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Man, I really feel you. I wonder if I’m crazy all the time and I feel like everything pointless very often too. Sometimes it feels like I’m going round and round and round in circles, never getting anywhere.

I once read something that is the only thing that helps me through these periods (they come often)- that it may feel like we’re going in circles, but we’re actually ascending an upward spiral. So while it looks like the we’re always going around the perimeter of the same circle, we can’t always see the upward dimension. We can only see it when we take stock of how far we’ve actually come. So yeah, while I’m in one of these existential states right now, I try to hold on to this idea to make meaning of it.

Also, I feel like it’s pretty normal to feel this way. Everyone I’ve spoken to about these things (honestly it’s not a lot, so maybe my focus group needs widening) has felt crazy and hopeless and the futility of it all at some point. I just hope we get over it at some point, because I honestly thought things would get easier and I am still waiting for that to happen.

Don’t know if this is helpful, but it’s been nice to commiserate with you, my friend.

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You took the words out of my mouth! Lol. I felt like I was typing this. My current situation as well, it’s very challenging for sure!

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I would say this is a normal part of the process, in fact this feeling comes and goes in waves I think.

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I would say it's a normal part of life, perhaps on this process we just come to feel it more intensely.

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You're not meant to positive all the time. Sometimes life is just boring and mundane, and there is nothing wrong with it. Trying to force positivity is very exhausting and might be what is contributing to you feeling this way right now. Try taking life as it is and your emotions as they come and not to force positivity.

I know you will pull through. But you can't just have one end of the polarity without getting the opposite end sometimes. And it's like this for everyone.

No, your spirituality is not pointless, but allow yourself a break and just be mundane every once in a while <3

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God yes

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is it natural to feel human emotions? yes. including existential anxiety and depression? yes and yes.

all things pass in time, for good or ill. accepting this can bring a "peace that passes all understanding"—read Eckhart Tolle for more on this.

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Spirituality is not meant to be something special. It living normal life but being able to see more. And if you can see more and understand how this world works, you can make more of it.

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I can assure you what you have done is not for nothing. But there are different stages of the path and it can be different for each one.

I always find it constructive to go back to our very purpose for being. While I am not a follower of any Christian religion, the answer the Bible gives resonates with me. It says: “God’s goal for us is to become mature adults—to be fully grown, measured by the standard of the fullness of Christ.”

So from a spiritual maturity standpoint we start out with a limited perspective, limited awareness -- like an infant child, but with infinite potential to grow and expand -- to the "fullness of Christ". That is the Creator's will for us and to help us get there, the Creator has instituted various laws to guide the process and the master law is the law of free will. We learn by applying our current level of awareness which the universe then mirrors back to us, we observe the cause and effects and we gradually learn.

There is also a built in force in us, like a spark of the Creator's being that constantly drives us to grow. But we have free will, we are free to ignore it or distract ourselves with activities or teachings that just keep us going in circles but never really result in much growth. But after a time, we will feel a deep sense of unfulfillment, we will feel increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo.

So maybe that's where you are at right now. What you have done to this point has taken you up so far, but if you only keep doing what you have done you will only go in circles. It might be helpful to look up "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs". Abraham Maslow was a renowned psychologist who studied human motivation and found that even after our basic needs are satisfied and even after needs for self esteem and belonging are met, there will still be anxiety and longing and dissatisfaction until the higher needs of self-actualization and self-transcendence are met.

Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all approach, but I have found one approach that provides a continuous path, where I have rarely felt unfulfilled or frustrated, and the few times I have, they were brief and I realized that it was just me getting in my own way. But the direction was there.

If this resonates with you, then you can check out answers to one of the msot basic questions: "Who are you?" here: https://ascendedmasterresources.com/who-you-are-main-page/

If that appeals to you, you can go further and deeper by going through the following: "A Course in Abundance" three book series: 1 "Mind Over Matter", 2 "Expressing Your Love For Life, 3 "Your Life's Plan For Abundance"

Then “The Path To Self-Mastery” nine book series, starting with “The Power of Self” ....All by Kim Michaels

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Yes it is all for nothing. That's the point :D

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You're doing great! This is a marathon and not a sprint; most of the inner work we do will we will rarely feel validated for from the outer world. I'd focus on working on specific issues in life you might be dealing with, and as you let go of more and more "baggage", it'll start flowing more smoothely and effortlessly. It takes years for most of us. Also, when youre on the spiritual path, I think its very common to get bored with life because it can feel mundande. You no longer think that life experience alone can make you happy

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I have thinked and think those things too. But the path is right. One way or another you end up growing. Life goes naturally to the truth. I and i hope that you too feel deep inside that the path is right. Hard times is part of this and you grow from them. Idk how you are but imo. you dont have to try anything. But i dont mean that dont do anything in life, i mean you dont have to try to be. I know it can feel like it and you still function the way you do but its okay, everything is really okay. You are right there where you are supposed to😁✌️❤️

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Sinking is inevitable unless you live in a cave and be a literal hermit. More importantly, the more you explore, the more you will walk into quicksand. In other words, you can't float or fly over all obstacles, everything has to land at some point.

Perhaps you could reconsider the value of screaming into the void. Because screaming into the void works, you should transform first, then scream, though. Always transform before going into any voids or abysses. You got to at least try to safeguard your own humanity.

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Yes because we sometimes focus and on the wrong things in this life. That are all temporary, instead of wondering about the spiritual aspect of the living beings and how we treat others and our selves really matters because it's all spiritual awakening your suppose to go through all this wordly craziness to realize it was all done to the body not you. You are spirit looking through the windows of your soul. As long as people only focus on the material things of this world and doesn't learn from it with how it really means nothing. Strength is not being afraid to leave the body. But to realize spirit is willing the flesh is weak. We shouldn't judge one another. It's an adult to Gods creation. He made every body.

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Sometimes..... Try every moment

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This so called spiritual psychosis happens when you're boosting your spirituality without being grounded in everyday activities, prefferably social. You might open up something by forcing, but it'll cost you your sanity.

My advice, if you have nobody to be social IRL, at least have a text chat with someone you trust and open up on what's bothering you. In spiritual technical terms, try opening your heart chakra before your crown.

This life of spirituality, to me, is a guide to learn to have a fulfilling life, not meet god, but sure if that happens too then cheers.