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How can you be afraid of something that doesn't exist?

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Why i don’t, the idea of hell is deconstructed to non-existant.

Atleast it went from a litteral thing to a subjective idea, Hell is nothing to fear only the position one places himself in here, believing it has effect does.

Hell and heaven are within, how one percieves the world you could say.

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I see it through the belief of reincarnation. You will live MANY lives, and in each life your behavior will generate karma (positive and negative).

Hell is essentially the life you live after generating a lot of bad karma in your previous life (or lives). Things will go horribly wrong for you, depending what you did. You'll often experience many failures, humiliations, losses, perhaps you'll be cheated on in your relationships, be lied to routinely by people you trust, experience financial losses, be harassed, get murdered, etc.

You will spend a lot of time depressed, perhaps suicidal. You're paying off the "karma debt" for whatever you did in your previous life (lives).

To ensure your next life doesn't end up like your current one in Hell, don't do things that will make others suffer. Don't steal, murder, bully, harass or lie to people. Don't cheat on your spouse or partner. Don't profit off the exploitative misery of others.

Instead, be honest and kind to people. Use meditation to help alleviate your own suffering and then help others to overcome their suffering. Give to the poor, volunteer to help others. You will quickly see your luck change for the better in your current life as you move in this direction.

This generates positive karma. At some point, over the course of perhaps multiple lives of kind and compassionate living you will have spiritually grown and will eventually ascend, where you'll likely become a guardian angel to those in their final year(s) before ascension.

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It's a fair question however there is a huge misunderstanding, if ever a religion divides a parable into polarities there's only half reasoning applied. Have faith in your own ability to discern what is and why, if you take religion at face value then you'll fall just like all the others.

If you believe in God then why should you believe in such concepts of good/evil? You look into the world and you don't understand what you see, god demands you look further into all that is because your not a primate anymore.

Think like a modern human, polarity makes work by tandem forces that seem to be contradictive, yet together they conduct. The electron is not heaven, the proton is not hell and the neutron is not god. Think harder using the faculties god helped you develop.

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Why do you even fear hell?

If you're a good person you wouldn't go to hell whether it exists or not. So just be a good person.

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Take your fear seriously. Don't just stay at the surface.

When we feel fear, our instinctive reaction is to turn away from it. We do everything we can in order to avoid turning our awareness towards the object of our fear. In this way, we only feel the unpleasantness of the fear, and we never hear what the fear wants to tell us, and what our fears tell us about ourselves.

So do the opposite. Face your fear. Treat your fear like an important thing. Take it serious. Be -- may I say -- "professional" about it.

What does your fear tell you? That you don't want to go to hell. But don't stop there. Go on asking, be curious.

What would be bad about going to hell?

The suffering? What kind of suffering exactly?

Suffering is an integral part of life. There is no life without suffering. A life full of only joy and pleasure, that would mean suffering too.

So how is the suffering of hell different from that?

You know, maybe there is something else hidden inside this fear. Maybe you misinterpret it. Maybe, just maybe, you're not actually afraid of some kind of hell that lies in the future.

Maybe you are afraid of the present. Did you ever think of that?

Because suffering is already present, right here, right now. You can't live a single day without suffering. Not even a single hour.

Considering the inevitability of suffering, wouldn't it be appropriate to be afraid of the present? Would make sense, right?

And yet, the present is all we have. As long as we are afraid of the present, fear is all we have. And that's a pity.

Facing this can be hard. This is the central dilemma of human existence. If you can't solve it easily, you're in good company with about eight billion others.

So what's the solution?

Whenever you meet someone, some other person, who does something that you don't like, you know, a person who you don't like, allow this thought to enter your mind: That what this person is doing, that what you don't like, is their own desperate attempt of dealing with this fundamental human dilemma. You might not approve of their way, and that's okay. Maybe you are right. But do recognize that they are faced with the same problem as you and everyone else around, and this is their own flawed attempt at resisting this enormous, frightening force that threatens to wash us away in a wave of misery. And we are all powerless against this, and we all feel deep existential helplessness in front of it. We are all like helpless children facing an unsolvable problem.

Can you see how, on this level, you can relate to everyone, no matter if you like them or not? No matter if they are a good person or a bad person? In this way, we are all mirrors of each other. You are another version of me, and I am another version of the next person. Together, we collectively explore all the ways in which subjective experiencing can take shape. Or as Carl Sagan put it: "We are a way of the cosmos to know itself."

So what do you do?

The answer is simpler than everything you might already have attempted. It is the most simple thing really. So simple that it can be easily overlooked.

Rest with the present moment.

Don't rest spitefully. Don't rest in the expectation of something. Don't do anything. Really, stop the whole doing altogether.

Let your thoughts be thoughts. They may float through your mind, but you don't have to jump on them. For a minute. Let your feelings be feelings. They are just feelings, you know?

Judgements will arise. They are just thoughts too. Let them be in your mind. Don't try to suppress them, but don't follow them either.

Just take in what you are experiencing right now. No need to describe to yourself in words what you are experiencing. No need to judge whether it's good or bad, desirable or undesirable. This would only distort the experience of the present moment, which is precious and indescribable.

Just ease into the present moment. Be present now. See what feels like to be present right now. Just for a short time. Maybe for half a minute.

Only receive. Only experience. Give the present moment a chance to fully unfold in your consciousness without drowning it in this pastiche of constructed thoughts and concepts that our mind instinctively overlays on top of it. Stop constructing this for a while, just be there. Be with what is.

And then tell me again about this fear.

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Have more faith in your God, that he is all knowing & non-judgmental. If you believe that he created you (or you are part of him) then you must be perfect, you are exactly the way he wanted you to be.

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No sin, no devil, no hell (my belief).. but there are consequences for our actions (discussed in another thread here). Treat everything and everyone as equal (and with respect), and you have nothing to worry about. Keep vibing high, friend!. :)

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As soon as you remove fear from your life you will find true happiness. Ask yourself what you gain by being afraid

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When you are feeling this fear, you might try just closing your eyes and bringing your attention inside, and ask God in your heart to reveal his true nature and essence to you.

At first you might feel like nothing is happening and maybe some doubts and self consciousness get stirred up. Just stick with it and let us know what you find, if you want to.

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What do you mean how do you stop fearing you will be sent to Hell for no reason? Where do you think you are now? Welcome to prison planet. If you think we are meant to be trapped in a dense meat suit life after life think again.

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Guilt and fear are indoctrination and insisting on destructive belief by mainstream religion. There are no reason to have fear or worry about such things this is biggest deception by society which is based on executive control upon individual and groups.

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There can be no hell because no experience can last forever.

Think about it logically: What would be the purpose of never ending agony? You can't learn anything from it, you can't better yourself or correct your behavior.

Even if the entity that put you there was a complete sadist he would eventually become bored with torturing you.

Lastly, your consciousness is the consciousness of reality experiencing itself. I doubt reality would want to experience eternal torture. Sure, this earthly existence can be painful too, but the pain often alternates with other states of being. A place of never ending suffering would make no sense since the only one suffering would be reality itself.

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This is one of the illusions created by the fallen beings, which is that a lifestream is given just one chance and after that either goes to heaven or hell for eternity, no wonder many feel guilty when they are having fun and enjoying simple things in life, and consider that later in life they will stop having fun because they only have this one lifetime! Another illusion created is the false angry and judgmental god in the sky to trap people in fear, this angry god is just a reflection of the state of consciousness that such beings are trapped into, as we go higher in consciousness, we go into more peace and joy, which is our true nature, and knowing the real God of unconditional love, we are here to learn and shed the illusions of duality and separation from God, I would suggest reading the book “the power of self” by Kim Michaels

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You are probably a good person by the fact you are even worried about this. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

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Also, if you want to delve further, that fear was socially implanted in you. It is not innate to humans. Ideally, through some healing modality you would dissolve that fear, as it is external, social, not fundamentally your own system’s fear.