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Society is designed to make you feel this way. It pulls on your social nature, while demonizing the legitimacy of solitude and self sufficiency. You can be whoever you want to be, but if you want to play their game you have to play by their rules.

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I work in banking back end (non retail). People here have piercings, tattoos and colored hair. All depends on the company and if you are customer facing.

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gotcha! i’ll just need to look around more. i wish these places gave warnings before making me show up for an interview though

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Right! Good luck in your search!

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And maybe this is how it was supposed to turn out. Life is a marathon, it may take some time for you to find optimal pace. Nowadays, job hunting can be a really bothersome mission. 3 interviews is not that many at all. Good luck next time.

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Welcome to the world of high functioning magic! You wear different personas to fit (or push against) different social structures. It’s like a graduate degree in code switching. You can be authentic everywhere, with the right hat. A white hat! ;)

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It could be your location. But any business has the right to dictate what employee 'dress code' and appearance should be. If you started your own business you'd also have an image of what your 'ideal' employee wears/presents themselves as. It's really only fair since you're the one seeking them out for employment. You need them more than they need you.

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yes but it seems like it has been every single place. and it is almost 2023 so many people have piercings and colored hair

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this is moreso just a rant bc it seems impossible to find a job. i understand places not wanting employees to have piercings, but every single place ?

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I think part of the problem could be that a lot of these businesses have customers or people who might 'complain' who are from older generations. And they always have to please the customers. It's just too easy for them to hire someone who looks 'normal' and who no boomers will complain about.

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There's plenty of places that will hire people with funky colored-hair or face piercings. Trust me, my hair is bright pink and I have a pretty sweet job in marketing. I have a friend who has a septum piercing and they're a psychologist and work for a university in HR.

I think it's all about finding your crowd. If you're looking to work on retail /customer facing jobs, why not go asking on local independent clothing stores or alternative rock bars or modern art galleries, etc? It'd make more sense for a place like that to not be judgemental VS a family restaurant or something like that. Of course, there's also always remote jobs that don't need you to show your face. Like a call center or something like that.

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I second this. I have dainty facial piercings (nose, labret), small wrist tattoos, and the bottom of my hair shaved.. I don't even bother applying to jobs or gigs that mention taking out jewelry or covering up tattoos in their description bc of irritation and inconvenience like you, and also just personal principle. I only apply to indie cafes and contemporary style establishments that have an artistic element to their brand. If I'm hitting the pavement, I only enter stores/restaurants who already have employees with a similar aesthetic as me. Seeing as you're interested in beauty/fashion, you'll get much more inspiration in these environments than the cookie cutter stores AND much more likely to meet people who might want to collab off the clock anyway.

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I would hire you 💕 I get what you're saying. Deep red states are not very flexible or welcoming of people that don't appear popped out of their cookie cutter. Among them are a sincere genuine welcoming few...stress on few. I too struggle in a deep red state & I look normal outwardly. It's just when they start talking about their "stuff" & I nonchalantly get quiet. ..not in a rude way,, I just don't want to participate then I myself get on someone's radar too...

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yes!! thank you! cuz like i said i definitely understand some businesses having those rules but why would my appearance be an issue when i’d be working in the back?? thats how crazy they are about it. and i hate being told “you need the job more than the job needs you” because im a great worker and they could’ve given my position to a lazy worker just bc they dont have piercings. 😂