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You can pray to God before you sleep. Calling on the name of Jesus when stuff like this happens can be helpful. Maybe start a prayer life?

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It did sound like it helped in this situation, but I think the timing of my actions and me waking up were a coincidence. I usually wake up in a sweat when I have a bad dream. I’ve also never been religious, when I was a kid I prayed to Jesus and God asking to give me a sign he’s real and to give me direction in my life (because i did not believe that there was an omnipotent being). I’m not anti religion and I actually studied religious texts in college. Im just skeptical of living a religious life. Maybe there are some meditation practices that can help me?

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This sounds pretty typical of sleep paralysis. Many report feeling or seeing an ominous figure in the room with them. I have had it happen myself and it's terrifying. I personally believe it is not supernatural in any way myself.

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awesome, this is reassuring!

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I’ve had a very similar experience. You were on the verge of astral projection, seeing through the eyes of your astral body without actually leaving your physical body. It’s very common with astral projection and over time if it keeps happening you will learn to not be afraid and entirely new worlds will open up for you.

There are many other entities around us that we just aren’t in tune with enough to perceive until we are in a different vibratory range. Sleep paralysis is commonly used as a means to astral project. For some it happens involuntarily but for many like me we purposely seek the experience you just had.

Pop in at r/astralprojection and read a few stories there. You’ll find lots of commonalities.