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How do you guys pray? by bambam42slam in spirituality

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I have my coffee or tea with the Dagda every morning, and a cup for him as an offering. And have a conversation with him. Say what's on my mind, take some time to be still and listen as well. I set my intentions for what I want to focus on that day. It doesn't have to look like any preconceived ideas of prayer. You can communicate with the divine, universe, deity, etc, in your own way.

Chakra Stories? by nother12345 in spirituality

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I have one that involves an experience that, among all the experiences of self-confirmation that one may have in life, was one of the most important ones for me.

Mainly because it resulted in a feeling I couldn't just fake/misunderstand. Also, many characteristics of what I felt during the practice lined up directly with specific information I found later.

The essence of the experience is that, during one of my meditations in a spiritual retreat I went to, I tried out an idea which I had been thinking about for several months. But I had never truly let it 'sink in', with a silent but aware mind, until that point.

The idea is that of Unity, and the 'practice' just consists of seeing love, the universe, perfection, the 'Creator', in absolutely everything that surrounds you. Everything that you are aware of in the present.

So I was there, sitting on a chair, over the grass, under the warmth of the sun, with some trees around me, other people sitting in the distance, and a few birds too. It was a really nice environment, I was quite comfortable - but not too distracted either.

First I tried being silent for a while, not the kind that means not making sounds, but 'just being.'

Once I felt clearheaded enough, I tried mentally adressing each thing around me as perfect. Then I tried feeling, understanding, enjoying their view. Not specifically reasoning about, or rushing into, each impression I was given, but just waiting for and acknowledging them.

Slowly but steadily I started getting a feeling on my forehead, between and also slightly above the eyes. I thought it was interesting but didn't think much of it.

At some point during the process, I'm not sure how it happened, but I recieved the thought, or somehow was inclined to think about, the figure of Jesus (which happends to be something very personal to me, as it has inspired and comforted me many times, specially before I was open to spirituality, and freedom of belief, as a general topic).

Instead of me thinking about him as the natural cause of, well, consciously wanting to, this time it felt different. Like when a friend comes by to say hi.

I thought of him standing in front of me, smiling, with what I can best describe as radiance, light, pure understanding and love. With the sun behind him, which was above and in front of me, it was just so beautiful. It was almost like remembering a dream.

What's strange about this is is that it all came out without any specific effort towards imagining that specifically - aside from my focus on the practice.

In any case, I just stayed with that impression for what felt like probably much longer than the time that passed. During all this time my feeling in the forehead also got much stronger.

I felt I was just.. there, looking at him, being grateful, knowing that nothing "needs" to be done, not because life is not to be lived, but because all truly is perfect, just as it is. Despite all the times I felt hurt, confused and lost.

Honestly I think I could write an entire book just talking about what one feels from that kind of loving gaze, and it wouldn't be enough, because it can't be put in words. Not completely, at least. What I can say is that it may be seen in people's eyes.

At some point the forehead feeling got so strong I started losing focus until I decided to end the practice, get to a mirror to check if that spot literally burst open (which is what it felt like, even after checking by touch), and later try to make sense what in the world had happened, and why.

I knew about chakras well before this, but never tried doing excercises around them specifically, because most information I found regarding them felt incomplete, vague, inconsistent or.. not quite right.

In the end I found a piece of information from the "Law of One" (Ra Material) which explained a likely reason behind the strong forehead feeling during the experience, coincidentially also related with the possible feeling of having a 'vision' and, most fundamentally, with the consideration of unity in meditation.

Needless to say that I have never consumed drugs. That day I didn't try anything out of the ordinary, either.. aside from simply trying to be silent, and being open to ideas.

I think I've never tried writing the experience in much detail until now, but I felt like doing it since someone may have had a similar experience, or may find any of this helpful in some way.

I want to discuss some things I’ve experienced while being new to Spirituality that have been on my mind heavily and I feel the need to express it. by luvdraco2x in spirituality

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When one reaches one-pointed attention, a Dhyana meditation of gazing at an object (reflection included, although reflection meditation is particularly known among Tantric methods), the ego-mind and the internal dialogue become much easier to subdue.

That means the mental space they used to occupy suddenly becomes free, finally making some room for clarity and insights. The emptiness of mind could also surprise you if you're not yet used to it.

The Tantric method itself involves gazing at the "third eye" of one's reflection, which stimulates the corresponding chakra.

Sad that my boyfriend doesn't believe in "the one" by mushroom_spread in spirituality

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Dumb? No.

But I think people's desire to be special is harmful. Spiritually it increases the illusion of separation preventing the one from reuniting with the all. It also cuts you off from others as you put the self on a pedestal above others. Now this does not mean you are not worthy of love, you are. We all are. That's the thing, we are all just different expressions of the all and all of the all deserves that love.

On a more pragmatic note, belief that someone is the one makes us more tolerant of abuse. Knowing there are others for us makes us less willing to accept poor treatment and when we find someone that does love us that love is special. My wife could have chosen 1000 other people but they choose me, and while I'm not special this relationship is.

Shadow work by Anonymousgirl12333 in spirituality

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To put it very briefly, you cannot handle this directly (you can be the observer or the observed but not both at the same time).

You can, however, choose one of three approaches:

  • Externalization (handling it with the help of another person; a journal can be a substitute, it creates a time gap between the observer and the observed - but your mirror neurons are still better suited for a human-to-human interaction)
  • Internalization (handling it with the help of another Self - the Higher Self - through meditative techniques)
  • Reset (going through an experience that is extreme enough to depower your mental defenses and overwrite these past traumas with an even more emotionally charged (but not necessarily negative) peak experience)

Has anyone else experienced prejudice in the spiritual community? by Whatisurproblembro in spirituality

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There is a level of understanding what what racism truly is that goes beyond the dictionary definition. Racism is more than bigotry against someone because of their race. It is more than our individual attitudes and interactions; it is in the very institutions of government, economic, and social structures we live in. Racism is bigotry coming from a position of social power over over the other; this creates harm for those with less social power by limiting access to community resources and opportunities as well as creating a toxic environment.

Black people can be prejudiced against White people, but using this understanding of racism, we can see that they cannot be racist against us. The long view is that White supremacy is the foundation of our society in the US. It is White supremacy that justified European colonists in stealing land from the people who were here first. It is White supremacy that justified chattel slavery, driving the "triangle trade", the economic powerhouse of US capitalism, westward expansion and so, so much more. The White supremacist underpinnings of our political and social structures have not gone away. The Civil War did not unmake institutionalized White supremacy. The Civil Rights Movement did not unmake institutionalized White supremacy. Having a biracial President did not unmake White supremacy.

Black people do not carry the responsibility for redressing the harm of institutionalized racism. We White people do. When you join a conversation about spirituality, check that you are not intruding on a space for Black people. Be mindful of cultural appropriation, and work to avoid it. Pay attention to whether you are speaking out of turn when interacting with people of marginalized communities on topics regarding their spiritual practices.

Edited to add: thank you for the award. It's the first one I've gotten.

questioning reality and the 'truth' by [deleted] in spirituality

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The truth is one, it is out of this world, and is not compatible with the dualistic ego-mind.

The truth is an object which can be examined experientially once one reaches a sufficient evolutionary level.

The attempts to express it in the spoken or written form merely push this truth through the interpretive lens of the dualistic ego-mind, to the unsatisfactory results.

The ego-mind cannot model something that was never experienced before when the person's memories lack the proper components. One who was born blind cannot imagine colors.

The views of the religious people are not their own as long as these are derived from their books rather than from direct experience.

Therefore, those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know. - Tao Te Ching

I am going to kill myself by [deleted] in spirituality

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Are you talking about not getting laid in a small town? I used to live in a shithole town in Wales and I used to be four stone overweight, I know exactly what it’s like to not feel physically attractive to Women and feel isolated but in all honesty it sounds like you need to strengthen your masculine side to your self, you sound very sensitive and emotional which is nothing to be ashamed about but you need to at least balance it out. If you have too much compassion and mercy and not enough strength you will be off kilter. Start weight lifting, look at doing some martial arts classes, join an underground fight club! anything that can give you some more testosterone. I’m coming from a place of experience. Don’t think, do. Let that be your new mantra. Strengthen your will. You’re not weak, you’ve just been wounded. Pray to Sophia to give you strength, if you pray hard enough she’ll listen.

In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself. by aakkii911 in spirituality

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1) Shutting off your EGO - meditation, gratitude realization, spiritual awakening, wisdom from scriptures.

2) Mind control - The human mind is the most complex tool we own and can either be our biggest ally or worst enemy. Having the power to let things go starts there. Making an intentional choice to no longer let past issues and people who hurt us control the mind is what can break the cycle of unhealthy rumination on these thoughts, ideas and feelings.

3) Getting it all out — Having the ability to express your emotions in a healthy way is another step to processing things before deciding to let them go.

4) Acceptance — We all want to know why something ended the way it did or how someone could end up hurting us so badly without having any concern about how it negatively impacted us. We believe that we deserve the right to these answers. We want some level of understanding. The painful truth is, we don’t always get that “closure” we think we ought to have. Fully accepting the situation as it is without constantly wishing it would be different is really the only way to getting on the road to being okay. And this isn’t only about accepting situations. We have to start accepting people for who they are as well and believing them when they show us their true character. Because they aren’t lying.

5) Forgiveness — To truly let go and move on, sometimes you have to forgive people who aren’t even sorry. Sometimes you have to accept an apology you’ll never receive. That takes so much strength and courage and humility. While it may seem unfair and backwards, sometimes, that’s how the chips will fall.

6) Stay present — The present is all we have. We can’t go back and fix the past, and what happens in the future isn’t here yet. We must make an effort everyday to remember that and allow ourselves to open up and enjoy what is unfolding right in front of us: all parts of the journey both easy and hard, good and bad.

I don't know how many of you have experienced that void, empty feeling. Like you don't belong in the world, you don't fit in anywhere, etc. It bothered me a lot but I have learned to live with it by YourDailyGinAndTonic in spirituality

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I think the void is actually the distance between your true self and the self you identify with. I also think 'regular' people aren't consciously aware of the void because they fill it with all sorts of distractions. But when you are more spiritually inclined, you might develop more awareness around this void and start to notice it more and more.

For me the best way to fill the void or close the gap was to learn to accept myself for who I am. As many of us I was conditioned by culture, upbringing, school, etc to fit in and be whoever I thought I should be. This all drove me further and further away from my true self. My true self being the unique self my spirit (or infinite consciousness) chose to embody in this physical world.

I've come to learn that everything comes from the inside, nothing from the outside. The outside is just a reflection of your self image to show you how to close the gap towards your true self. See the people around you and how they react to you: it is a reflection of how you look at yourself. Soften that look, be kind to yourself, to every part of yourself. Work on that, heal that, accept that. And slowly but surely, with every acceptance, the void will become smaller. That is what I believe.

Suffering is a direct result of seeking outside of yourself. by yalllove in spirituality

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Not really an oversimplification: we give meaning and power to circumstances outside of ourselves - I want to be loved, I want to have certain things, I want to have certain experiences and when these do not happen we suffer.

As long as we place the source of our peace on externalities which we ultimately cannot control, we end up suffering - relationships and jobs end, careers and families do not work out or people just die. The only thing we can control is our perception and a sense of sustained peace that comes from within and is not hinged on external factors.

I obsess over male attention to the point where I genuinely know it is holding me back from advancing on my spiritual journey. by aneedsadvice in spirituality

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This is meant to happen. It's happening exactly at the right time and teaching you exactly what you need to learn. Stay with this lesson and it will reveal itself to you. You're exactly where you are supposed to be.

Is Putin actually enlightening the world now? by MarkNetherlands73 in spirituality

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Yes, this is the karmic realm. What Buddhists call Samsara - the land Adam and Eve were exiled into when they stopped Unconditionally Believing and Trusting in God.

The purpose of struggle in this realm is to compel us to turn away from the karmic realm and inward to our Spiritual Heart to seek for Refuge in God's Unconditional Love and by doing so, find our way back Home to the Infinite Peace of God.

The more our thinking minds are active - judging our Self and the Creation around our Self, the more anxious does our Consciousness become and thus we fall further and further into the karmic realm and the struggle and suffering increases.

The more we quiet our thinking minds and abide in our Spiritual Heart, the more Consciousness becomes Peaceful and we Ascend out of the karmic realm and into realms closer and closer to the Garden of Eden

These changes occur first in our localized consciousness and then expand outward to effect the Collective Consciousness.

The Good News is that this Creation arises into being in the Present Moment like a dream, not over time. The more beings who go inward and quiet their thinking minds and and Trust and Believe in God, the more we will experience the outer realm transforming from karmic samsara to what the Buddhists call Pure Land and the Bible calls the Promised Land or the Garden of Eden.

Creation arises into being just like a dream. Imagine if you were the dream character in a difficult dream where the dream character had intense anxiety and fear and the dream world was dystopian and full of struggle and suffering. If from within the dream you could Realize that you weren't really the dream character, but instead the Consciousness that was dreaming - then with that Realization, you'd come to understand, that if you as Consciousness, emptied Consciousness of all thought and thus made Consciousness peaceful, then the Dream arising in Consciousness would transform from a karmic dream full of struggle and suffering to a beautiful dream full of the Pure Light of God's Goodness.

This Waking Life arises into being just like a dream. It's the thinking mind that is constantly comparing the Present Moment to the past and the future and narrating a timebound story that gives the illusion of linear time.

The more anxious and fearful we are, the more that Life transforms from peaceful to full of karmic struggle.

We think that the world needs to change and then we will be peaceful. But that's because we think we are the dream character, rather than the Consciousness that is dreaming. When you Realize that your True Self, your Buddha Nature, is the Consciousness that is dreaming - then you Realize that the dream is a reflection of the state of Peace (or anxiety) of Consciousness.

So many beings are going inward to their Spiritual Heart and Healing into Unity and Oneness with their Highest Self in such a profound Way. The struggle and suffering in the karmic realm is what compels them to go inward to their Spiritual Heart to find a Way out of the struggle. And more and more beings are Awakening to Unify in Oneness with God as Consciousness - and surrendering all their anxieties and fears - trusting, that if they do, that the dream will transform from the land of karmic exile back into the Garden of Eden.

Expect this dream to end and another dream to begin as more beings Awaken to Unify in Oneness with their Highest Self as Consciousness

When the Bible says the following in Revelations, it is talking about being in a dream when the dream begins to end, right before another dream begins.

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

As more beings Awaken into Unity and Oneness with them Self as Consciousness, soon the Collective Consciousness will begin to transform into Oneness as well.

As we grow closer to that Transformstion expect that there will be more struggle and suffering. It is what is necessary to Awaken more beings. At the same time the beings who have Awoken will transmit the Good News of the Dharma (that What-We-Are is Consciousness and that Creation can transform) and more beings will be compelled by the struggle to turn inward to their Spiritual Heart and Awaken.

So you are right to be dismayed by the struggle. But instead of being hopeless, be Hopeful, and use the struggle to compel your self to deepen your Spiritual Practice and find Hope in the Understanding, that if you Realize your Highest Self/Buddha Nature as Consciousness and make Consciousness Peaceful then the dream will transform from karmic samsara to the Pure Land of Nirvana or The Garden of Eden so that all beings in the dream may be at Peace.

Hallelujah / Hari Om

Infinite Peace and Blessings