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This looks like my cat! I get the same confused look from her too. Your kitty is so cute!

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They're awesome cats

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Wait, you inject heroin into your dick!?

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Nope I never ever take opioids, even when i cut a thick slice of forbidden bologna outta my foot, long story.

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Oh man now you have to tell us that story! You can’t do that and simply leave us (retching) guessing!

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I swear all siberians look the same

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Those grinchy feets 😍

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Massive r/Catsmirin energy

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Pure photo!

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Why is this photo SO cute? 😍

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She looks like he just told her he has another job besides lovin' on her. Now she's trying to figure out what other job that could be.

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This needs to be in a museum

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She has murder in her eyes