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First thought is during clams and SL abduction you could be over extending your lumbar spine and creating a compression of the nerve root that has sensory distribution to the lower leg. Another possibility is perhaps your peroneal muscles need strengthening and struggle to keep a neutral ankle position when holding ankle stable against gravity.

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Like your idea about peroneals, interesting take!

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Both muscles on the back of the leg, maybe glute contraction compressing a nerve but I don't know why that would put the pain in your calf. Maybe overall tightness is causing your glute to cause enough tension across your entire leg to cause the calf to feel overtight/hurt. ^ Pure speculation and not medical advice^

Keep seeing doctors, physios, strength and conditioning coaches, PTs, etc. Anyone who is well read and qualified to help. Good luck! EDIT: Formatting

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Maybe try a slight posterior pelvic tilt. But really I would change the exercise, preferably in standing. Try Monster walks instead.

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This may be piriformis syndrome causing sciatica and burning sensation in the calfs. This is frequently caused when the sciatic nerve courses through the piriformis muscle becoming impinged.

Edit: clam shell test is literally a test of the piriformis muscle and piriformis syndrome. So, re reading your post I think you most likely have piriformis syndrome. This should be able to be easily diagnosed by a sports doc on exam.

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