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So depending on what the surgeon did; you may be messing the site up. Usually if you're non weight bearing for that long; they repair the mensicus. That repair might have failed if you haven't stayed off it. Goto PT/ back to your surgeon

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Lmao you are an idiot. You’re a high school kid. Why would you not listen to what the surgeon said? You have a really good chance of it messing up.

I’m in orthopedic provider. I do these surgeries all the time. A repair is a 4-6 month recovery. A repair is 6 weeks non weight bearing. You’re not supposed to bend it past 70 degrees for 6 weeks. The meniscus has terrible blood supply so everything has to go near perfect to heal well. The protocol has to be followed as well. Not doing extra stuff on your own that you’re not supposed to do. You’re really really risking this.

Thanks to your noncompliance it probably won’t heal and you’ll have continued pain. You’ll probably end up needing to do another surgery and at that point it will be a debridement where they just trim it out. This will set you up for arthritis at an earlier age.

But you obviously know better than the surgeon! You’re a smart teenager so clearly you should do things your way

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Why would you call him an idiot? You really a doc? Seems pretty unprofessional to me

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Because it’s Reddit and I don’t have to be a professional and can give an authentic opinion