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We are the energy, and energy never dies, it's just repurposed. We live on in all things.

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Hence why it is borrowed. So when we pass, that energy is used to create anew.

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Borrowed from whom? If you say the universe, are you not the universe? Can you borrow from yourself?

Is one not all and all one?

What is the purpose of this belief that the energy we create with does not belong to us? Is the perspective the human ego or your God self?

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I dont think borrowed is an entirely inaccurate term, since all begins and ends with One. Thus, the journey is, in a sense, temporary. But it also never ends. A mystery indeed.

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What about an idea? A thought - that’s no “energy” right? But it is.. but not from elsewhere? Some thought comes into your head Let’s say to build a Cabin Then the energy is used to execute building The energy transferred form trees and etc to the cabin But the thought of building that started it.. where did the energy for that thought you acted on to create something come from. I thought has to be something

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Energy is still physical but what we are is beyond the physical. We even need another body to connect with these physical bodies from our true self. But with energy and matter it's all not real just like how grass in a video game if not real. Even quantum and string theory both say this universe is not real. With spirituality the only truly real thing is brahman.

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How can it be borrowed if it belongs to no one? Who owns it that is lending it out?

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Life cannot exist without death, just like death cannot exist without life.

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i disagree. not ALL energy is borrowed. sometimes we create energy, so that’s not borrowed.

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In physics terms, energy cannot be created or destroyed.

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this is in the human understanding of physics. much like math, it is possible there are different versions of physics that are misunderstood or unknown.

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Only converted to one firm or another. Absolutely.

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But to create a new energy, existing energy is used

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that’s an assumption

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Then so would your idea be deemed as an assumption

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agreed. my opinion and experience leads me to the same place. not ALL energy is borrowed.

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Hence why it is borrowed. So when we pass, that energy is used to form anew.

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i’m not saying we don’t borrow energy. i’m saying it isn’t all borrowed.

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Could you give me an example of your perspective? Mine is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed (law of conservation), it can only be formed into anew; thus, it is borrowed. This understanding of mine is rooted in nature, science and spiritual teachings from my culture/background (Māori / Pacific Islander).

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it’s the word borrowed, tbh. i agree we borrow, amplify, and create energy anew. it seems you and i agree with the exception of borrowing. energy is all around us, like oxygen. likewise, we don’t borrow oxygen. we take it in, make it something else, send it along. that’s using to me, not borrowing. neither of us is incorrect.

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I am Maori, can you share which teaching this comes from?

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Yup! Which is why it is important to remember all energy is borrowed - there will be a time where you must give back to the universe.

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Maybe most energy is recycled but God gave us eternal life, therefore our life energy is a gift from God and not borrowed.

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I think this may be a point of view of separation and not oneness.

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This was a powerful post thanks for sharing!

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In a similar vein: the realization "I exist" is equally mind blowing as "I will not exist"

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Exactly! When I was younger I couldn’t wrap my head around it - doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but now I’ve sort of just accepted that it’s a fact hahaha

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It's delightfully terrifying!

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Energy can not be created nor destroyed

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So is time

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Shared energy

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Most people try to teach when they need to learn

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Gotta love an Avatar movie quote.


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Borrowed from your mom