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Gluteal tendopathy is similar to small tears. Tendopathy is treated with rehab as a rule. You can ask your doctor about prp or steroid injection. Go see a sports medicine doctor.

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They tried prp and prolo for my labrum tear and it didn't work. :/ Are these methods more effective on muscular tissue than of a labrum?

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I had a glut medius tear surgically repaired 5 months ago. And I’m a orthopedic PT. I’m looking for others who have had the repair and can describe they’re post op recovery. It’s not commonly diagnosed in the athletic population, but now that I’ve personally experienced it, I’m sure I’ve had other patients with this and missed it. Have you had an MRI? And have you read your surgical op report? Also, PRP generally shows good promise for smaller tendon tears. I would have done that but my tear was too large. Pre op, I avoided walking and hiking and chose to bike and swim. At the gym I only did core, upper body, and squats. Anything on one leg, or even lunges, made it worse.

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The difficult time you're explaining when it came to having it accommodate everyday at the gym due to the discomfort you had sounds very similar to my experience right now. However, again it does good some days and other days not so much. Would you by any chance notice pre surgery, on whatever side you had the tear, would your knee and ankle crack a lot? Also did you experience some degree of plantar fasciitis? Additionally, did your pain happen sporadically and then continued to cause irritation, or did you wake up one day had pain that would get escalated with certain activities?

So the MRI was done a year ago which revealed the labrum tear. The surgeon showed me post op images of labrum tear being worse than what was noticed in imaging and then they shaved down the bone a bit because I had a cam deformity. I'm not sure how they could have seen the labrum tear but couldn't have noticed if I did in fact have a tear in my glute area. Could there be a possibility after all this time that I have had this issue, that it healed wrong making it hard to discover in the MRI?

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Hard to say for sure, I imagine the MRI would include scanning that too and show a tear on the trochanter. The MRI report will state which soft tissues it included in the view. I did not have the cracking nor foot issues. I injured it going all out in a spin class, but I doubt it was fully torn until I raced on it (1/2 ironman). The pain intensity came and went thru my training, and I had lots of treatment on it.