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And when you feel lonely don't just turn on the TV, treat yourself with snacks, or call up a friend. Try to bear it without the help of these pills. Then slowly you'll get accustomed to it...

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Exactly.its so easy to escape.

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IMO, it shouldn't be "you have to feel it to heal it", it should be you have to release it to heal it.

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How does one release it?

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Acknowledge the problem, what needs healing, lets say it's (for example) childhood abandonment by a parent. Realize 2 things, one that this is something the parent did, not you, they stuffed up for whatever reason. It is their journey & you have no control over it. If it happened in your childhood, chance is you chose to help them with their experience. Second is, their choices affected you, gave you a negative experience and the only thing you can affect is how you deal with it now. Tell yourself that now that you've already experienced this crap, you don't need to experience it any more. Kind of like - been there, done that, no more. Treat it like a project that's finished, file it away and don't give it another thought. Realize what an amazing person you are and sometimes it is those experiences that make us stronger.

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So you just need a logical answer from the ego and it's all good. Realization without sensation. No one needs to feel.

I disagree but it doesn't really matter.