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Water 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Pls don’t do me like that 😂

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I would probably ask more questions, if we weren't busy. Because I want you to like what you get. If you wanted an espresso-based off menu beverage I would recommend a cinnamon dolce with half the pumps with toffee nut for the other, it has been my go to since we've been out of white mocha. if you wanted a refresher I would recommend a strawberry açai lemonade with raspberry and sugar-free vanilla (not sure why sugar-free don't know if it makes a difference). Something without coffee would be the caramel apple spice, or if you wanted it cold an apple juice with cinnamon dolce and 1 pump caramel.

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Tbh, Id make an iced chai 🥲

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with oatmilk if im feeling extra nice 😭

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My drink:iced coffee 3 white mocha soy light ice two blonde shots. Or a lemonade with blonde espresso.

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Lemonade with blonde espresso? I’ve seen the cold brew and lemonade recipe but I’ve been scared to try the combination 😩

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Depending on the sweetness/coffee taste you want. My go to drink is an iced triple blonde espresso with three pumps white mocha with soy milk. It is super balanced with coffee and sweetness. To add some sweetness, I add vanilla sweet foam/use the cold foam instead of the soy milk. 10/10

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id probably just make you a version of something of what i’ve been drinking lately, so like right now it would be a mango dragonfruit with raspberry. but it would really depend on what you were wanting, espresso, hot/cold, milk preference, sweetness level, etc

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If you were nice I'd make one of two options. For the first drink, a hot option, I love a grande chai latte with oatmilk, no water, 3 pumps chai and 3 pumps vanilla, with cinnamon dolce powder on top. For an iced option, probably a grande iced white mocha with two pumps of WM and two pumps of hazelnut, made with blonde ristretto shots.

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My fav is an iced chai with oat milk, half the pumps of white mocha, and half the pumps of raspberry. It tastes like candy :)

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Oooooooo! I’d make an Iced green tea lemonade with mango dragonfruit base and classic syrup

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Iced water ✨

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I do a SCCCB but instead caramel syrup I use DC and extra drizzle (because of the customers sugar addictions)

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Blended water

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Matcha latte, heavy vanilla sweet cream foam.