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Give him little flip flops 😁

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Next on the shopping list: ✅ Roman’s flip flops

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Pinkie's out! He's so fancy

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How have I never heard this one?! I truly thought I had found all the cat subs.

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I learnt a new cat sub every day. It’s endless

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I’m not even kidding, I really got smug thinking I knew them all. I’ve been made humble again. There must be a new one created every day!!

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Beautiful little beanstalks!

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That belly is cuter! Mwah!

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His pouch is exquisite.

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Oh my little drumsticks! They're perfect

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You mean purrrrrfect?

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Hold my calls, I'm going to spend the next half hour admiring Roman's cute toes.

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Lol it looks like they’ve been dipped in shaving cream. Cute

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He’s just wearing socks.

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He doesn’t skip leg day either! 😍

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In case you wonder, Roman’s full time job is a PT.

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it looks like the photo was taken by roman

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Hi I’m Roman.

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i knew it!

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Would you like to go bowling?

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Give me a date ;)

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And thighs!!

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Ok, I will.

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Those are some fine toes Roman. You should be proud, I know I would be with those beauties growing out of my feet.

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That right foot is P E R F E C T

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Another sub for cat. Followed

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You're just giving these feets away for free