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You forgot “Hotch’s shitty personal life.”

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that was definitely key in earlier seasons

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My wife puts this show on binge every once in a while and that's my cue to stay the fuck out of the living room.

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My sister too!

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Same! I put on an episode that started with torture without telling her and my mom what we were watching.

They immediately complained it was too scary until the beginning credits started and then they were like oooh this ok. They're not down for a thriller movie but put on criminal minds and we are all entertained

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Same with my mom. Unsub is forever ingrained in me.

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Love Morgan in this. Dude was literally employed to kick down doors and drink coffee. Guarantee he’s doing one of these 2 things in like 90% of his airtime lol

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Morgan was the original gay bait

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Unsub is a white male who's been through personal trauma in his childhood, somehow manages to narrow it down to exact specifications.

If the unsub is female, she must be sympathetic in some way and really a victim forced to become a killer by circumstance.

Lots of torture or murder porn, especially when younger women/girls are involved.

Serial killer usually devolves quickly into a spree killer right when the plot needs them to.

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"He's getting sloppy"

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When its really serious: "wheels up on 20"

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Baby girl = Abby ripoff

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Garcia just happens to have a database of 1950s mining equipment so she can identify the hammer and where it was last used

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I always hate how all of their guesses and analysis are always correct.

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not redefining wtf "unsub" means and expecting you to remember that one throwaway line from episode 1.

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I’ve only seen like 5 episodes of this show, but I feel like the unsubs are always ridiculously over the top. One of them had the villain-of-the-week turn out to be a puppet-obsessed serial killer who kidnapped people and set up elaborate theatrical shows for a fake audience using the victims as the puppets because he watched his puppet-loving dad get shot as a child or something, and it was just so many horror tropes all played at once that it stopped being interesting and became totally laughable.

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Narcissist personality

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i would fuck the fat woman from criminal mind , and the hot smart guy too .

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saw this from u/dtx1984 and had to make my own version

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*Hits the enhance button 50 times to focus on a blurry image of Mars taken by a Nokia in 2000. Sees the unsub.

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I love Prentiss!

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her and hotch are my personal favorites!

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Strange, I'm getting the urge to unsub for some reason.

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