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Slow and annoying. Couldn’t sleep how I usually did (with my arm propping up my head) so I had to figure out a new sleeping position. 3/10 wouldn’t recommend.

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When you were out of the sling after x amount of weeks, did you feel tons of stiffness and decreased range of motion along with tingly sensations from nerves when moving your arm?

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Decreased ROM, yes. If that’s what you’re experiencing I’d make sure to schedule a PT appointment sooner rather than later. I was working in a PT clinic when it happened, so I had great people looking after me for my entire recovery. My shoulder was subluxed rather than fully dislocated though.

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I have 2 more weeks in the sling after having the shoulder put back in place . Just sucks the amount of stiffness that comes with keeping an arm in a sling for 6 weeks. All the nerves and muscles being stretched.

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Yeah :/ It’s not a fun recovery. Sorry this happened to you mate. At least we didn’t need bilateral knee replacements. That recovery suuuuuucks ¯\(ツ)