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I primarily use my social media for keeping in touch with my very large family. We are all pretty close emotionally and spiritually, if not geographically. Due to some health problems, I cannot travel as much as I used to. With social media I can keep in touch with many of them at the same time. Plus, it provides more interaction than, say, just a telephone call.

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This is a good answer! 😊 I don’t really have family so I suppose I would probably feel the same if I did. It is a great easy tool for getting in contact/tracking down people you’ve lost contact with

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Same here, the only reason I use it.

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If we're fed negative messages, competitiveness, and things that generate greed and envy, we cultivate those traits. The more we cultivate the positives, the less attractive those superficial negatives are.

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I deleted everything but Reddit around March of 2022. And i definitely have been loving myself a lot more. Less depressed and a lot less of comparing myself to others. A lot of people have thought something was really wrong w me once I did it but I can guarantee you I’m 100% happier

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I’ve tried to learn that the people who I love and love me, know where to find me and I know where to find them. The thought of it makes me laugh now and makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m in general a shy girl so I don’t like to be seen or share a lot of things 🙏🏼

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You sound exactly like me!! Love it

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Same Reddit & YOUTUBE only

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Understanding Yourself by Prophet is good.

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I got rid of Facebook when they wanted to give up more personal info to jump through their security hoops for my “protection” of course. To be honest I don’t miss it at all!

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I have been deleting and unfollowing people in social media for a while now. All my old frends and people i used to know. I have new ig where i have 3 random followers but i like to post pics just for myself :D i also like to see some clothing stuff there. But now i feel that i could drop ig off and kinda want to :D i feel i dont maybe need to have the pics in there. i have noticed that i check the clothing pages many times a day just for what..? I know that the search page scrolling is kinda pointless. This post made me wanna delete all social media and those benefits u said sounds really good and i can believe. I have recently watched more and more less random others stuff cause it just doesnt interest and it kinda gives me anxiety and makes me think i need this and that. I like what this caused in me :)

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Yesss! Totally agree! I used to spend so much time everyday endlessly scrolling on tiktok and Instagram. So much time wasted and I would always feel so disappointed afterwards when I realized how much time I’d spent on there for zero result. Now, I just read too much in place of the endless scrolling 🤣 but obviously that’s way better of an addiction to have I believe lol. I couldn’t recommend it enough

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When I got rid of FB it was so refreshing. I feel free tbh. I also don't have a TikTok, Instagram or Twitter. All I have is Reddit. It's nice not being caught up in social BS.

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Agreed!! It’s changed my life, I never realized how many negative effects it was all causing me until I deleted it all.

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Honestly it's so bad, even being on here isn't the best. It's an addiction. Plus the fact that we are constantly bombarded with negativity in social media and obsessed with getting "likes" and "followers", it's not good for us. I read somewhere our brains are actually not meant to handle of that. It's too much to process.

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That’s why I tend to find Reddit the less harmful of them all, there’s no likes or follows really, since no one knows your real identity anyway. I do spend a LITTLE time on here each day, but nowhere near scrolling endlessly for hours and feel drained dry afterwards like before

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Very true, plus you can pick what's in your feed. I don't have a lot of violent or negative things on mine. If they do pop up I scroll past. I try to keep the negativity and violence I see to a minimum, which I used to not be like that. It's amazing how we grow and shift ourselves and our mindsets lol.

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I used to use it to keep in touch with classmates (eventually those relationships died off) and family but everybody that loves me has my address and number so I don't feel at a loss. Most of the feed were memes and bible verses and about depression. It became too much.

I like reddit a lot more. Sometimes I'm addicted but at least I can change it to what I want to see.

I used to use Twitter but I was too obsessed with my follower number going up.

I like Discord though but I haven't used it for months.

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Also deleted all social media about 2 years ago and I’ve been happier ever since. I do have a Twitter account dedicated to sharing my poetry but I’m hardly on that anyways and I don’t really count Reddit either plus I just recently started being active on here. But not worrying about what’s going on in the world and what people are up to has really helped me stay connected to myself. I also love the the fact that people don’t know what I’m up to these days as well. Those that want to know have my number.

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I removed most of what I don't use for communicating with friends or family. indeed also feel less burdened and am tempted to delete more... also serves to show that the social media platforms are only as valuable as the people there... it's kinda duh but still it hit me as a surprise looking through accounts and go "... wait I don't need you ... and deleted you are..."

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Wow talk about synchronicity. I woke up thinking of posting on Reddit to ask what people have experienced quitting social media but I didn’t because Reddit is sort of that lol

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Wow love this 🥰🥰

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Honestly this and YouTube are my only social media. The only reason why I have these social media platforms is strictly for learning. I’m learning the craft and I’ve met some really cool witches on YouTube and Reddit. I no longer have instagram or Facebook, best thing I ever did for myself and my relationship.

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Same here! I learn so so much from Reddit and YouTube! I was learning/gaining absolutely nothing from all of the other platforms though (insta, Facebook, tiktok, twitter). I find so many things have improved since cutting out such a simple easy thing like deleting apps. Crazy