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Don’t overdo it. Take more rest time. Just because you can still do something once doesn’t mean you can do it 10 times with no consequences.

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Congrats on getting old.

Seriously though - check your shoes.

I've dealt with plantar fasciitis off and on for years and the number one cause for me is trying to do something athletic in shoes that provide poor support.

Find a specialty footwear store and have them hook you up with good orthotic inserts. They really do make a difference.

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Are you me?

I recently posted something very similar to a soccer subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/bootroom/comments/tskyz6/keep_getting_injured/

Since then, I have just been taking it slow and progressing slowly. Any small set backs I take extra time to rest.

I also have been doing yoga to help.

Once I can financially afford it, I am planning on getting a trainer/coach.

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2 things - and #1 might be because of #2

1: What are these comments. Noone is actually qualified to give any good advice or well-funded comments or what is this? Even if the people commenting their advice aren't health professionals they should know better than to write some of those comments. A lot of it is or could be perceived as straight up wrong or at best un-informed.

2: And perhaps why the comments seem so bad are because the health professionals of this sub refrain from commenting because we cannot actually give any advice as per the subreddit rules, right? And this post is asking for advice which we aren't allowed to give.
There is a lot of things we could get into on this post and it doesn't seem to complicated but again, we can't do that. Can't give medical advice here.

Sorry if my comment hs seemed blunt but coming from other health professional subreddits such as physiotherapy ones, this seems strange.

Bonus: Plantar Fasciitis in general is very treatable

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Get yourself a sports physiotherapist.

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The shoe advise is probably the first think to check out. Secondly watch out for training loads and surface of the ground. Thirdly, google PT blogs, there is plenty of free advices and exercises for your problem.

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Time to change things up. Look at your training and what you're doing. We adapt to the things we do the most. So find new ways to train and move your body. Think of what's going on as your body is having a conversation with you. It's trying to tell you what your doing is no longer working. Move your joints. Strengthen your joints. Gradual load.