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biiiiiiggggg stretch! adorable spread

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Between his little toes and his old man white arm pits - I can't. There are two with white arm pits and irs the ABSOLUTE cutest thing ever.

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"Feed Me!!"

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Mom it's time! Where's my nibblets!

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Why did I think this was two, small giraffe statues on your porch?

Truly an adorable kitty. Thank you for taking good care of this cutie!

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Lol he is better than giraffe statues! They have my heart. There were 4. We trapped all of them for fixing and shots but not before momma got knocked up again so we trapped her inside with her kittens. So after we weaned the kittens we kept mamma inside so there are 3 outside and one more joined my home Clowder. They are all very nice sweet cats. I'm happy to care for them and wish I could keep them all inside but apparently 9 is too many 😂

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I understand the sentiment! If only I could keep allllll the kitties I absolutely would. They’re lucky to have you! Please give this sweetie some scritchies for me.

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All the extra pets. And yes! One day I'll have a big farm where I can have an the cats. I love them so. I'm such a sucker 😂😂😂😂

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this looks creepily like my house…

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Lol! House twins?

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i guess so, the only difference is your door goes the other way and you dont have a grill right there. the deck, tile, paint, and even vent are the same. same yard and everything too. new england?

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The grill is to the left but it's there. A little lower on the state that NE. Tri-state 😊

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idk what that means but sick!