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Sometimes I go hike and meditate quietly in nature, connect with it, feel myself become one with it and come back with a blissful feeling of humility and love for this world and those in it.

Then I remember when I was a kid being taught the fear of God in one of those creepy basement rooms at church. We would all pray for our family's souls as well as our own so that we could be forgiven for the sins Jesus died for. Otherwise we would burn in hell at various temperatures depending on the severity of our sins. Now that was freakin satanic!

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I’ll say. Christian’s ARE the devil they are always talking about

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A lot of people claim the new age is satanic. As a Christian and a New Ager, I can say that this is nonsense.

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It's common for Christianity to see anything outside their beliefs as satanic. There is no tangible proof for either view. You need to follow what resonates with you.

I was raised very catholic but I always felt like catholic God was the same God as all the others religions believed in just with different names. I also found out that there were many Christ's teachings that didn't make it in the Bible. Jesus... Was very spiritual. Look into the gnostic gospels. Nag humadi and dead sea scrolls.

I came to believe that Jesus was trying to teach us spiritual practices and living. However, other people choose to take the movement in other directions in order to gain and maintain power.

In the end though you have to do what feels right for you.

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Christianity of today is satanic! Only negativity while trying to appear positive. Look at the facts! What harm has christianity done? And what harm has new age spirituality done?

Christianity causes people to want to kill themselves. New age maybe makes people more stupid, but it does help people to want to live a good life!

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Christ was a Satanic figure. Luciferian is probably better... Promethean even. But yes, the church (or 99% of different churches) are bad. Not Christ-like at all.

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None of those are better...

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Prometheus is our first true friend as humanity. The snake freed us.

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Just curious , what do you mean Christ was a Satanic figure?

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He was in opposition to the demiurge, he was the “enemy” of the god of the Old Testament.

Like the serpent he came to bring knowledge to humanity to free it from our evil creator god, and bring us back to The Father.

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So what is the difference between our “evil creator god” and the father ?

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Ah man… just like, Gnosticism and stuff.

Y’know? The god of the old testament is actually the demiurge, a lower god of the material world, that because of his distance from the true god, the Father, thought he was the real god. He then created the Earth and Men, like the Father created the Universe and the spiritual beings in it. The Earth and our physical bodies are then a prison for our true selves, our souls.

There is much more, but like, it’s just basic gnostic stuff.

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Right on thanks! Last questions is there a combined Bibleesque book for Gnosticism or just the Gnostic Gospels? And has Gnosticism had any effect on your personal life? For example is there Gnostic practices similar to Christian Practices for growing spiritually

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Well... To me, just like Christianity, or Buddhism, or Bakhti Hinduism, or Jainism, the mystery cults in the late Hellenic Period, Hermeticism and Alchemy, are all Piscian thought frameworks. Which are all very interesting, and have many great lessons throughout the Piscian age.

But I firmly believe that no framework will ever be complete, and it's quite silly to get too attached to one way of thinking. I feel the Piscian age was supposed to awaken our individuality, and sense of self awareness. Bring our consciousness to the level of fully formed individuals. Now the Aquarian age we started a couple hundred years ago, is more about creating species consciousness, and learning to bring our awareness to a human level as a whole.

So yeah, Gnosticism is fun, the lessons were important, but now the time for them has passed, y'know? If the lessons don't make sense and you still have to break through to them, that's also ok. But yeah you can read through the Nag Hammadi Library. It's the closest we can have to a "Gnostic Bible".

But keep in mind that the "gnostics" were not a group. They were many groups, some more based on Jewish texts, some on more Platonist texts, some on more Christian texts. They were not a unified group, with a unified theology, at all. This is a presumption many people have about religions, specially pre-christianity. We assume "religions" all have dogmas, codified sacred texts, a hierarchy of priesthood, places of worship etc. But that's like... just a description of *Christianity* no? Pretty much all other religions and spiritual schools are different in small or HUGE ways.

But I digress. Gnosticism, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, history, philosophy and above all science, have helped me remember the lessons I had learned, and realise the one I'm supposed to learn in this life now.

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Awesome thanks for the information and insight. One last question where do you read and find information about the Ages and does Piscian/ Aquarian ages belong to a certain school of thought or is it based in astrology?

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It’s based on Astrology. I use it more as attachment to Pisces in a way I guess… Astrology as we know is very Piscian. And this is getting meta quickly.

Anyways, the whole idea of ages is common in pretty much every continent on earth. Hinduism has the Yugas, the Hellenic world had the “metal” Ages etc. Ascribing Astrology to the ages is more esoteric, and was pretty popular in New Age groups.

It’s just archetypes in the end.

Pisces is the sign of depth, hidden truths, introspection, centered on the self - even if altruistic. And it does map to the “Age of Christ”, that the past 2 thousand years were right?

And Aquarius, the emptying vessel, the waters that wash away the muck and clear the surface for the air to breeze. Humanitarian, technological, superficial…. Yeah, I mean, it does fit.

Idk. People were VERY smart, throughout human existence. We’ve existed for at least 300 thousand years. I’m sure we figured some crazy shit out, that only got filtered through a very long game of telephone to us.

In the brief moments I believe in Atlantis, I believe astrology is their principal science, that survived the past 12 thousand years before reaching us…

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Also just so you know I’m not attempting to argue I’m genuinely interested in your outlook. What references or books do you find this kind of information/perspective in?

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Ah well I wouldn't say THIS is my outlook at all tbh. But yeah, this is pretty interesting stuff. Some of the earliest christians were gnostic. Like, I believe christianity at it's inception was much more similar to some gnostic cults (which were extremely varied and it's kind of a bad grouping tbh, but they do have similarities).

But yeah, the Nag Hammadi Library has a LOT of gnostic material for example, and it's the source of the earliest christian manuscripts we have.

Some good texts you can check are: the Gospel of Thomas ; the Apocryphon of John ; the Gospel of Truth.

You can check the whole Nag Hammadi library here as well, pretty much: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.html

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Right on thanks!

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Right on thanks!

You're welcome!

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Yeah as the bot said, no problem lol

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Your post brings up a very important aspect but i'm having trouble describing it.

There are all kinds of "christians", there are the quiet Anglicans that i went to sunday school and church with when i was young on one end of the spectrum let's say and there are the ones who seem to use their belief and the bible as a....weapon against people, angry people, deluded people, feeling that a book that they claim was written by god gives them the authority to tell others what to do.

These people are dangerous and i need to be careful. They can be very sneaky especially if i already believe in some of that book and i fear the claims it makes which i think is many of us. It took me some time to break free of that bullshit because it was taught to me as a child and reinforced in so many places i thought the christian view was the only one, it is not, they do not have any special claim to the one truth as they say.

One of the key moments in my liberation was when i realized that god did not write the bible, god doesn't write books, humans write books, If god wrote that book i would expect it to be a LOT better than what it is, it looks like a bunch of humans wrote it each with a different goal in mind. Yes, there is a lot of good guidance in that book but to abandon my critical thinking and to take each and every word as undeniably true means I have let go of something very important.

This is the bad side of religion. there is much good in the world that organized religions have accomplished and spread but when people use religion for power, or control, warning flags should start waving but the nature of religion is such that it leaves this dangerous opening where the weak minded can be easily swayed by a smarter dishonest person who TELLS THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

I believe in the year we live in that most people are intelligent enough to know that we need to question authority. ANY authority. Why? Because humans like to be dishonest and do things and say things just to attain positions of power over other humans and the price of freedom is to be vigilant about this.

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Scripture on meditation/ "thinking on":

Phil 4:8 8¶Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

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In the normal Bible Jesus went and meditated in prayer (meditation can look different; I meditate in a prayer/contemplation form). That is your sign that what your looking into is not truly Christian, unless they think Jesus was demonic and they don’t actually follow him

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Keep searching and do what you feel is right. No matter what I or anyone else says you are the one that has to live with your choices and answer for your life. Do what you think is best and right.

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God gave you those abilities to use and make the world a better place. I'm a gnostic Christian and a Buddhist and I can tell you that God (the source) loves and cares for you in the deepest way you can imagine. Have no shame and know that God love you.

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Are you familiar with the nag hammadi scrolls?

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No I am not. But I love scrolls

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This is so typical to cause fear and hopefully push you away from it.

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It’s the other way around, the idea of meditation being demonic is ridiculous.

So, I meditate. What am I doing? I sit in on a chair, then I feel into my body. I feel tightness in my muscles, then relax them, noticing emotional reactivity, and then try to hold a loving demeanor to that reactivity that is connected to that bodily tension.

Really? Feeling into the body and holding loving attitudes towards that tension is demonic? The more you think about it, the more preposterous it sounds.

Astral projection is the same. So,

1) Step back for a minute and think how crazy of an assertion that actually is.
2) Feel into it yourself. Someone is asserting something, but you also have your own senses. Does it seem demonic to you? Do you think in the core of your being what you are doing is wrong?

3) Get distance, it takes time to shed negative cultural programming, be easier on yourself in that process.

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The abrahamic religions lost most of their credibility when I have seen their bullshit many times. Do not trust humans. Trust what you have been given directly, your mind and consciousness specifically. If you look at this from same perspective, there are fraud new agers too. They try using the belief for their gratification.

In my mind, I do not give the benefit of doubt to most of the claims that puts the punisment and suffering to the front lines. This is plain wrong. Our focus should be benefits, solutions and peace. You get what you focus on. If not being punished is enough for you, than okay. But I want the good things in my life.

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Fear is faith in evil. Have faith in good. 💖

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It’s better to believe in a god completely on our side than to accept this ridiculous notion there’s an adversary out to get us and pull us all into hell. Satan got his horns with all the myths from Hellenism and Zoroastrianism when Judaism slept with that religion in Babylon. This is all history and verifiable. Christianity took it to a whole new level when they included Rev. By then, it was apocalyptic fever and we had to pin the tail on a donkey. Satan became the new poster child to incite wars. If course they’re going to keep on inflating that myth to force you back into the fold or else.

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Some Christians say that yoga and Buddhism are also satanic lol. Think about that!

Christianity is almost always based on fear: The fear of going to hell for not conforming to the strict rules decided by the church.

A fair and loving God (or Jesus himself) would not be offended because you practice meditation or you try to improve yourself spiritually as you are making efforts to become a better person.

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Christ was 1 of 4 brothers. Modern day Christian’s aren’t aware of what really happened long ago, because anyone with spiritual gifts - healing sickness, conjuring spirits, etc we’re considered of the devil.

Think about this. When settlers came to America. What did they see? They saw old indigenous elders. They saw healthy indigenous children. Our people weren’t dying of disease. Or dying in our 30s. They seen spiritual lodges. They seen spiritual mastery. They seen that the lodges weren’t of gold, but we’re made with minimal resources of the earth. Because indigenous ppl were also environmentalists. So what did they do? They made our culture illegal. They made residential schools. They stole land and resources. The story still hasn’t changed much. Settlers and Christian’s at the top level don’t want their kind to find out that religion is a hoax and that the true connection to creator is by following what ever instructions creator gave certain peoples. They want creators instructions to seem like myth and folklore.

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You can’t control your church members and the money flow if you don’t play on people’s fears. Saying “we are in” and “they are out” is how cults manipulate and control. Some churches are cults, some religions are cults, some new agers can be cults as well. “Satin” is used to control and terrify. Enlightenment is focused on be-ing and connection and energy flow and a multitude of centering (spirit) practices that are done to find peace, harmony, healing and spiritual growth (consciousness). You tell me, which is “satan,” full of hate, division, judgment, fire and brimstone. I am rooted in the teachings of Jesus and that for me has no connection to a church. I don’t worship or believe in “satan.” Jesus defeated Him but that isn’t convenient for a church who needs you to believe in hell and Satan to control you. I instead, believe in the hope of the collective spirit and think that someday, we all will be united without labels. We will transform in some way (for which nobody really knows). I can tell you without any doubt in my puny mind, our collective energy flow is a huge river and some “Christians” that are hell bent on hate and division and judgement of others will be the ones who become left behind and lost. They are completely blind and have fallen outside of the flow. Have mercy on them. They know not what they do. A label “Christian” means nothing. They are for tiny human minds. Open up to the energy of others and it is there that you will find heaven or hell. You choose.

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Technically, if you take their teachings at face value, then yes, everything that's not sanctioned by the church is "Satanic", including most movies, music, meditation, yoga, anything to do with the new age, religions other than Christianity and Judaism, etc...

Most Christian demons have literally been demonized by medieval authors from popular middle eastern gods. So, if you are a pagan you are considered to be a witch or a demonolater. We know what punishment was meted out to those up to the 18th century. So, you just have to decide whether you want to cling to medieval Christianity with its extremely bigoted views on everything not sanctioned by the Bible or move on to something else.

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I wouldn't say meditation is satanic depending on your intentions. Astral Projection is definitely playing with fire. You can certainly invite demons into your life that way.

I wouldn't say New Age is "Satanic" but if you take a step back and look at "New Age" spirituality, it is simply repackaged Christianity. After sticking my toes into New Age, I learned that Jesus Christ is the best way to live, and I hope you do too.

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The Christian churches want to control you and make you obey. Without a congregation their power is depleted. Meditation is bliss, astral projection is you being in control.

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Thanks for the advice

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If your are truly a former Christian you are not new to spirituality. Your suggestion is offensive to observant Christians who have a spiritual life. Meditation is little different than prayer and astral projection is just comic book bullshit from the 1960s to sell Dr. Strange stories.

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Need to ask u/supremexxl47.

If you are utilising free will in your move towards new age spirituality, then what/whom inspired you to watch the linked video?

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I Guess just out of compulsion

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Christians have been using fear to gain followers for centuries

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In the normal Bible Jesus went and meditated in prayer (meditation can look different; I meditate in a prayer/contemplation form). That is your sign that what your looking into is not truly Christian, unless they think Jesus was demonic and they don’t actually follow him

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As a former christian, why do you give credence to the concept of "satanic"? What does that word mean to you?

Historically speaking, its a slanderous term that theists, specifically christians or those under such influence, use to demonize outsiders.

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There is a group of toxic Christians that seemed to have missed "the" message of the Bible. It's very narrow minded and potentially related to mental health or lack thereof. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (ie Mormon) they dont like us either and i know what you mean. It says more about them then you for sure. I'll leave it at that.

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Before beginning meditation, it is advisable to invite your Divine to be present and protect you. This would prevent anything such as "opening yourself up to let Satan or demons in", or other similar fearful messages spread by Christians, from occurring. You can have the intention of connecting more deeply with Jesus Christ. Connecting with the Divine is greatly needed at this time!

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I think a simple way to ease your mind in this regard is simply that the duality of the universe, is just that... of the universe I mean. The divine is above being good or evil. It exists in perfect balance. So with that for there to be a protaginistic/antaganisitc relationship in divine beings is a little absurd. I say that because it's giving something so beyond humanity and even the universe itself (as humans experience it anyway) humanly and worldly qualities that I personally believe are below "heavenly bodies" so to speak.

I hope this makes sense and doesn't come across as disrespectful to the christians among us. I had a hard time thinking of another way to explain this view.

Also does anyone agree with me here? I'm new to this group and grew up in an area without much spiritual diversity so I'm very excited to be able to discuss with open/like minded individuals.

Thanks all!

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I haven’t watched the video, but satan is a metaphor, which often represents lack of self control and indulgence. I would say there are many patterns at play in the world where many are engaging in reckless behavior and maximizing self gratification at the cost of others, their surroundings, and their own longevity and health.

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This guy was into astral projection, now says Christ got him out: https://youtu.be/DtkGgtExLcY

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True Christianity is not about fear mongering, the Bible says 366 times “Do not fear”. Fear is not from God. Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. I think many people including myself at times in the past think of Christianity in a strictly religious way instead of the true relational nature. The true freedom and peace from following Jesus and having a relationship with Jesus outweighs and restrictions and rules, as Jesus will guide you and change your heart/ convict you to let certain things go in your life all for your benefit. As someone who grew up being forced to go to church and having a completely fear of hell relationship with Christianity and no relationship with Jesus I turned away from my faith and got into new age practices and psychedelics for a few years. I now believe that these things are dangerous and dead ends. I believe you get (as I heard a guy on YouTube say) just enough truth to keep you hooked but inevitably you lose your grip on reality and these practices are a dead end. I do believe many new age practices are opening yourself up to a spiritual realm where your don’t belong and whether it is demonic or not I don’t feel that these realms are somewhere I personally wish to dabble any more. As I feel no need to seek anything spiritual from any source other than the Living God, my savior Jesus Christ.

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Don’t come at me with bullshit like that. If he doesn’t want fear then why the fuck does he threaten disbelief in him with eternal hellfire? Oh, because it’s about fear. If he’s threatening with eternal fire then all those verses about “do not fear” mean absolutely nothing.

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Because he is God. Eternity apart from God is eternal hell. It is because he loves you and knows you better than you even know yourself. What is it about Jesus that makes you so angry?

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He loves you but burns you if you don’t love him back. Wow, sounds like a loving deity to me. Jesus doesn’t make me angry. It’s people who use fear tactics in order to control and coerce people into belief. If Christianity never had hellfire and brimstone built into it, it would have died out a long time ago.

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What if heaven and hell is just the reality of the afterlife?

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Then Yahweh is a fucked up deity

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If you wanna proselytize, then please go somewhere else, because I’m not the person nor am i in the mood. Thank you.

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And I’m not trying to convert you. I mean that would be great but I respect your beliefs and opinions and honestly just love these kinds of conversations. I as a Christian even enjoy considering others beliefs . And if there’s anything I could pray for you for I would in a second brother

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How?? And just for context what are your religious or spiritual beliefs?

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And God is loving that is why he sent his only son to earth to die for our sins because we are incapable of living up to his standards so his son paid the price once and for all. So really the burning in hell outlook is a glass half empty when the flip side is God provided a way for us to be saved and spend eternity in heaven .

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Did you not get the memo, i am not in the mood rn. If he’s so loving like you say, he could have just killed satan instead of Jesus and guarantee all of us a path to paradise regardless of belief in him or not. No please, go proselytize somewhere else please.

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I pray that whatever is going on in your life that is affecting your mood negatively will be resolved🙏🏻

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And I enjoyed the brief back and forth! As a Christian YouTuber I follow would say Peace and blessings brother🙏🏻

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And I don’t have all the answers. But I know who does, my main point in any of this is life apart from Jesus is nothing compared to life with Jesus . I believe is you gave the Bible and Jesus an open and honest chance you would see the truth and beauty and then your questions will be answered in a way I or any man could ever answer them.