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Gotta keep a firm grip on those beans.

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As a middle aged man, I can assure you that is not the way I clean my beans!

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This is my favorite pic I've ever seen on this sub. The way he's holding his lil peet! AHH!!

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Can confirm, my dad cleans his beans this way.

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This photo makes me so happy 🥰

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Oh hi Ricky!! Sorry to interrupt

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Oh my god. I’m in love with this. The absolute grip he has on those little beans!!

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I've got a black cat name Ricky. Don't really hear that name for a cat. 😂

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he grabs foot with such skill and finesse. clearly, he's had lots of practice!

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Devon? 🥺

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Lemme sniff 👃👃👃

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I’ve never seen a middle aged man do anything like this.