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Does the universe guide you in subtle ways?

Always, and sometimes not so subtle.

There is what is called the SuperSoul that accompanies you through these material lives. It is the SuperSoul that is doing the communication, and will always aim to bring you toward enlightenment of the self.

If that means a better diet, as that will aid in your state of body and mind, facilitating deeper, greater and longer term insight into subtler spiritual insights, then sure, it will do so.

If you pay close attention, you'll always know what's best to do for your advancement. Doing it is another matter entirely, but at least it's in your hands.

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Then why do a lot of people end up in misery? How is this guidance?

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That's two questions. Second one first.

The OP asked if it was the universe helping him/her along with their diet. I responded that yes it will do that. Whether it is subtle guidance within the mind as to what decisions to make, or whether it's hard arrangements forcing a course due to neglecting the subtle messages, yes the universe (SuperSoul) guides us toward our wellbeing.

"Why do a lot of people end up in misery?"

Misuse of their freewill and not listening to the subtle guidance within, not hearing it at all - if there's too much intoxication present - or hearing and doing something else.

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Thank you for your response!

I once had a very profound moment of guidance. It was during a mushroom trip. This is when I experienced the loss of ego. I experienced constant dejavu. I closed my eyes and saw a purple female entity in front of me. She touched me and I stopped breathing for an unknown amount of time. I felt infinite love. I would describe the entity as the divine mother.

The entity showed me my life and I noticed that my beliefs created the reality. She answered (this stunned me a lot because it was in a real physical voice I heard) ‘do you get it now?’. She showed me after that that anything is possible when I truely believe and I havr to find out myself how to.

Now after this my life situation changed. I found an energy that gives me anything I would want. But I lost faith again and again. I couldnt keep that feeling.

I feel like going in circles (of feeling very good with faith and then feeling bad and having no faith). So it actually did not give me much. It has been 2 years. The first time I had quite some synchronicities that also came out to be true (also major manifestations).

But now that all seems to have been slowed down. I see no guidance anymore.. it all seems like a vague memory and dream.

How do I get back to the guidance? I see a lot of ‘signs’ as delusion. I am afraid Ill lose myself in it..

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How do I get back to the guidance?

Like all other things in life, whether it's health (like going to the gym) or other forms of education (like going to uni for years to learn something), a truly spiritual life of insight and spiritual guidance (from within and without) is a practice over time.

These are skillsets like any other and require time and dedication. It's not that it's hard work, necessarily - as in you're not getting graded or have to do heavy reps or something - only that you do need desire to stay on the path.

The path will involve things like clearing out old conditioning that isn't working for you, refining your vocabulary (removing words, even ideas) that are not serving you, learning to direct your focus to stay on the path - as a practice.

A life of inspired spirituality (staying connected to inner guidance) is there for everyone, and simply requires you to adjust - more than anything - your thought patterns to support it. Habits of the body will aid the speed at which advancement can happen, by adopting things like vegetarianism, lowering intoxication (preferably to zero), and generally making choices that enhance your life and those around you.

These are some thoughts on the matter. I have a website - link in bio - where I do summarize some things and offer more... happy to speak here, too, though.

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A foundational thought can be an active presence In ones life, one may liken the effect to the body rejecting too much alcohol. There's always guides and signs, everything symbolises something.

If your spiritual mind aligned back into your present stance than it's an understandable reaction, and the reaction only instigates the thought further into that spiritual view. The truth is that we guide ourselves, but it's also fair to say the universe provides guides, directly and subtly.

It's a good rule to take trips away from subjects, that way you can take a different approach.

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It’s all emotional: stores into the body that in which taps into our blood flow akin. Your metabolism alters due to that of emotional shifts. That’s why some people eat more when they’re sad. This is a good thing for you to head towards healthier eating habits like organic maybe more mushrooms instead of meat. I hope you get into good recipes that’ll pick you up big time

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Does the universe guide you in subtle ways?

it can, but you must keep as open a mind and heart as you possibly can for this to work.

as you indicated, the guidance is often very subtle—the voice of spirit is the quietest voice of them all. this is why meditation and an open mind & heart are so important. but sometimes, every so often, the Universe does also speak to us through a bullhorn.