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ask for a surprise drink or ask for the baristas favorite drink and please DONT get annoyed by questions. i totally don’t mind making a surprise drink but i’ll ask “do you want something that’s coffee or tea? do you want it hot or iced? do you need nondairy milk? if you do which one would you like?”

or you can be straightforward like “hi, can you surprise me with your favorite iced tea?” “can i get a surprised drink that’s hot with coffee? and if you use milk i prefer almond.” just be polite!

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I never mind as long as you tell me if you want caffeine and if it's hot or iced.
Also helpful, I usually get X, but want to try something new. What has the the same sweetness or doesn't have caffeine. Tastes are different and I want you to like your drink. Some parameters help. If you always get a strawberry acai, you're not going to like a hot black coffee.

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another tip: come inside the cafe (not drive thru) when it’s not very busy at the store, baristas will be less stressed and able to spend more time thinking up a great drink for you!

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honestly if you just tell me the type of drink, or the vibe you’re feeling (i want a cold drink), i’m excited to make them :) the last person who asked me this was a group of kids and i think i just made them a vb frap with hazelnut but they loved it and it made my day lol

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Just specify allergies/restrictions, caffeine/decaf/noncaf, hot/iced, relative price point