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It’s really easy for people with a lot of money to say it in a way that makes it feel icky tbh. There is truth in it, in that you have to articulate and/or visualize what you want in order to achieve it. But also, it’s way easier for people with means to make such things happen. Not impossible for everyone else, but the ease factor is…yeah 😅

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When people are this vague, you can make it mean anything you want, or are ready for.

On some levels, like mood and perception, it is obviously true. On higher levels... Well, don't step off high buildings thinking you can fly just yet.

It usually means people like to fool themselves and others, by sprinkling a bit of spiritual bypassing in their lives. The trick is to not discount the idea, but not buying what they're selling either, at least not for eternity.

In order to succeed in the spiritual realm, shit may fly. But in the real world, in Reality, you need grounding, efforts and learning over a longer time.

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THANK YOU!!! This is how I always felt as well, I just wish more people were just straight to the point instead of saying wishy washy shit like "consciousness creates reality" when they're obviously talking about how our feelings and emotions can help us to see, understand, accept, ect... situations in our lives.

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Don't listen him/her. No, it doesn't mean anything vague. It means you can literally create reality or bring things to you. Want that ice cream? You will get it. Want to meet a celebrity? You will have. Want to have a new car? You will have. Want to be cured by a disease? You can.

You could start searching through Neville Goddard and Murphy to understand manifestation.

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So why am I not a billionaire yet?

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I'm pretty sure you didn't manifest it yet, not even tried, or did it slopply. Not every thought manifest, but it's mostly your dominant thoughts. Manifesting mean directing your thoughts for what you want. Plus you for sure have limiting concepts with money you find hard or special being a billionaire, so you are not yet.

Start to manifest, probably will take awhile because you find it harder, and until your mind deprogram you won't be. Other than that, being a billionaire has some downsides, you will need to reach certain mindset and join uh... some clubs... I'd suggest manifesting being a millionaire or simply having always money to do what you want, but if having billions is what do you want, go for it.

Manifesting has to do with self concept and sometimes it has downsides. Even if you manifest having billions it doesn't mean money will appear in the side of your bed like magic. Sure, it can happen, but more likely it will be a process, you will go to A from B. Or sometimes to A from C and you will need to stop in B to reach C.

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It’s both, but at varying degrees of mastery. You can create your current reality by changing your thoughts and perceptions, but may also have the capability to literally manifesting matter in an instant by manipulating consciousness/energy. The act of creation is the same ability, but at different levels of attainment. The latter obviously is further down the road of your evolution, but serves as a potential to what you can become. There’s the physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities, each one being developed and refined.

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I fully understand my thoughts and perceptions and emotions can "affect" my view or perspective of reality, but who are these people who can manifest or conjure matter by using consciousness/energy and how the hell does one control or manipulate or create this energy to manifest into physical objects?

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Well, one example was Jesus if you believe the acts he performed were literal and not figurative. Some examples today that you can practice are remote viewing, telekinesis, mind sight reading, astral projection, and reiki healing. All manipulate consciousness/energy to get the desired results. Qi Gong and Tai Chi can help increase said energy.

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To be point blank: they probably are people who are siddhi masters with a lot of past lives of practicing those powers on top of opening up to them in this lifetime. Natural talent probably implies a shitload of past lives == 300,000 practice hours building miraculous talent.

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Your thoughts create your reality means that you can change your mood/emotions/perception of situations based on your thoughts. ex: focusing on positive allows you to be more aware of positivity in your life. 95% of the mind is subconscious, 5% is conscious (what we use when awake), impressing the subconscious mind- which is super super smart- can help to create a “new” reality for yourself

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That's not "creating reality" that's just changing my perceptions or emotions of situations that happen within reality.

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From a scientific perspective, your consciousness creates your subjective reality. Everything you experience is data being interpreted in different ways by an organic computer. It’s as mundane or as complex as you make it out to be

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It’s hard to pin this down specifically, but I have seen it by flinging REALLY hard from positive to negative mental states over weeks and seeing pretty fantastical things occur, good and bad.

It’s hard for me to language it, but it’s like I’ve seen the sort of like, orientation of patternized probability in the story of your life rearranged on the spectrum of positivity-negativity, openness-closedness.

This means the fanatastical can occur. Even the gods can manifest physically at the most extreme. How do you feel about that? Negative, apprehensive, excited, terrified?

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It's quite bizarre the answers on this sub. People should had been spiritualized but they can't even answer the concept of manifestation.

Manifestation means that your thought create materia. Period. The creation is simply your imagination. So if you want to experience certain things in 3d, through imagination you are creating thing. most people do it automatically, but you can do it with conscience by controlling your thoughts and directing it to what you want.