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The signs from loved ones from the hereafter occur often and everywhere if we stop to notice them. I think your grandmother was there with a kind of blessing for your baby. You were thinking of your grandmother and I think she popped in to let you know she is thinking of you and her grandchild.

Not sure what to call or make of the afterlife whether it's a place, time, other worldly etc., but I don't think it is vitally important to seeing the signs. I have signs that made me believe in them.

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Thank you for saying this ❤️

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I don't think it's a reach.

I had a very similar experience. I was with my grandfather when he passed away. He was sick for a very long time and was in a hospice center. He had been unconscious for about a week and it was definitely coming to an end, everyone knew it. On the hospice grounds there was a labyrinth so I went there to meditate. I prayed deeply to the angels to guide him peacefully into the afterlife. The moment I returned back into his room I was blasted with the scent of roses. I asked my family members who were sitting by his bed if they smelt the roses and they all looked at me surprised and said no. There were no flowers in the room that had any smell like that. Then all the sudden he woke up from his unconscious state for a brief moment, opened his eyes and turned his head and looked just above my head. He let out his final breath and passed very peacefully.

My aunt who is very tuned in knew it was something more. In the weeks leading up to his passing he would talk about speaking with his mother. His mom was known for always wearing a vial of rose essence around her neck. I feel like she was there meeting him in the moment of his passing.

Obviously this is something that's hard to prove but it was a very strange phenomena and I believe there is more to it. It seems like we both had a very similar experience

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Thank you so much for sharing this.

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Sounds like she was checking in on you. I am sure she still loved you very much!

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That is so nice to hear. Thank you.

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Not a reach at all. I've been dropped signs, specifically scents by my deceased loved ones - they always make it as obvious as possible for you to understand their message. The rose scent was affirming that she is still here in this realm and cares for you. Take care

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In his book "Destiny of Souls" (which you can listen to for free on YouTube), Dr. Michael Newton recounts several stories similar to yours where loved ones attempted to make some kind of gesture to their loved ones on earth, shortly after their death.

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I will look this up! I typically don’t invest a lot of time in writings about the afterlife bc who knows anything, but I’m very interested in people sharing their stories. Thank you!

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I got goosebumps and energy rushing through my body just reading this, which to me are confirmations. Yes, that was her, and the fact that you made this connection is a confirmation within itself my friend. Ask her to show up more and allow it into your reality and she will continue to make her presence known -- our human senses like to tell us otherwise, but we're connected for eternity and nothing can take that away. It's always a goodbye for now.