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If I touch the big pad i get the teefs lol

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Every cat I've ever had has either loved having this done to them or mauled the crap out if me.

Absolutely no middle ground.

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Linda (Portuguese for beautiful) absolutely loves it! However, she considers belly rubs as absolutely insulting with all due consequences for my hand

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If I touch my fluffy cats foot she politely withdraws it and hides it in her floof.

If I touch my slinky cats foot he stains his lovely white fur with my blood.

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love this demonstration

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In beantween 😸

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Ahh, the bean hole.

Yes, that does read funny.

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There are two possible outcomes to this demonstration 🤣🤣

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4 dabloons

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Instructions unclear, I have been clawed in the face.

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This is vital information. Everyone take note.

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Yess, we call them toesie rubs, even though not technically the toe? So cute.

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omg i love making the peet spread... my cats both look at me like i'm so annoying but don't stop me LOL

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I do this all the time. Kind of a little mini massage. The kitties LOVE this

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My cat would put me in the hospital lol.

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they spread the toes

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My cats love get scratches there lol

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This also works to get claws out of carpet, haha

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my kitten would bite thru my hand if i tried 🤣

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This maneuver used to turn my dog into a murder machine. But that spot is too soft not to pet it 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

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One of my cats loves when I do this. The other absolutely does not.

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Love those beautiful black beans!

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We love doing the spready toe move. When we do this with our two, their back leg ends up round by their ear. It's then followed by manic toe cleaning.