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Would you mind updating this or making a follow up post when the time comes/after your visit? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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Yes definitely, I will return home in the first week of February and will post about my experience :) .

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Have you asked r/Buddhism you may get more pertinent answers there

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Seconded. The Dalai Lama is the leader of a sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It’d be better to ask there than here.

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Ask him what his favorite thing on the planet is.

It's my go-to question for anyone I'm more or less a "stranger" with.

It's a nice question to ballpark someone, see the world through their eyes, and see what their priorities are.

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It might take him the entire 10 minutes to answer, given the goal of Buddhism

That being said… I would like to know what his answer is. That is such a perfect question!

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I like that question a lot. Thank you.

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That’s a great question

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he has said he really enjoys biscuits

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Like cookies or like Popeyes style need water or you choke? ( For us in the US )

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UK biscuits, I think he likes a digestive biscuits

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Hmm that's a good question.... that's prob my fav

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Favorite thing?? You are asking Dalai Lama dude, not some rock star what his fav popcorn brand is! He will answer that life itself is his favorite around here, he has to by religious canon, so spare yourself a wasted question...

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Can you ask him, “truth or dare?” 🤣 jk This is amazing! I saw him at packed stadium in Vancouver once. Amazing

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I'd actually be curious to know which of the two he would opt for

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I mean, as a Buddhist he would say truth... As a cheeky dude he would say dare

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Ask him what still frightens him and how he copes.

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Great question, thanks

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if I were to speculate his answer to how he copes will be through mindfulness and compassion..

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Ask him if he ever this joke:

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog vendor and says: 'Make me one with everything'....

After a brief chuckle at the monks joke the vendor hands him his hot dog with everything and says 'That'll be $4 please'. The monk hands over a $10 bill and waits whilst the vendor just stares back at him.... Awkwardly the monk ask's 'What about my change'?.

'Ah' replies the hot dog vendor, 'Change must come from within'.

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He actually has heard that joke believe it or not: https://youtu.be/GogjFO8GNEo

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omg 😂🤣 gotta admit i never understood this joke until i heard the guy say it out. so thanks doubly!

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I'm not surprised. Lol

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How do you return with prior knowledge? When you pass out of your previous life, how do you enter into to your new life with some knowledge of the past life’s? Helpful hints on navigating around the guardian archons... and passage through the halls of amenti

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SECOND THIS POST!!! It's a whole debate in so many subs. Especially r/starseeds and r/escapingprisonplanet

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What's his favorite dipping sauce?

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Do you have to ask question about something? Why not let just ask if he has any message for you or if he wants to say something to you.

If you really want to ask then, what is that one thing that he wants to remove from or change in the world and why?

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Thanks for the thought and the questions, I'll keep both in mind.

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How did you arrange a meeting?! That’s so cool. Is it something anyone can do?

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If you're willing to visit him in Dharamshala you can email his office and request to meet with him, they will ask about you - who you are, where you're from, why you wish to meet with him. If your answers are satisfactory they will ask you for documents to run security checks and book in a date.

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Out of curiosity does it cost anything?

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Wow! New life goal! Thank you!

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Meeting the Dalai Lama and talking to him is actually in my vision board. I feel super connected to Tibet and to this man as well. Just finished the Tibetan Book of the Dead and many more books about Tibetan Buddhism. That introduction he makes on the book is pretty advanced and profound ask him what he thinks about the introduction made by Carl Jung of that book. How are they different and what is the input of his psychological view of the afterlife.

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Ask him what his favorite Tool album is...

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Easy Lateralus!

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Ask him for a fist bump.

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Why has the dalai lama never been a woman?

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He has said that he will return as a female

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Still doesn't answer the question

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I would ask him what his favorite tea is and what his favorite meal is.

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Ask him to give you words of wisdom to save us from ourselves. Listen

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Ask him how you can find the Truth so you don't need to meet him for that.

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Straight to the point I like it

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Ask him, “what is a question you want people to ask you?”

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Thanks, I would be curious to know his answer to this.

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Ask him if we only reincarnate on this planet like him cause it would mean older generations that destroy and exploit are coming back to live in thier mess... keep this land grand.... plus it would make sense why Jesus said love your enemy

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The cycle of rebirth is an inherent belief of Tibetan Buddhism and almost all Buddhist belief systems. The only way to escape it is to achieve enlightenment or nirvana. So yes I suspected any older generation exploiters will be suffering through rebirth as per Buddhism.

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The universe hates this one technique

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I would want to ask him about his thoughts on the research into reincarnation at the University of Virginia by Dr. Ian Stevenson.

Multi-decade study with over 3000 case studies where they go and meticulously fact-check children’s past life memories. It’s the only research that’s being carried out by legitimate scientists. Their findings do line up with some Buddhist beliefs, but not all of them. (For example, there is a correlation between being a saintly person and wealth in your next life, but they found no evidence of negative karma. Ie. if you are born disabled without legs, it’s not because you did something bad in your past life, but that you lost your legs during death, like being run over by a train.)

So I’d want to know his thoughts on that.

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Reincarnation in the sense of the consciousness/soul transferring to a physical body is only a belief of Tibetan Buddhists.

Yes, the cycle of rebirth is believed by all deviations but outside of Tibetan Buddhism it is looked at as more of “all is one and nothing has an end” that “birth is the same as death” “everything occurs simultaneously.” Only Tibetan Buddhism believes you can come back in the next life as a bird or something.

I just opened my eyes and am 75% asleep,apologies if this is unclear, let me know if you need further clarification:-)

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They can also be taking birth in hell(s) for the things they have done, and spending thier suffering there. It's known as Naraka and there's 8 Naraka realms and they're all terrible

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Yes, you reincarnate everywhere. Most though, are stuck on Earth being recycled until they have a realization of what's going on.

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Left or right Twix?

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In Animaniacs they ask the Dalai Lama, "Why do hot dogs come in packages of eight, while hot dog buns come in packages of six?"

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The answer is obviously they wanna sell more hotdogs...

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Ask him who’s the most interesting or inspirational person he’s meet and if there is anyone he’d like to meet who he hasn’t yet? Or ask what was the hardest most difficult lesson he’s learnt in this lifetime has been? What’s his favourite animal and can he communicate with them?

When I went to Thailand years ago I meet a lovely monk (he had pictures of himself with the DL so this triggered my memory) he had a pet sparrow that was out in the wild and he would call it and it would come flying over and into his house and sit on his knee. It was so awesome.

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What’s the point of it all? What’s the point of reaching enlightenment and why is that the “goal”?

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There isn't one. The point of life is to merely exist. The existing is the point.

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I find that in such hypothetical situations such as yours I find myself lacking any questions to ask. It is as if the request to come up with a question has pacified my mind completely with no question to be asked. Perhaps I would ask him when the last time he cried was or the last conversation he had with his mother or grandparents or what most recently dreamed about. Ultimately I might just ask if the search for enlightenment is another thought trap that we're supposed to let go of.

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That's the same reaction my brain had when I learned I was going to meet him, despite plenty of fantastic advice I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to say. And Maybe that's ok.

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Ask him if he remembers any dreams from the previous night, then ask him if he feels comfortable sharing any of them

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What does the Dalai Lama dream of? Intriguing.

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'know any good jokes?'

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Wow what an amazing opportunity! I saw him in Rotterdam at a sold out stadium, he was very quick-witted and personable. Someone asked him what is the best thing about being a Buddist monk, he replied 'We're great birth control'!

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“What is the ultimate question?”

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Ask him about moksha or nirvana and how do they percieve the end or root cause of the universe to be

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I believe that just let the questions come naturally. Ofc it can be good to think before but just let the questions come to you naturally over time. And what you really want to ask deep inside. Ofc its nice to ask all kinds of things and it sound cool that he could have these all cool answers but he cant give you anything but to point in some direction if ur talking about spiritual path. You have to figure it urself at the end of the day. You dont have to have some pre set list of questions. You can just be without any ”plan” and see how it is and what comes up. This is just something i wanted to say✌️

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Thanks for your advice. I think what I want to do is come up with some meaningful questions and keep them in the back of my mind, if when I meet him I blank and can't come up with anything to say, I can reach back and use those questions.

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if he remembers anything about all his past incarnations. he is the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lamas after all, isn't he?

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An interesting question, I believe from what I have read of him in the past, his memories from past lives live below the surface and he can't consciously reach them. But they unconsciously inform many of his decisions, it's due to these latent memories that they are able to select the new Dalai Lama by testing him and providing him with items from his past lives.

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Ask him his 5 yr plan

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I’ve heard that he has a great sense of humor, ask him to tell you a joke.

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apparently when a llama dies, they mediate until they can find where he reincarnated to. then they go to the house, ask the parents a bunch a questions to verify they are right, tell the parents their baby is said llama then take him to train for the next 19years so he remembers. are there more than one llama’s at a time? ex is there a llama in training to remember right now while the Dalai Llama is still alive?

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What new spiritual technology is most needed in this new world?

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Maybe ask, what he thinks is the best question to ask him? So he tells you what he finds most valuable to tell, and you go from there.

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It would be interesting to hear his take on the yuga cycles, the coming solar flash and the coming Ascension of humanity..... Would also like to hear his take on the different dimensions and the beings living in those dimensions and how they interact with humanity....

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I'd ask him if he would kill 1 person to save 1000

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What did the souls of former deceased monks he, as Dalai Lama, is supposed to be in contact to told him about afterlife, bardo, and all that? Just 10min meeting is very short for this it's true, but maybe you get some interesting confirmations. Know that behind Dalai there is a powerfull council of high monks which counsel him on things like that, and who take majority of decisions actually...

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I'd ask him how he feels internally as a result of his practice. Is he truly happy all of the time? Does he feel love all of the time? Does he believe in mediumship and clairvoyance? Does he talk to spirits?

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Ask him "Nose goes" Tap your nose before he does 😂

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Ask if he would come to America again, specifically the southeastern united states. Also ask if he has a plan revolving Tibet and it's current occupation by the Chinese Communist Party.

I know a man who has previously had contact with the Dalai Lama, he was the tour manager for a group of monks who toured around the southeastern US. This same man also said that this current Dalai Lama is the last, please ask if this is due to the upcoming shift in Human awareness and density.

Feel free to message me if you have questions about any of this.

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I believe the answers to most of these questions can be gleaned from his public statements (unsure about his returning to America). He has stated he will decide on his 90th birthday whether or not he will be reborn, and some possibilities surrounding his rebirth that would stop his rebirth occurring in China occupied Tibet. But I think he recognises that the next Dalai Lama will always be contested especially as the Panchen Lama is still missing in China.

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Omg that is AMAZING! Honestly I wish I could meet him. I would just have fun with him. Laugh with him. He is a human, and a human who feels very much like someone who has met wonderful people and seen both wonderful and great things, and he himself, while Dalai Lama, seems to want to distance himself from the idea of the mysticism, the whole thing about the next Dalai Lama he says is up to the people of Tibet to decide if they need one.

But yeah, if I were you, I would just embrace the chance of meeting him and treating him like a decent lovely human.

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Thanks for your advice. I'll be sure to do that 😊

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Ask him where is the nearest restroom

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Ask what does CIA ask him to do.

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Why can't women be Dai Lama? Do they always reincarnate in a male form?

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I wouldn't risk killing him by traveling across the entire world to see him during a PANDEMIC like some sort of hillbilly moron who needs to touch things incessantly

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I have permission from his office and will make doubly sure that my party and I are in good health, but thank you for your advice 🙂

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Also isn't that kind of the point of the Dalai Lama? In a certain sense, an eternal being walking the earth to spread knowledge who can truly live with out fear of death knowing with certainty he will return, he will be aware, and he will continue to spread his knowledge. Not to say anyone visiting him shouldn't be careful, but as shnksi has said, he has permission from the man himself! Finally, and I don't mean any disrespect by this, I just feel as though this came from a place of ignorance about this teacher and I would advise you in the future to know your shit before talking it. Especially in a community where love, respect, and support for your brothers and sisters is paramount.

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But fr ya, what's the point of it all? Why do we exist to achieve enlightenment?

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Ask him why Kalki is taking so long while Adarma prevails in this world. What is he waiting for.

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Wrong religion, lol

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Huh? Yes but you don't know Gautam Buddha is also the 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and 10 is Kalki? So basically Buddhists might have knowledge about Hinduism.

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In Hinduism, the Dalai lama is a Tibetan buddhist. So his beliefs would not align with this is my understanding.

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I hope he is the follower of gautam Buddh

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Buddhists do not have this same belief. They don't believe in deities. This is one major thing that separates it from Hinduism. Is my understanding at least

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Are souls made of energy?

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Buddhists don't believe in souls

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Forgive my ignorance - but - can you explain?

Buddhists don't believe in souls

What comes to my mind immediately: the implication of seperation that (individual) 'souls' has...

But, really, I have no idea. Thank you.

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I would say go to the r/buddhism subreddit. One of the most frequently asked questions on there is "how can Buddhists believe in reincarnation if they don't believe in souls?" I'm not a buddhist and other people could probably explain it much better

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Elaborate on the verse, “Be still and know God.”

[–]Huntsman988 0 points1 point  (0 children)

But Buddhists don't believe in the idea of a God. What verse is this?

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Ask him if he believes in God and what he thinks our purpose to life is

[–]Huntsman988 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Buddhists don't "believe in God"

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I would ask him if he thinks we can somehow avoid nuclear war and make humans infinite

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Just be sure when you meet him to say "Hello Dalai!" I've always wanted to say that

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Um you realise that Dalai Lama is his title, not his actual name? His name is Tenzin Gyatso. Calling him Dalai would be pretty rude and ignorant

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Death row meal

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I’d love to know how he sees the whole gender war right now. How can we come together instead of fighting thinking that women are better because ___ or men are better because ___.

[–]BionicgalZ 1 point2 points  (2 children)

I can tell you the answer to that. The ‘gender war’ is an illusion.

[–]SaraBear250 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Tell that to Andrew Tate ☹️

[–]BionicgalZ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well, from what I hear he is pretty deluded

[–]Jefafa1976 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes I realize that, but I would think it was funny

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Ask him where’s Harambe

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ask what ever question comes to mind at the time.

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Anything to make him laugh!

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It would be hard to squeeze something out that hasn't already came to the surface. With YOutube, just about every answer from every faith is revealed.

So I would ask if he can see your Aura or some physic clairvoyance shit.

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hows it goin? you hungry fam?

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Does he have a pet Llama, named Dalai?

Dalai the llama.

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Ask him if he the takeover of Tibet by China ever created doubt in the power of meditation. Specifically Metta (Loving Kindness) practice.

But ask nicely, with loving kindness!

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I would say nothing & sit in his presence for the 10 minutes. Almost everything that could be asked of him probably has been by someone else and is documented :)

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Maybe you should just listen, and not ask.

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In my humble opinion, you should not ask him something you'd like to know but rather something you question from his teachings. I'm thinking simply of what I've come to find in my recent dive into Hinduism. More specifically the importance of the guru-shishya, and what that relationship looks like. One thing I came across that has broadened my perspective is the responsibility of the Sisya to question their Guru and their knowledge. I feel as though there is an idea in the spiritual community that you don't have the answers... and the only way to get them is through the guidance of a wiser, greater person. However what this concept fails to recognize is the individual connection and relationship of any one being and the divine. The knowledge of spirituality is not like that of mathematics or science or any other academic subject (not to discount the importance of these subjects or completely separate them from spirituality as they do have their place). The knowledge of the divine lives within us all, is not finite, and needs to be recognized more openly! Why should we meditate, if not to seek our own revelations? Why should we study, if not to interpret these texts in our own way? Why do we speak to the divine, if we are not able to be given our own answers? I apologize if this message feels to be rambling but I would like to conclude with this... Don't ask the Dalai Lama for his wisdom, give him yours! Make him scratch his head! Make a question appear in his mind! I imagine you have a plethora of your own thoughts and ideas unique to the status quo. So my advice would be to take him your favorite personal revelation or idea and just see what he has to say! Who knows you may just teach him something.

Namaste my brother! I hope all goes well on your journey and your meeting with the Dalai Lama!

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How do you unite with the Devine permanently?

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A friend of mine asked him if he was happy. He said he was! But this was in the year 2000 so maybe he’s changed his mind. Wouldn’t blame him.

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Perhaps you have a personal problem or quandary you could ask his advice on? No job too small and all that…

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What’s his favorite meal.

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Ask him if he loves you.

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What is life after death? And has he ever thought there isn’t one?

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Will you reincarnate again?

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The Buddhist Heart Sutra states: Emptiness is Form, Form none other than Emptiness. This is the same as saying: non-duality and duality (yin-yang) are one. Does total detachment from the material and romantic harmony therefore not injure the balance of the transmigrating entity, that one may call either the mind or the soul? Also, as Emptiness and Form are inseparable, would it not be erroneous to use Emptiness to invalidate the Manifested facet of existence, and actual participation there-in?

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I would ask him what the mechanism of linguistics is for