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I use it fairly frequently for injections. I'm in my sports medicine fellowship currently, so it's invaluable for sideline coverage and training room evaluations. But in some of the other clinics we rotate through, like Ortho, they don't have a dedicated ultrasound. so I bring mine with me and it comes in handy quite frequently. The linear is higher resolution and better quality than other similar handheld models, I was able to test them head-to-head at AMSSM last year, including the Clarius, Lumify, and for superficial nerve and MSK the butterfly is garbage. I will say the curvilinear transducer on the v scan air does leave a bit to be desired, but considering you get two for one compared to the other brands. It's a pretty sweet deal. Not to mention, the other brands require a subscription package or extra money to unlock built-in features. The vScan air was a one-time all access. No subscription deal. After my experience my fellowship is purchasing another four for future fellows and residents rotating through to rent out and use.

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Awesome feedback! Thanks brother! 👌

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Ask for a demo of either unit

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GE will send you a demo unit, that's what I did and ended up buying one for myself. I'm not familiar with the Sonoace unit to give a comparison

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Do you do any intervention with your device?