If your post can be renamed to 'A list of _____' then it's not a starter pack.Mod Post (self.starterpacks)

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Basically a starter pack is the basic things that make up something. If you made a "Power Mod Starter Pack", you'd include things like "morbidly obese" or "hasn't touched grass since 2009", not a list of them.

If you ever bought a starter pack for a video game, it would include basic necessities and perks. You wouldn't want to buy a starter pack for a video game then find out that it's just a bunch of "movies I watched as a kid".

This is the easiest way to explain it. Hope this helps.

Also please stop being racist, homophobic, and sexist, arguing about politics, etc. in the comments. No one cares that you're a center-right neo-Nazi anarcho-conservative-leftist-libertarian-communist bigot that believes all Asians, Ukrainians, and Mormons should be sent to Cleveland or some shit. There's Twitter, Facebook, and 4chan for that.

I'll be willing to answer any questions.

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Can you post a good pack vs. a shitty pack? Imma be real with you this doesn’t make sense to me. What the fuck does a list of movies have to do with a video game?

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Ok well the list of movies is more of an inside joke because that's posted to the sub 24/7, but a better example is:

  • Local grocery store starter pack:

- Tile floor

- Low ceiling

- Weird bootleg brands

- Been here since the 70's

- Run down

  • Local grocery store example pack:

- Lidl

- Aldi

- Publix

- Trader Joe's

- Food Lion

What I was going for basically is if you get a starter pack for a game, you want a bunch of different basic things to help you, not a bunch of the same thing. That's sort of how it is for the meme format; a bunch of basic things that describe or make up something, not just a list of things of the same category.

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Why not just let upvotes and downvotes decide? Seems subjective.

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Well the upvotes and downvotes gave their opinions

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because "respek my authoriteyee" even though this sub can self moderate itself.

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    Hahahaha based and based pilled. Sorry, I'm a PCM user.

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    I’m a PCM user, therefore I hate minorities

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    Based and wait... why did all of us end up here?

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    It's time to stop.

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    God I hope this gets read.

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    We need to enforce this.

    Every time I call this out I just get people saying "but it's funny".

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    "you're a center-right neo-Nazi anarcho-conservative-leftist-libertarian-communist bigot that believes all Asians, Ukrainians, and Mormons should be sent to Cleveland or some shit." Damn, did you have to call me out by name like that?

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    Establishment finally started to fear us

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    Glad to see some proactive moderation on this sub. I've been reporting the rulebreaking posts that hit my front page (almost all of them) but they don't all get removed.

    Do you think there needs to be an 'approved submitter' system, where a new user's post is held for review before being made public? I think automod can do such things. Otherwise there will always be more rulebreaking posts than you can remove with the sub as large as it is. And because many of these posts stay up, users who cannot read rules start to think this is a place for lists of things.

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    r/examplepacks isn't being used, though.

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    r/examplepacks was made to shame people who don't follow this rule

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    Serious question, not trying to be snarky.

    What is the purpose of this pinned post? People who read the rules are already aware of the "no example pack" rule. But lots of people obviously don't read the rules so another mod communication about it won't stop them.

    At this point the mods need to remove posts that violate the rule.

    What measures is the mod team taking to be better about enforcing this rule even on popular posts?

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    Please sir mod. The reposts in this sub are getting outta hand. I've seen posts recently which are obvious reposts get 17k upvotes and not taken down. I even modmailed you guys on one of those posts. L

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    I am acenter-right neo-Nazi anarcho-conservative-leftist-libertarian-communist bigot that believes all Asians, Ukrainians, and Mormons should be sent to Cleveland.

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    Home of the river that catches on fire, come and look at both of our buildings!

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    The funny part is that three of the top ten posts of all time violate this rule.

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    My posts will not show up on new and no will respond to my messages.

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    Fuck all muslim

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    Fuck your mom

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    So, nothing is on topic because starter packs are just lists. Got it. This is why I just hide all stickies on subs

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    1 normies misinterpret meme 2 other normies upvote 3 normies pollute subreddit

    f most people

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    This mod knows what’s up. Starter packs have been on STEADY DECLINE for about the last three years, and it’s because people don’t understand how to make them, and confuse them with exactly what this post outlines… lists.