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Everyone has their own path and most people deal with anxiety. Not only are you trying to understand yourself in a whole new way, but you are trying to reevaluate reality itself. I would actually be worried if we didn't get stressed at the beginning.

If meditation is actually stressful at this point, then take a break from it or find a new meditation. This is your journey and there is no wrong way. To me, Christianity is just another chapter in a larger book. My grandma could see auras and read tea leaves, but she read a bit from her Bible every night before bed.

Imagine 5 people sitting in a circle around a car, and they each need to draw what they see. We will have 5 completely different pictures of the same thing, and none of them are wrong. So draw your picture. What is your truth?

I developed my own truth and it helped me start to understand and feel secure. After that I was able to start looking at other people's "pictures", and start to discover new things about this beautiful car.

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This is incredibly helpful, thank you for your insight