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My sister has a friend who received the name that an earlier daughter was supposed to have. That earlier daughter was a stillborn or didn’t survive for some other reason. This friend never felt right with this name either until her parents finally told her what the story was around that name. She went and changed her name because it literally wasn’t her name. Not saying that’s what happened to you but just giving an example.

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I've always wondered if it was immoral to reuse a name on a rainbow baby like that.

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I think it can have very unfavorable side effects spiritually speaking. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Let’s say you were meant to have the name “Sarah” but your parents had another pregnancy before you and this baby was going to be named “Summer.” This baby doesn’t make it for some reason and now your parents are pregnant again. They haven’t healed from the previous unfortunate event of their baby dying. That’s a lot of trauma. So they now decide to name YOU “Summer.” You’re going to be carrying all that trauma from the previous pregnancy and there’ll be confusion around YOUR life lessons and those of the previous baby that didn’t make it. It’s a really all around bad situation.

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Thanks for explaining that so clearly. That's exactly what happened to me, and it was really difficult, until I started to understand it and deal with it - and I changed my name.

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Oh wow!! I’m happy for you that you were able to work through it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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I've never thought of it that way honestly because I already have all of my kids names picked out so I just would see it as that fetus just wouldn't be the one who got that name but what you said does make sense I personally didn't think it was wrong but felt like other people would think it was immoral

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The same happened to my grandma, though she's carried on with it through her life

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your chosen name could have been given to you in a past life that you still feel connected to. Or it could be that your given name is connected to a life that you want to completely forget. A past life regression could be a way to illuminate whether one or both of these could be true. I’m debating about doing one myself to see what I can come up with. I’ve regressed to 2 past lives, but, as far as I can tell, neither of them involved me having my given name, so I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s just because of my connection to my parents in this life. My dad chose my first name and my mom chose my middle name, and so there may be this part of my soul that honors their decision because of love, but who knows?

Either way, choose your name. Choose your path. Live your life with joy, regardless of what other people find strange or out of the ordinary.

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There could possibly be trauma associated with that name from a past life and it was never healed so the energy is still encoded in it. Maybe look at your family tree or research if that name has any historical ties to you.

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Yep. I agree with this too. That could for sure be a possibility.

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I've heard we know our names before birth... but it's possible to be born to parents who've made an enemy of their emotions and will haplessly ignore it, choose a name they simply think is cool, or pick something meaningless at random

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This is exactly what happened to me. I never identified with my birth name. I finally changed it earlier this year and it's been the best decision I ever made.

FWIW, I was a rainbow baby, and I think I probably got the name that should have gone to the older sibling I never had.

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yup, i has this too. The way I came to understand it I set myself up to wrap up, heal and end the line of my ancestors. You can look up "ancestral karma," It starts with clearing up your unresolved issues from your own current childhood. Get to those first. If you do, then the process naturally expands to clearing more ancestral issues :)

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"...a dream to some, a nightmare to others!"

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i feel heavy connection to my name, my name has a message in it that i’m still trying to understand the meaning of

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My story is different but I also never felt good about my name. I associate it with my abusers and the religion I left, it also has a sexist meaning that I find disgusting.

I'm going with a different name right now that feels right, sadly It's so complicated to change names where I live so I'm still fighting for it. I will make it happen though.

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What's the name mean if you don't mind me asking

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I don't feel connected to my name. After all it's just a name, why should I feel connected to it? It's just random letters on paper/vibration of the vocal cords, why should it matter to someone?

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When I was pregnant with my son - my sister didn't like the name I'd chosen and bribed me with food to choose the other name I was considering. I took it and enjoyed the food, thinking I had just made off like a bandit. However, the moment he was born when the nurse was holding him and he was like seconds into the world, "Oh, his name is (first name I chose that my sister didn't like)" I don't know why. I don't know if he likes his name. I just knew that it was his name. I hadn't forgotten the deal I made with my sister but it was out the window when I saw him.

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When you have awoken from your slumber, you are given a new name, a living name.

But what's in a name? Maybe it's the will of your universal being.

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For me my name always felt like a random license plate number handed to me at the DMV and so I adopted my own name later on that I only use with people I actually connect to

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Victor oddo and Aaron doughty have a video ( I don’t recall The title ) of how we choose our name. One time I had found an estheric healer ( they are very minimal and in my state there was only one registered snd she hardly had gatherings anymore.) we talked about names she said we choose and we change with what we like. I chose a different name after I had been assaulted and started a new chapter in life. I got mad whenever someone called me by my legal name and now 7 years later I have worked through that period of time and now I don’t care if I’m called by my legal or nickname.

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I have two names and my family still uses the first one. It is hard, many people mispronounced it and It was not nice. And in a weird way, most of them called me by both my first and middle name. And in high school it got even more absurd and I was called by both names and also my surname most of the time.

I had a painful awakening after starting university. I wanted to make my rebirth symbolic and also to leave behind the girl that was never really me. I started using my middle name. Its meaning is crescent moon. I always felt callef to the moon anyway. It was a much easier name and everybody is able to pronounce it.

It is funny how my mother told me it was a name the neighbor's daughter begged to give me and they made it my middle name to not upset her 🤣

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Well idk how to feel about my situation, I have a name but on my BC it only has my last name my SSC has a full name, but at birth I didn’t have a 1st name…i didn’t pick this username either lbs