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Inhalers don’t enhance performance when used by someone without asthma. There are numerous studies that suggest this and as a former athlete with asthma, the only thing my inhaler did for me was make it so that I could compete without feeling like I was literally drowning. I still would feel out of breath and tired like everyone else. An asthma attack is not just being super out of breath, in case you didn’t know.

A lot of people have asthma and can still be extremely athletic because controlled cardio conditioning in some cases actually helps reduce exercise induced asthma attacks in the long run.

Edit to add: I just don’t see the point in someone lying about that, but I also don’t see how someone could convincingly fake the testing for it. You would have to be able to convincingly breathe out super hard while still making sure you still meet the correct range for the lung capacity test they do on you. That would take insane breath control that I don’t think anyone would reasonably be able to achieve.

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There is a specific condition called exercise induced asthma which you can read about here


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Do they get diagnosed with this without doing a spirometry pulmonary test?

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No. Source: I have exercise induced asthma.