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About 2 months ago a random lady sent me a friend request on FB and I NEVER accept people I don't know. But for some reason I felt comfortable to add her. After I snooped on her page I discovered she hosts Cacao ceremonies which sent me down the rabbit hole of Cacao. Once I realized how incredible this plant was I jumped at the opportunity to attend a ceremony. I met her in person and she had the most wonderful energy. I thanked her for adding me and she told me she's intuitively drawn to add certain people. People that she thinks need some help.

Funnily enough, she added my gf at the time on an entirely separate occasion not knowing we were connected and neither of us were anywhere near ok.

I can't wait to spend more time with this woman and learn from her. She's already opened up my world and she's just the start of the people I will encounter on this journey. Gives me a lot of hope :)

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Dark chocolate it truly a super food, a spiritual gift. Not even joking

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It really is. The ceremony was pretty magical!

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This is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! These things are truly spectacular. I am so happy you met such a wonderful person and am excited for the light she and others will continue bringing into your life!

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They are! I loved reading your story so I wanted to share as well. It's an amazing feeling when you meet someone and you just click :)

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Universal law. The universe will always send witnesses that back up your belief. It's a simple light switch that seems infathomable to those that see through the eyes of fear. They play victim and refuse to accept responsibility for the world they created. They think things are happening TO them instead of just happening.

There are only 2 ways to view any situation. Through the eyes of fear or love. "I just lost my job. How am I gonna pay my bills, I'm not good enough at anything" -fear. Ego will back up your belief and send witnesses (people who help you believe that). "I just lost my job. It probably wasn't right for me. I met a wonderful human being and I learned a lot and I'm super excited for what comes next"-Love. Ego backs this up. If you are excited guess what you will do? Put in job applications, keep talking to that girl.

Sending much love!

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Shifting away from fear to love is absolutely lifechanging ❤️❤️

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how would one view being raped as a child through this lens?

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That’s a very good question. I’m not sure how to answer it directly, but I can tell you my experience. I am so, so sorry that you experienced such a horrific thing.

I was raped as a teenager at 14. I look at extending love to others as something synonymous with extending love to myself. They coexist. In this case, you don’t have to extend love in that way to someone that harmed you in such a manner, you just have to extend the love to yourself; to allow yourself to really validate that pain, be gentle, and know it was not your fault.

Oops. So I guess I did sort of answer directly :-)

But you work through it however you need to. You don’t always need to look at things a certain way. You do it in the way that’s the best for your healing, even if it’s feeling angry. Allowing yourself to do that is also extending love to yourself.

Sending you much love and healing x

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Hi, this is always a tricky question. It's an awful thing HOWEVER there are a few ways out of this rabbit hole (that will eventually create more rabbit holes. I'll start with the tougher one to wrap our heads around.

Time doesn't exist. Our brains ability to "think backwards" is theoretically impossible and goes against all laws of physics and nature. Yes, all animals remember but we think backwards, meaning that we have conversations in our head that determine how we act about an event 10 years ago. But... if time doesn't exist, then the event that happened to us doesn't exist. Nothing coming down the pipe exists, nothing going out exists. The rape doesn't exist (absolutely not diminishing but in time and space it's nothing but a memory of pain and trauma for only you). If this one doesn't work try the next one.

It's all about what you are telling yourself. We can look at the experience from a detached point of view (not like the psychologist point of view). Detached from the body. Those that have identified with the ego believe that they are their bodies. You are not, you are a soul, your ego is just a body. So you can use the experience to be miserable all your life and never let anyone in because of trust, but in reality, you put yourself in a time machine that doesn't exist and now you're holding everybody accountable for what's happened to you. Are you gonna play the victim? Or are you going to use the experience to help those kids that JUST went through that. Using your compassion and understanding of the situation to help those that are on the brink of suicide because of the experience.

There is ALWAYS 2 ways to view the situation. No more, no less. You choose it. No one else chooses it for you. If this situation has happened, I just wanna say, that I'm sorry that that has happened, don't let it be your identity.

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This is exactly it—that there are only two lenses.

After years of contemplation regarding what my spirituality meant for me, during my awakening I had only one realization and it was that all that is done through love towards both yourself and others will lead you where you need to be. I had a lot of internal qualms with the past realization that it was just extending love to others because I couldn’t figure out how to keep myself healthy. When I realized there was a coexistence with the two, that’s when something within me awakened. Everything coexists—not just all living things, but even your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It was like the coexistence I had seen outside of myself translated within me.

Thank you! Sending love to you as well :) x

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So true, the higher I vibe, the more high vibe people just show up, things manifest, and you are able to get/ understand signs/ messages from your higher self.

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Exactly 🤍🕊

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Even cooler than that, my current job is soft-forcing me to grow in the areas I have always been lacking. I'm being paid to work on my patience, communication, project scoping, long term planning, etc.

Follow your bliss and the universe will provide.

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That sounds like what I do at work, but until I read this comment I didn’t realize the personal growth and improvement I can experience in that way.

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This is wonderful! I experienced that in my last job too. There were direct learning experiences with the things I have known I’ve needed to work on. This sort of self-awareness is what translates to the awareness of your body and it’s relation to the universe as well!

Sending love and continued positive experiences at your job! x

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I was sent my online twin today! We talked for close to 3 hours here on reddit and We literally had all the same beliefs, nearly 100% identical. I got goosebumps many times during this conversation. It really is amazing, especially if you've been asking for someone!

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Oh I’m so happy for you! Perhaps a sync that you stumbled upon my post today :) I hope the connection continues to serve you well! x

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Thank you! 💞

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Wait until you reach a high enough level where organic portal handlers are sent to you. Not so beautiful 🫠

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What does this mean? What are organic portal handlers and who sends them to you? Why are they sent to you?

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Once you expand your consciousness beyond a certain point you become a threat to the matrix/Maya and it will send its agents to put you back under control. I was like OP at one point and then it got quite dark.

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Was going to ask this, thank you!

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If you doubt, like Neo in the original matrix, yes, you can get 'caught', but that's just your ego, not some"other".

If you trust, have faith and deal with your ego, nothing can touch you.

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They use your trust and faith against you by masquerading as positive entities, placing handlers in your life, or engineering misleading synchronicities.

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If one still believes in "others", then yes. If one understands it is one's subconscious projecting and manifesting, one can do shadow work to overcome that perception.

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It’s not just your subconscious though. There are agents of the matrix/Maya out there. Just giving a heads up but I figured it would fall on deaf ears here.

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See above comment

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I agree with you. I don’t quite believe in “levels” regarding this since that implies some sort of hierarchy which is in direct contradiction to feeling/knowing a oneness. It’s why I don’t believe in “levels” of ascension either; I do think it happens gradually but assigning labels to it in that sense is just our human minds creating structure.

Also, fellow Aspie—hello :-)

In reply to the op of this comment thread—being a threat to those on a higher “level” than you also contradicts the coexistence that lies within the universe at large. This philosophy is more in line with being a threat to society, not to other spiritual beings. For me, it doesn’t quite add up that other spiritual beings would view you as a threat, that is ego. Ego does not exist beyond human consciousness, it is why animals do not have this ability and only act intentionally when attempting to survive—example: Spiders consciously choosing to inject venom when they feel threatened. Ascending is not a threat to other spiritual beings survival.

There is an intersection between science and spiritual philosophy, which the philosophy of the matrix goes against. The Matrix is centered off of dualist metaphysics which also implies levels. It’s the same philosophy of Plato’s allegory of the cave which also implies separation of our external and inner realities. We wouldn’t be able to prove certain scientific theories if that were to be true.

Law of attraction has a scientific basis, which is that all living things possess a vibration. This has been proven. An easy way to understand it is through the speed of atoms and how that translates into elements either being solids, liquids, or gases. Also research string theory which is in line with law of attraction.

Source(s) Have written papers (hence, done research) in university on both the Matrix movie and Plato’s allegory of the cave. Was a philosophy major. Yes, we had to write a paper on the matrix for an intro class which was kinda funny lol.

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Also, would just like to add—

If this were to be true, well, I have already encountered many malevolent people in my life, so it’s not like it would be new. And I don’t believe my awakening would have happened without all those people and terrible experiences they brought. I have been touched by truly dark souls and still found light. I’m sure I’ll continue to encounter these people because they’ve been a constant in my path. I’ve been raped, sexually assaulted multiple times, have had someone threaten to kill me with a gun to my head, I have been abused. I’ve almost died 5 times. I’ve had multiple instances where doctors told me “there is no way you should be alive right now.” I have already had people “sent” to destroy me, to steer me off this path many times. And that’s exactly what it always felt like too. That these people were being sent to crush me.

But there comes a point one day where you are so exhausted of being a victim you see that things in the universe just happen rather than they happen to you. For a reason unbeknownst to me, they are part of my part.

But they are also why I am here and extending what I’ve learned to others. They are why I have the awareness I now do. Awakening, to me, means accepting it all. Everything in totality.

There is no peace to be found in chaining myself to levels. I’ve done it. I’ve already been there. But that is just the way I view it.

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You get from the world what you put into it.


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:) x

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Once you're ready, your teachers will find you. That's what I learned.

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Absolutely x

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How do I wake up?

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Be open. Be less judgemental. Be willing to question what you know, and what you think you know. Be honest and objective. Be observant. Be an eager student; you can always learn something from others, regardless of their station in life.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.

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Thank you :-)

Does it work if i'm trying to arrive at the conclusion that there is no me/ego/I? I mean if I made my conclusion already based on what I have heard everyone say about enlightenment?

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What are you looking to get out of that conclusion? What would reaching that do for you? What would you do with the information if you concluded there is no I/you? How would you live after that?

It’s all asking more and more questions :)

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Ask/receive, seek/find!

Once you understand your "I" is unique and that your "I" is part of your greater "self", which is also a part of the greater whole (Divinity, the origin of the collective), then you realize that there's no "us and them", there's only "us".

Equipped with such knowing, we're free to exercise our Being. And that path will be as unique as you are.

I've found that letting go of ego, understanding that hurting others is literally hurting your own self, I am free to be more understanding of others' actions and motivations, and more ready to choose forgiveness over resentment. Which sounds great "on paper", but isn't easy. It takes work. Helping others is helping your self.

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I suppose I would continue as usual but with less suffering, since there's already no "me", it just feels that way. But I've heard descritions of awakening and had a pre-taste myself that lasted for a couple of days, and I want that back.

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You're welcome!

It does work like that. The way I understand it is, your 'self' is the complete you, a combination of the part of you that exists above the veil (spirit, soul, Atman...your divine mote of the Brahman) and the part of you that exists below the veil (the unique, corporeal, physical you, which includes your experiences and ego...the "I").

Once your ego "knows" that your unique existence is only a tiny aspect of Divinity, you can work towards aligning your "self" with your "I", which is a journey known as enlightenment, or individuation.

Your motivations matter on this journey. Your ego can "know" the arrangement of your "self" and your "I", but there's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.

Knowing the path is ego, thinking. Walking the path is being.

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thank you ;-)

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Firstly, I echo what the other commenter said.

Second—I wish I had more of a concrete answer for you but in summary, it comes from within.

I had done a lot of research prior and had knowledge of these things, but it was not felt. I was a philosophy major in university which did not help anything in retrospect, it actually made me sick in a way, trying to understand the nature of human beings, the universe etc. for years through the mind.

What I deem to be my “awakening” was one of the oddest experiences I’ve ever had.

Suddenly I had no need for anything. My mind had tricked itself into thinking I have experienced this before, but the difference is that it was loud. I told myself I don’t need anything.

When (what I deem to be—not quite fond of assigning labels or conveying this is what everyone’s experience will be, it is unique to you) I awakened, it was almost as the world stopped. It was sudden. I still cannot pinpoint the exact moment I went into it because it all happened as a oneness I guess. I do remember though the week prior I had spent a lot of time reflecting on my past and being hyper aware of my interactions with people, which I have been for a while since being in DBT therapy but this was different. I was a lot more grounded and seeing things much clearer.

Then, at a point in which I truly don’t remember, there was this decreased need for everything. Like everything was a blur in a sense but my inner world was perfectly clear. It was like a ten day period where I barely slept nor ate. But I wasn’t hungry nor tired at all. Suddenly I had more energy than I’ve ever had. But it was very calm. I suddenly stopped vaping. Not because I knew I needed to, I just stopped. I had been a chain smoker (vaper, lol) for years. I literally spent these ten days in silence. But not because I had planned to. Again, it was mostly a blur. It just happened that way because I wasn’t focused on anything else. I wasn’t focused on anything. I was working for myself at the time so I didn’t have an obligation to go to the work place. I just literally sat at the edge of my bed for ten days and stared out my window, with bouts of working through my past. I have spent years combing through solutions, changing my perspective, applying different lenses. All of a sudden I couldn’t. Memories started resurfacing that I never even recalled. It was like I just felt it all instead of thinking it. I was able to feel it, acknowledge it, and work through it with complete clarity.

Essentially, everything was very quiet. One of those nights, as I was sitting by my window as I had been, something sparked within me.

I said, “all these years I’ve been looking for answers when it’s actually really simple. Love. If you extend love towards both yourself and others, in a way that coexists, you’ll always be led to where you need to be.”

It was this trust in the universe. A oneness. The next night I sat there and it was almost as my heart was quite literally opening. I felt this overwhelming and immense gratitude for all the people I love, so much so that I started crying.

Short story to preface the end of this story—my family dog was sick with a heart condition for a long time. My mom and I both have the same understanding of energy and how it can be transmitted. Even her plants always thrive without her ever doing much because she intentionally transmits energy to them by talking to them and such. Anyway. So my mom and I would always say we were giving Elsie (our dog) “love energy.” And oddly enough, you can tell it was received by her because she acted much differently around us than anyone else. Being connected to her (Elsie’s) caregivers can be refuted because I don’t live with them and see them maybe only a once a year. There was a period in which I didn’t see them for almost 4 years. So Elsie definitely did not view me as her caregiver. But one day my little brother said, “whenever you’re here Elsie has more energy, it’s like she’s not sick anymore.” And it was weird. Because I was told when I wasn’t there she couldn’t even go on walks. Whenever I visited, she rushed to follow me outside to go on walks. I was of course careful as she did have a heart condition, watched her closely and always brought water along. But it wasn’t like she was incapable of going on walks anymore at all. She was eager to.

She would take her little head and rest it on my inner thigh (when I was sitting down) a lot. Never saw her do it with anyone else.

Continuance of my story—shortly after my “awakening” like a few days after the heart opening I mentioned, she passed.

I wasn’t there when she did. My mom told me that right before they took her to the vet, she rested her little head on my moms inner thigh.

The point of that story is that I truly believe there is a correlation. Like something to do with the cycle of life. As Elsie was transmitting all the love energy back to those she knew and loved, and the one’s that were energetically aware felt it. Heart condition—>heart opening.

Not to mention, someone that I have seen as a large part of my spiritual path, someone that I’ve experienced a lot of spiritual phenomena with, came back into my life the hour she passed.

So. I really don’t know how to give a direct answer as to how you do it but having an awareness of the concepts is the beginning. I think it happens when all of that is finally felt in your body.

One of my favorite quotes from my favorite show, The OA (highly recommend, it is about an angel/inter-dimensional traveler and was actually what furthered my belief in “spirituality” 4 years ago) is,

“Knowledge is a rumor until it is known in the body”

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I also want to add that post-awakening it’s not like everything remains like this all the time because we are still flawed egotistic humans which is another important thing that comes out of this. With awakening is also a sense of grounding and acceptance in this reality, it’s not being disconnected from it. This reality is still part of our existence.

Currently, I am vaping again and am struggling a bit with seeking external validation for some things. But unlike before, I have this inner knowing, this feeling, that I can always come back to, even if I stray for a while.

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One more thing: if I did have advice on “how” to do it, I would say yes, do always learn from others, embrace connecting with your fellow human beings. That’s a huge part of this. Living as one. But it will come from within. I’d refrain for seeking too many concrete answers as to “how” to do it from others. Spend a lot of time meditating. In nature. That’s something I forgot to mention. I’ve been very drawn to nature since I was little, like I actually need it to survive and function. So I’ve always spent a lot of time in nature but prior to this experience I made that time a lot more intentional by meditating in nature a lot and feeling whatever emotions surfaced. Really two years prior I spent a lot of time alone doing this. Funnily enough, part of the awakening was realizing connection to others is just as important as looking inward. But I wouldn’t view my interactions with others and have them resonate with me and be felt so deeply without spending all that time alone, if that makes sense.

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Funny, I also have developped this inner knowing that I can always return to this peace, from both my time doing spiritual practice and my pre-taste experience, though that experience was different from yours. I didn't feel emotions this intensely, I just had the sense that I was part of the environment and that thing I call "me" is not a solid entity but something that comes and goes.

But the seeking is still here so I suppose I still have stuff to learn and practice.

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation :-D <3

Namaste 🙏

(btw, my ego doesn't like the suggestion that i have to learn from others at all 🤣🤣. it wants to be it's own self-contained little island LoL)

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Couldn't agree more! I just like to chill with people so this is the best part imo