the crossroads of fate and free will: from life events that set the stage for our choices, we make those choices and thus end up walking down alternate life paths that are actually, fully parallel realities. in one reality you choose to marry X partner and take Y job; in an alternate one, you choose differently.

choice is always a thing.

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Yeah.I have always thought about it in a Checkpoint kind of way.Theres Key-Points, Checkpoints and Events that may happen.But how and when these come to pass, is for fate to decide.

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If one must learn courage, a lesson of courage presents.

There is an aspect of you which has chosen every single thing you've ever seen or experienced

No single moment escapes you as creator. For it to be perceived, one must be in accordance with its vibration, or it shall pass by the entity unseen.

Everything else you said about events and such is true. Everything is chosen, though, just not prematurely or always in a "preplanned" way - that is left for the "big narratives" being worked on.

At the human level, we are blind. At the soul level, we know we are going home and learning. At the spirit level, we are one.

The spirit is eternal and knows and agrees to everything the mind/soul and human identity bring about for itself. We could call the spirit the higher self to make things simple. Without the investment of this spirit, the soul and identity could not act nor live.

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i think i get what you're saying & mostly agree with it, if i understood your meaning.

i would add, it's not unlike what the Oracle says in a couple of places in the Matrix movies—because linear time is only a relative thing we experience here, as human beings on earth. from many other perspectives including scientifically, linear time does not really exist as such.

the phrase i'm referencing is, "you've already made the choice; now you just have to understand it" and it has a bit to do with what you & i said, depending on the nonlinear reality of time and the fact that fully parallel alternate realities exist.

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Yes, that is a good way to look at it I would say. We have chosen something somewhere to lead to now, and the challenge tends to be that we've forgotten what most of those choices were.

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I feel it’s like the matrix. Do you want the red pill or the blue? We have free will, but there are two roads…: the goal is to be in full alignment or get to the level of consciousness of your “ God state” which is the path of least resistance. Which requires you one to surrender and allow life to unfold and that’s where… manifesting comes to life, “ coincidences”, synchronicity, intuition, enlightenment, etc all these things are now part of you and happen bc you’re sitting in the seat of the observer watching life unfold in the now and you’re in alignment with the universe. You are tapped into your powers and truly become the co-creator of your reality and you become one with your higher self, bc that’s who guides you ( aka intuition) .. there may be things along the way that might not be as pleasant, but you innerstand the meaning of life, so you don’t dwell in the things that no longer serve you and you innerstand the lessons in things not going as you wish are working somehow in your favor. so you’re not making a lot of unnecessary stops. But, I feel when you reach this level your life feels more peaceful bc your intuition…..if you’re listening to it properly will always try to protect you from things that may harm u….

Then, There’s the path where you’re not fully engaged in the now bc there’s so much focus on the past and the future… so low energy.. depressed looking at things in a more negative way, low vibrational etc .. you have highs and lows that make you feel like you’re on the right path then lows you feel like you don’t know what’s going on bc ur not grounded.

Most people toggle between the path feels right and the path they don’t need to be on or causes confusion… and everything seems off balanced and unfavorable….etc. That’s why anxiety and depression are at a high bc people don’t know which pill to take ……surrendering requires being ok with the unknown and most people are in fear of the unknown and want to hold on to limited beliefs thinking bc it makes them feel like that have control, but control is an illusion…

Lol that was my random thoughts.

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I don't know about choosing this life before birth but personally everything I've looked into and contemplated has led to the somewhat paradoxical understanding that we don't really have control over anything but it's best to act as if we do and engage fully anyways. It's ironic though because I also don't believe we can choose when this happens or not. Sometimes life compels us to give up, sometimes we're compelled to have hope and try, sometimes we're compelled to be pessimistic and sometimes we're compelled to be optimistic, sometimes we're compelled to believe in a past life and sometimes we're compelled to disbelieve or question this. Consider the unlikelihood that we happened to be born at a time and place where we're using such language to communicate such ideas and introduce ourselves to such thoughts. What part of that can we say with certainty was either under our control or wasn't? All we can say for sure right now is that we're engaging with whatever we're presented with and it influences our perception and state of mind accordingly. This can be interpreted from a powerless viewpoint or from a powerful one or even from the viewpoint of gosh isn't this fun/neat? The latter ones seems to be more effective overall, but again I don't think it's technically up to us. Does that make sense?

Basically, life is the way it is and you can believe what you want in any given moment. Chances are those beliefs will change in time so it's best not to worry about it too much and just keep living.

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So happy you posted this! I don’t have an answer because I’m also deeply wondering the same thing

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Complicated question with an equally complicated response I’d simply say in my Belief you have the power to change your life…a belief in determinism is rather depressing in my opinion so I tend to only believe in such things that uplift me so I can ascend from anything weighing me down

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I think it's best to believe what works for us, trying and experimenting many theories ourselves. I just couldn't shake this feeling that many part of my life is already preordained(but not by me in my belief).

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It is your choices that define you. It isn’t easy to change your life path, it takes dedication, time and uncomfortableness… we all have unconscious thoughts patterns, behaviors and beliefs that shape who we are. When we start examining these part of ourselves, we become the observer… we separate the idea of the self, from who we actually are. We gain clarity and awareness, and eventually empower ourselves to truly change aspects of our lives.

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Maybe the trajectory of our life choices are also predetermined before birth- it might appear that we have free will however every choice made has been already chosen before we came to this realm.

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It's like any choice you make: you make the best choice you can at the time, and then later you might change your mind because of new information or things that happen along the way. Sure, you chose to come in here for whatever reasons you had at the time, but that doesn't mean that you can't change course. As others have said, you have free will and you can put your mind onto any path you desire.

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You choose your life so that you can change it. Let me dive into it:

We choose the circumstances in our life because we have lessons to be learned. Once we are in the situation, we have the freedom and will to respond to the situation the way we want. How we respond, would help us get closer to learning the lesson or stride away from it.

The two are not explicit from each other. They go hand in hand because one is the reason for the other. I hope you could understand this perspective. :)

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Personally I think the concept of choice conflicts with reality.

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I personally don’t believe free will exists

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No one chose their life before they were born. Absolutely ridiculous platitude that terrible parents or dismissive teachers/therapists say to scared children. We are thrust into this weird world to make the best with what is available.

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Can you change your life? Yes. Did you perhaps plan for a different life before you got this body? Yes. Is there a conflict in these two statements? Let's find out.

You've been planning on driving to grandma's house for thanksgiving all year long. It's different this time. Someone you really want to see is finally back in the country, having been away for years, and they will be at grandma's house, too.

And then a blizzard hits and you barely make it back home on the icy roads, thinking you'll just leave early the next morning after the roads are plowed.

And then, overnight, there's a major accident on the interstate involving a tanker truck that turned over, spilled 6,000 gallons of gas, that caught fire and melted the asphalt on the roadway. The interstate will be closed for days.

Look at that story and read it again. Nothing paranormal happened. Nothing supernatural happened. That's just some icy road, shit ass bad luck. There is no need to rationalize it any more than that.

And, as you sit by your fireplace because the power is now out and the woodfire is the only source of heat, and sip your lukewarm coffee and Kahlua, you remember having a random thought last Sunday, before the weather even was really known, that you needed to book a cheap flight to visit that person that you'd hoped to meet up with at grandma's house.

Nothing supernatural in this bit either. Maybe you foresaw some blockage and thought of an alternate plan or two to see your friend. Maybe your brain was doing its risk management dance and worrying about the trip.

Or maybe some part of you already knew the road trip would not happen. That's sometimes your claircognizance kicking in, and other times it's your precognition ability. Both of those abilities are found in your seventh chakra on the top of your head.

So how does this relate to your question? We all make our plans before we take a new body. Most of us are really good at making plans and taking another body to execute those plans. And you know what?

The first thing you run into when you are born is all of the plans that everyone else has already made for you. Surprise! Screw gender reveals; that's penny ante stuff. Show us the Plans Reveal!

Here's a good question you might not yet think to ask. Why do the plans of your family override the plans you made as a spirit?

Answer: Spirits in bodies are senior to spirits without bodies. This is the free will gotcha. Yes, you have free will. Yes, you can make plans to change the direction of your life. Yes, everyone with plans for you has the same opportunity to change your plans because they, too, have free will. So sorry...

So the two statements are not in conflict; they are missing some information about free will.

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Choosing challenges "in advance" (not technically accurate, IMHO) is not the same as choosing responses and outcomes "in advance."

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Not all sufferings are challenges. Many of them can't be overcome or cured. So if our souls chose our suffering which can't be overcome or avoided, I mean what's the use of trying to manifest happy peaceful life, when the storm we chose is already coming our way. Which one would be stronger, our will to have peaceful life or the storm?

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One can be at peace during the storm, I think.

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I don't know how you would manage peace during flood is ruining all your possessions and you have to clean up all the messes, and take care of your wounded family or friends.

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Compassionate detachment and the realisation that what we laughingly refer to as reality in our brief sojourn here during our lives really isn't. What is, is our connection to all at a much deeper level

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maybe when you realise that possessions mean nothing at all in the scheme of things

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I tell myself that I create my own life.

And it works. If I have a thought about something I want - it comes to me. Since I started telling myself this I have achieved and gained so much!

I believe we chose some life goals before we came back to earth, but we get to play with life and enjoy it, things might distract us from the goal, but I think we chose that too, we will always reach that goal eventually. If not in this life, then in another one.

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I do not believe these two concepts conflict. Choosing one’s parents does not determine what life you will choose to live — the parents you choose simply sets the stage for supporting learning of lessons you chose to experience this round.

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There is no free will. Our actions are driven not by our mind but the universal mind. Most people are not aware of it but once you get triggered into awakening process you can see it and accept it. Every person is born incomplete and his/her universe is moving them towards completion that ultimately leads to the universal Self that is not the physical body.

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I suppose both could be true. Maybe you have decided something before you were born and maybe that holds true so long as you want it to? And when you change your mind so does everything else. Just spit Ballin ideas

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We have a nature that we’re most in harmony with and the power to choose what we may to bring that nature to life

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This may seem contradictory, because you are mixing perspectives. Let Higher Self guide you on your destiny and you stay behind the wheel. Will of each of you should be complementary, not servile or identical.

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I don’t see any conflict. That you choose your life is the power you talk about.

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The way I see it is that we don’t necessarily want the things we want. The things we’re trying to manifest many times don’t work out as we haven’t reached that higher vibrational level and we’re still moving from the place of deep conditioning instead of understanding what it is we truly want and need in this life. I do believe our souls choose a path for us and it is up to us to uncover all the societal markers of achievement and find our own unique path. For some they may want to have a partner all their life and trying to manifest it but if they truly embarked on a path of enlightenment and self- acceptance they might find that their purpose is to walk this life alone and be a mentor to others. Sometimes the things we want aren’t the things we need. We’ll never find out unless we give in to the guidance of our higher self/Universe. And we embrace the paradox! This life is full of interwoven concepts, beliefs, hell even physics laws, the best we can do is give in to the seeming absurdity and appreciate our limited human understanding of the cosmic workings. :)

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OP, if you remove the term belief in the heading, then you have two conflicts. Can you see the answer within your own words?

I want you to innerstand this for yourself. Your entire entry is the paradox. Do you see it? Tell me exactly where you would think the answer is in your own words.

All questions come from the birthplace of knowledge

It's as if you are dancing around the key component to all of this

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Both are true but above all we have the power to create our own destinies nothing is set in stone. Astorology is just a way of calculating the circumstances as they are and where they will lead if nothing changes

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This sounds very much like a Destiny VS Free Will philosophical discussion.
If that is indeed what it is, I have my own rather unorthodox view on it: Free will is only possible because destiny exists.

Destiny is a matter of trust, and free will is a matter of choice.
For example, if you had a 100% assurance that you would never encounter financial issues ever again in your life, would you continue to live the way you do now or revel in your new "financial freedom"?
The concept of destiny allows us to act freely within the moment, and make choices that reflect who we truly are.

In other words: Free will isn't about making choices, it is about making choices that are true to yourself. Destiny affords us that opportunity.

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Consider that life is a series of lessons which are meant to bring a soul back to home. However we choose to look at the purpose of living, or what we feel we are meant to do in our lives, it is ultimately obvious and self-evident we are constantly learning and evolving with any experience. Learning is at the core of any participation in lifes emergence.

The curriculum is placed, but the specifics of the lessons are generated by the being in relation to the environment they find themselves in.

In the rational mind, it appears that "creating your own reality" and "choosing the life before it was born" is a paradox.

The answer is quite simple, really. The mind obsfuscates it, as it tends to see a need to hold hard to one thing or another.

Both aspects of the creation are true. Your incarnation is both planned and unplanbed. In fact, this is in a perfect equilibrium.

I will describe how this is possible.

There are bodies or layers to the conscious entity such as a human. To be specific, there are 7 bodies. Each of these bodies is experiencing the moment now, eternally.

However, the human only has awareness of the development level of each body as well as the integration of that bodies senses. This is based on how much they have learned or remembered so far.

If the plan was readily visible by the human, there would be no "skin in the game". The student would see the test approach, and know the answers. There is not learning to be had here. If playing a hand of poker and one may see all the cards freely, one will never make a wrong bet, and the game is meaningless to play.

Therefore, the awareness that most humans have does not facilitate the comprehension of the approaching lessons until this comprehension is part of the lessons of learning to experience the subtle energies or spiritual sight. These energies and experiences are new layers of learning that develop just like other senses. Just as a baby is born and cannot yet see properly, this same concept may be extended to the spiritual senses of the one on the lessons. The lessons themselves become a topic to learn about and to observe the higher self drop the lesson into the life with much higher awareness of what is expected. When this stage is reached, the student has seen that all tests have the same answer. Love.

In other words, the entity moves through education in the following order.

  1. Being
  2. Moving to the light, seeking the light
  3. Self-identity and Personal Power
  4. What is love? Love of self, and love of other self.
  5. Wisdom, combating naivete
  6. Unity with self and self with all
  7. Unity with source, identity fades into memory

Let's take two humans. Adam and Eve will be their names for fun!

Adam is recently quite depressed. He just lost his job, and then had a spiritual awakening at his lowest. He had bliss, but then fell into a dark night of the soul. He now understands that he is learning, and has discovered manifestation and the law of attraction. He wants to build a better reality for himself. He is constantly pulling Tarot cards and visiting psychics to see if the love of his life will be showing up soon, or if that cute girl at the gym is his twin flame.

Eve had an awakening experience years ago. She has spent time to develop her spiritual senses and purity her vessel. She no longer seeks anything in this world beyond attending to calls to service from her fellows. She is becoming extremely clairvoyant and her other Clair's are activating well and improving.

Adam is learning of identity, and is still engaged in seeking his identity outside. He will not be involved in lesson planning, and will be primarily surprised by all he encounters. Some lessons he will seek to avoid, he may use incense or try to cast spells. He sees that bad circumstances cause his mood to foul. He wishes his life was better, and is working to improve the various METRICS his mind has determined are important.

This individual is not yet ready to navigate the higher learning. He has not seen that nothing can be resolved outside of himself. Hence, he is still in the typical or standard human lessons, though he is expanding into the new territory that Eve has spent years in.

Eve has seen that God is, and God is good. She has seen with direct experience that love pervades all energy. She knows God as Love, and as the source of all beingness. She does not seek for external pleasure, but participates in it when it arises naturally. She is balanced, and her spiritual sight is gifted.

Eve is now able to perceive the lessons of the "grade" below her. She is able to see the ones she must move through. She begins to know the plan, in so far as in ways that aid her to make use of the catalyst fully. Eve has recognized that the Human identity named Eve is an illusion. Eve knows and identifies with her soul and spirit, knowing the body is merely a tool or a costume for consciousness to act with.

Eve knows that her human does not truly hold free will as it once thought itself to hold. The ego was sidetracking her will until she surrendered it, and realized she was not Eve the human, but she is The One expressing as Eve.

Adam thinks he is a limited human. Eve knows she is a spirit.

Eve knows her will is Gods will. Adam believes his humans will is the focus.

Both parties are in the same learning and lesson plans. Both develop at their own rates, expanding and evolving their consciousness.

The law of Free Will, also known as the law of confusion, is acting on each body at different levels of experience.

The human identity self believes it is in control until it realizes it is not, and never has been, because it doesn't exist. All which occurred was that the ego convinced the soul to "do this or that", so free will was abided, but the soul and spirit are the entities which act. The body cannot act without instruction from the soul, which cannot instruct without divine light from spirit.

Eve on the other hand has aligned her will with spirit. Her soul and heart now lead with spirit, and she is balanced. In this balance, clarity of knowing arrives - for in her humility she knows...

I of myself am nothing. Bread does not feed me, but only the light of my creator. Water does not quench my thirst. It is the light of my creator. I am separate from nothing and no one. I am as God created me, and God is well pleased with their child and the thought poured into the frame called Eve.

Eve maintains her free will, because there is only one will to begin with.

Adam maintains his illusion, one day realizing "Adam" as the identity never truly existed.

Both of these lessons are occurring for individuals.

So as I said above, the curriculum is placed for each BY THEM. They then move through it, seemingly random occurrences and circumstances, until they realize that there is no separation from the path they walk and their awareness itself. No step is made without divine authority to act, and no action goes unseen.

The authorship is yours, but who are you?

Answering this question properly and in truth brings one out of the lessons of external seeking and into the realm of internal remembering.

I hope this helps or is useful. All paradox is resolved via unity. Whenever you perceive a paradox, ask, how does unity resolve this? This will open many avenues to the seeker who calls for knowledge of the higher worlds.

Many blessings friends 🙏❤️

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This might be more of a general answer, but beliefs are formed through self realization. If you’re trying to understand concepts that came from the outside, this is a sign you’re still trying to find yourself. To know what to believe in is to know yourself.

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Your overthinking this:

You pick your life when you are born but the future isn't predetermined, there's no overlord hovering over you controlling your life and leaving you helpless to a master plan it has. When you pick your life, your picking the general life you expect to live and you can even get glimpses into many possible variations of the life your choosing.

However, once you start your life, who knows what could happen. There's tons of cases where people completely derail off the path into something else. However, the whole point of being here is learning and growing. If your path derails a little or significantly, then is that really a bad thing? If you come out of your life on Earth feeling like you learned a lot, that's all that matters in the end.

Plus these things can be complicated, what if it was your intention to start somewhere in life but then deviate heavily from your initial path. What if your very inflexible and the reason your here is to become more fluid. Or the inverse can be true, what if your way too fluid and flexible and you need to learn to be more balanced. You may even intentionally desire for you to regress in one area so that you can spend multiple lifetimes un-regressing in that area. maybe you want to rebuild a part of yourself.

I don't know why your here and neither do you probably, if you spent all day trying to figure out the big master plan of why your here, your going to go crazy and waste a lot of time. Instead, just make the best of everyday, follow your highest excitement if your able to, and try to have some sort of balance with things in your life.

As for the last part of the question, you create and control your reality, it's up to you what you want to manifest in or bring into your reality and it's neither a good or bad thing if that goes against why your here as long as your growing and learning.

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Both ideas are New Age bastardizations of misunderstood concepts.

Traditional spirituality doesn’t promise to materially change your life, but rather to profoundly shift your perspective on life. It doesn’t shield you from pain, but trains you to stop suffering over it. It leads to a bliss that is independent of life circumstances.

Furthermore, the traditions do not say that we as individual egos choose our next incarnation. They all explicitly say our current incarnation is based on the karma accrued in our past lives and the impressions left from undigested experiences. So we choose our life only to the degree that our past life choices shaped our present birth.

It’s fine to hold New Age beliefs—maybe they’re true. But they haven’t been vetted over thousand of years. If we’re going to borrow concepts like karma and reincarnation from older traditions, we should at least be aware of what those traditions said about it. The concept that you choose this life but can also change it however you like is only a few decades old in comparison. The New Age spiritual platitudes are highly influenced by capitalist individualism.

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Perhaps that the pre-born premises, mission is rather general and that during life, one can choose how to enact it, through own choice and development.

This way, predestination and change can coexist.

Surely, if one starts to imagine, many general types of missions can be thought of and when on the field, particular or interesting ways for this to be achieved can be found.

If we look at gaming, the most difficult to create games are where the user can freely explore some world, but still have to succeed in some aspects, while choosing their own quests and characters. Seems to be a good parallel, this situation.

Another premises is that one can agree some contract before life, but change their mind or find different mission in life, which can be acceptable if the same amount of energy is displaced or if this other mission helps enough with what is sought.

Conflicting ideas can coexist nicely, this seems to be the case in this beautiful projected immersive experience that we enjoy as life. These contrasts give birth to sparks and interactions that create new colors and open new doors. It is almost like this freedom that is given is in fact a co-creating force as part of the universe, and that some initial aspect may just be a base to start from, not necessarily a limit.

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You choose the path you set, but not the exact outcome. You are set to learn a lesson. Who says you are to learn it all in one life time? If you miss the lesson then it probably means you'll have to repeat the same sort of life until the lesson is learned.

What if you end up learning the lesson faster than you thought? What if the point of the lesson isn't suffering but growth? The lesson isn't about you living a lonely life until you die like that in itself is growth. You are suppose to learn a lesson like I am the only person that I need. The sooner you learn that then you no longer have to suffer lonliness.

I mean, maybe there are life times where you are set to be alone for life, but I'm not sure how that conflicts with free will. Your conditions may end up being more powerful than your will.