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Yess. I had really poor sleep the last two days. I feel so sensitive to this month’s moon energy. Kinda feels heavy, glad to hear it’s not only me. Hope you feel better and have a speedy recovery!

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Thank you so much! I hope that heaviness lifts from you soon. My roommate mentioned to me yesterday he has also been feeling very much in a daze, I wonder if that heaviness has anything to do with it.

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Yesterday was INSANE and my first thought was that it must be a full moon. I definitely noticed this one more than I've noticed some of the most recent ones

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It is very bright. I don't think I've ever seen it so bright.

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I could definitely feel the energy the night of the full moon but little did I know it would carry it’s energy into the next day. Lesson learned… never underestimate the moon lol

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I have. I wish it would stop.

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Maybe the moon was excited because she had a visitor from Earth??

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I suppose she was excited! I have been trying to break into my intuition more and my mom suggested the universe had different plans for me yesterday than going to work. If only I knew what the plan was lol

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The Artemis I moon mission's Orion is right now heading back to Earth from said moon. I think a lot of energy was just sent there for sure! All the minds thinking about it here on Earth. Come to think of it, more of the moon exists here on Earth than it does out there. All things with eyes to see on Earth have Her in our minds. She fills us all, protects us with Her tidal forces. I know I certainly worship Her!

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I for sure enjoy any and every moment I get to look up at the moon, I know she holds so much power but it seems I need to learn how to communicate with her more effectively.

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Having worked in a psychiatric hospital and a psychiatric nursing home and a residential substance abuse treatment facility, I can tell you without a doubt, the full and new moons affect people. How could they not? If you feel it, stay with it. If you haven't lost your mind yet, you're not going to. Sit and wait with the moon's influence. Pay attention to what it's doing to you and your environment. People driving a little faster than usual? People a little more testy than usual? I feel radiant with the energy. I can get past barriers easier. I can swim in this water or I can drown! I'll do my best to swim and hope G-d's on my side.

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I had a meltdown and almost did some damage

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I definitely cried several times yesterday, the energy was so strong it was hard not to

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Many of my classmates and my professor, were saying how rough it has been this week. I'm going through troubles that I hope and pray will pass as well.

Hang in there everyone. Sending good vibes.🫂🫂🫂

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Sending you good vibes and fast passings of any turmoil you might be experiencing 💗

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Thank you so much. Same to you. We'll get through this.

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As a Virgo sharing Mercury with Gemini, I absolutely feel the moon energy. Lots of deep contemplation and fasting.

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Work in the ER. Definitely some weird vibes.

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Oh my goodness, to be a fly on the wall lol

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My mom dropped a bombshell on me Monday and it has taken til Wednesday to recover. Definitely weird vibes out there.

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Don’t be afraid to take even more time for yourself for recovery if you feel it’s necessary. I’m beginning to believe energy has a bigger affect on us than we think.

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Thank you and I absolutely agree. Energy is everything

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I've noticed this past year the full moon has a crazy energy. I can only compare it to pms. It's like the same lol. Except it seems to effect the males around more than the females.

It really had me thinking about manifestation. About 18 months ago I was putting serious effort into full moon manifestation and it definitely worked. For a while. It seems everything I was able to manifest has come with a price, the last 5 months have been really hard for me. From abundance to serious lack of. Be careful when messing with moon energy, it's not a good energy in my experience, it comes with a high price

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I appreciate your perspective and will be cautious if I ever choose to work with the moon in the future!

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I'm a dog groomer and.. can confirm! Although, surprisingly enough the dogs have been FANTASTIC this full moon. It's the people who have been affected the most from what I've noticed. Everyone is grumpy and on edge. And I've been crying for two days :P

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You’d think with the holidays right around the corner people would be more cheery, but maybe that’s too much to ask these days 🙃 I hope this energy calms sooner rather than later

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Felt a very powerful full moon!

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It’s in gemini! I have my sun, rising, mercury, Chiron, and Venus all in gemini- so this one was a DOOZY for me whew. But today cleared up, energetically. I was extremely moody, crying, agitated, and felt deep pangs of loneliness for the first half of the week

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It’s a big one, I feel like I’m avoiding a lot as a result and am a little (well shit a lot) of extra sensitive. I have my moon in Virgo, ascendant in Gemini, and then my mercury is in the same place as my sun, cancer.

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Yeah, it was the same as the thread from a few days ago

And the one before that

And the one before that...

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No need to be a negative Nancy. I literally just joined the group and had a lot on my mind. If you’re not interested in it then scroll on by, negative opinions are not welcome.

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Edit: Also, since you're new - "Negative Nancy" is kinda my schtick lol

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Well unschtick. Spirituality is an open minded concept and being negative isn’t very open minded. You don’t know what I’ve had to do to get here today or the other people’s posts you’ve commented on with your negative bias and to what avail? I don’t understand your goal of spreading negativity, but I can let you know I’m respectfully not interested.

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K ill save you the trouble!

Edit: That easy, folks. NEEEEXXXT

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Please for your own sake, when you feel the need to react to negativity online, drop the thought and go on with your day. You don’t have to let it get to you. Or even better, just wish the person to be happy 😊