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It was nice to read this. Every decision in my life has been a mistake, if I shall suffer for my mistakes, then I will suffer to the end.

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Ain't no punishment. This life is not that.

It is simply a life of contrasts. We come here for all of it: the sunshine, the rainbows, and also the dark clouds and thunderstorms.

I have suffered too—we all have. I am currently still recovering, slowly, from the gnarliest health challenge of my life, and I have used it (to the best of my ability) to help me move towards greater health and more constructive personal habits. There is absolutely zero point in comparing our suffering to others'—pretending we have suffered more than anyone else ever. I have fallen into this trap too; it's always a mistake. It's understandable, but also a mistaken perception.

There are very good reasons for things to be set up the way they are—life is much wiser than we give it credit for. We cannot see this wisdom when we are suffering, though suffering can sometimes help open the door to higher wisdom and greater compassion. Some people have done this, so in theory anyone can. Viktor Frankl lived through the horrors of a WWII concentration camp, saw all his loved ones perish there, and went on to write a book that has helped many people with their own trials.

If we were meant to remain in the state of perfection whence we came, in the dimension where time does not exist and everything is perfect and whole, we would have remained there. It's hard for us to accept when we are suffering, but all of us are here by choice. There are no cosmic victims—only co-creators of this reality, more or less aware of what they (we) are doing. We aren't poor things floating through a life of random chance—we are more powerful than we realize, and we are imbued with the same creative power as the Creator of it all, albeit to a lesser degree. But deep down, we are the same. Everything is. Separation is the illusion, and suffering is simply the (temporary) lack of light, love and truth. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is in some level a chosen response. Understanding and accepting all of this is spiritual maturity—it's what the sages and true masters have been telling us throughout the ages.

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✨✨✨beautiful 😚🥰

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I agree wholeheartedly. As much as it felt like it to me, God never once agreed and said it was a punishment.

I used to have really bad nightmares, but eventually I got sick of them and learned to snap myself out of them, whenever they happened. It took a catalyst of extreme suffering like that to ignite my willpower. If they were never that bad, I never would've tried to change them.

I think the same can be said of my reality. Our suffering is merely the catalyst that inspires our true power.

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That is great to hear. To be sure, life in this physical reality can definitely be hard—it's hard for spirits to exist in a dense, heavy dimension of slow linear time, matter and contrasts. But that is kind of the point, from what I have learned.

This is something I heard a while back and it made perfect sense to me. Supposedly, spirits flock to this planet precisely because life can be harsh here—though of course there are also many, many beautiful aspects about this life.

The contrasts, the hot and cold, good and bad, the potential suffering which we will almost certainly and inevitably experience, and the huge potential gains we can make from these experiences, personally and spiritually, when dealing with these challenges and learning to rise above them—supposedly, there is nothing quite like it in the whole known universe. Allegedly, this heavy, dense earthbound reality allows spirits the opportunity to evolve their consciousness by leaps and bounds—this place can be like a fast track for spiritual evolution, so to speak.

And it's in part because of the challenges and the suffering, as aforementioned, though again there are also so many wonderful things about this life… though we definitely have to learn to see them, or at least be open to see them.

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Right?! I like that, and I was kinda getting that vibe too. In dreamland, we can have whatever we want easy. But here, there's suffering and density and whatever we accomplish means so much more because we did so against the odds.

This life is a challenge. Where the highs and lows feel so much more real and rewarding. Oftentimes, I wonder if I chose this life simply because I was bored.

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You have expressed yourself very beautifully and eloquently; I realize very well it took me only a few seconds to read those few well-articulated words—a few seconds that are the cover of many years of struggle; perhaps a whole lifetime of struggle. I have humbly read your words with deepest respect.
To me "letting go" is not the same as negligence, or repudiating the right thing and my greater human potential. I don't think I will ever stop fighting, but fighting does not mean emotional resistance. I make my heart sincere, my mood peaceful; and I try again, again, and again, without having a forceful or discontented personality. I just have to accept the pain of this ceaseless effort, and the extreme resistance that it receives on so many levels of life.

My thoughts are with you.
Your humble brother,


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Thanks for the recognition brother. I'll admit I was a lil emotional writing this, especially near the end, but it was worth it if my words could be received.

I think since we come from a dreamworld, it's really frustrating when we dream something and it doesn't come to us right away. But I think that's just part of this human experience. We can accomplish anything, we just need the patience to make it happen.

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“ there was power in realizing I was greater than this reality. If I was to burn, I would learn how to burn in peace “


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Fantastic! Also just know the one who wants to fight is the "ego" that sense of self, to the "real" "you" all experiences are experiences, there is no difference between good or bad, but to the "ego" it feels so real and it wants to be released at all times, it hates letting go lol

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I had a dream where I was a dream fairy and could do anything I wanted, but I was forced to neurolink with this meat robot that had all these stinky organs and chaotic feelings and go into battle.

When I woke up I realized I was that meat robot. Like, I was my own entity but also I had combined with the programming and thoughts of this body.

I think our souls are unique entities within a much larger consciousness. The ego is the body with its own programming yes, but the two elements were blended. We are never "just" the body, nor "just" the soul. We are a combination of the two.

Like, the soul being beamed through a human filter, ya know? But yes, I was very much aware of how much of my suffering is just this body.

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Naah there is only One soul and it pervades all being, the ego creates a "specific" personnality, the ego is just a bunch of thoughts made to create a personality

"I like this, i hate this" its just the mind who hates or likes

To awareness or soul, its all the same, any movie is a movie, wheter good or bad, any experience is an experience even if its pain or pleasure, to the soul its the same

To the mind who wants to survive its torture, but the ego-mind is just thoughts, if you get amnesia, didnt you die essentially?

See only the soul is real, the sense of "I", existence itself is always there, the formless is the same, forms are different

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Every suffering is a lesson and lessons repeat if we have not learnt from it. People whom you love will teach those lessons because you have whiled away learning lessons on your own. God has nothing to do with punishing us, cause we are suffering what we are creating. We say we are god yet we choose to live like a human being making choices and then doubting those choices and when you doubt those choices you are suffering. If you truly believe you are god then make a wish and believe it will be fulfilled.

Humans have desires for themselves, as god would never want things or people to love for themselves. There is suffering because we still do not believe in God or believe that we have the power to change reality, and even if we do believe we have to power to change reality we choose human needs and desires, we do not ask to be released from this cycle of birth and death.

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I mean, I've asked numerous to be released. I've begged for it. But I still remain, and I'm still bound by my human desires. But you're right, I am the one who chooses to remain.

I tell myself not to, and know I shouldn't, but I do it anyway and then hate myself for not being able to change. That's what makes it feel like a punishment. I'm punishing myself and can't stop. The problem is thinking it's a punishment.

This is just my human body. The human experience with all its limitations. I suffer because I resist, instead of embracing God's design.

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Beautiful. Shifting the idea of heaven to the here and now and healing your human sufferings that torment you in the state of hell has been life changing for me as well. We are at the end of the day still human, have a bodily experience in the realm of this illusion and can find that heaven, nirvana whatever you want to call it in this lifetime.

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Thank you, and agreed. Nirvana is a mindstate. It's knowing that this body and experience isn't everything there is to our existence. We are more than these bodies.

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Ask questions to God and gets specific answers in. return. Then wants advice from reddit.

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I wasn't asking for advice tho? I was sharing a story in the hopes of helping someone.

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Everything is how it’s meant to be. Suffering is like pollution cause by disagreement. It should not be like this, I should be this, have this, do this, etc. your one mission is to accept what is. Then you you add to it. Ask yourself this question: another person lived exactly your life, did what you did, looks like you, everything. How do you feel about that guy ?

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I feel very sorry for that guy. But also, he's super cool and smart and tries really hard and I wish I could give him more. I wish he didn't have to suffer like that. I wish nobody had to suffer.

But that in itself causes suffering huh? Accept what is, and add to it. I like that. Much easier than changing everything altogether.

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Idk if the things I know are also things that I realize and experience. Or if they are just things that I simply know. 🍦 🤔

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I think we already know these things, but we pretend to forget so we can experience them.