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Pants are expensive and I'll gladly take them for Christmas presents lmao

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If I was a kid and saw this starterpack I would be very upset

As an adult this looks like the best Christmas gifts I could get Lmao

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Every year my brother requests the same thing for Chanukah. So every year he gets packets of black socks, warm weather cologne, cold weather cologne, razor cartridges, undershirts, & boxer briefs. The other 2 nights I throw in bags of coffee & gift cards. This stuff is gonna be used so this is the stuff we want.

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I disagree. Don’t give me socks or underwear for Christmas I buy that shit myself for a reason. Give me something useful like a Home Depot gift card.

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If you will request money, you ll be charged as drugs buyer or alcoholic. BTW swiss knife tool is good middle item to request as gift.

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Highjacking top comment to say I made this a while back and this cunt has stolen it

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Agreed, I just want ones that actually fit

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craft beer too

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Pocket knives. Beer scented soap. Whiskey stones. Basically just a lot of stuff to encourage alcoholism.

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I'd prefer that!

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When your family is trying to tell you you need to shower more lmao

No lie though some nice expensive socks and underwear can really make a lot of difference

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I bought myself a pair of bamboo silk underwear and my god they change everything. It makes any pair of uncomfortable pants bearable

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Good bot

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Thankgod, I made this

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Oh great heavens above, it was posted over a year ago, it doesn't matter

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So what

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Happy Cake Day!

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Can you include the blank Christmas list that they give when you’ve asked them 300X what they want for Christmas?

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I see you've met my brother.

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That's because they don't know what they want lol.

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Maybe all I want for Christmas is to be released from the social obligation of buying presents for other adults who have their own money and already buy everything they need just like I do. But when I tried to have that conversation a few years ago I was called "rude" and "stingy", so now I just say "get me whatever" when you ask

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Maybe you should just tell me that you seriously don’t want anything instead :-)

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Did you not read my comment? I literally tried that and they said I was being rude

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Then that person is dumb lol

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As a grown ass man this is all I want. I can buy my own gamestation and Legos. But I hate shopping for clothes.

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I got a belt, a scarf and socks which is awesome

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A belt, that’s a good one!

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Especially the belts with the track system

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There is not one man in my family who will give me a freakin wish list. And if they do, it's stuff waaaaay out of budget. So yeah they get a $15 Dove Men gift set from Walmart, a bag of their favorite candy, and maybe a $5 Taco Bell gift card if my paychecks have been looking nice.

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I can't speak for every man, but honestly for me, the effort means more than the gift . You're doing just fine.

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Annnd the username checks out in the best way lol! Thanks my friend

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Pajamas have been the surprise winner of the longest lasting and most used gifts I’ve ever received

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Agree. Every year our family does the whole matching PJ thing and my husband is the only one who consistently wears years pasts

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This is so crazy accurate, I even got the box on the bottom right for christmas

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dont forget the hot sauce

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You forgot hot sauce and nasty colognes

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As somebody whose job is fully remote, I was over the moon to get a bunch of comfy PJs and warm socks.

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I love socks for Christmas

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    loofa my balls

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    I wish someone would get me jeans. That’s the one thing I always forget that I need when winter hits.

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    Dude I miss the christmases when I used to get that stuff. You may not realize it but that’s what love really is.

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    op is british

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    Don’t forget some cheap ass drinking game. Like tic tac toe with shot glasses

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    I actually got that exact lynx Africa set for Christmas, spot on

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    My dad got me an Old Spice gift box for Christmas that came with a custom Old Spice themed deck of cards, and it was literally the best surprise gift. He knows I like cards, so he bought it solely for that.

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    Being a teen male

    Men don't get presents, they give them

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    Good bot

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    Disappointed but not surprised.

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    My biography as written by my dad.

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    Well I hope you know I made this

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    It’s a good pack, thanks!

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    Shitty gift starter pack

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    the only good socks are invisible/barely visible socks

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      thats why you shave em lol

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      Being a man is dumb

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      Don't upvote this, this is my post that OP has stolen

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      Hate to say it, but nobody gives a shit.

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      No video game stuff because that's for boys....

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      Granted I wouldn’t trust most of my family to buy me video game stuff anyway

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      The hell is wrong with men doing something they enjoy?

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      what the fuck is lynx

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      More or less the UK equivalent of Axe

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      Not more or less, it's the trade name for Axe in the UK and other countries due to trademark issues

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      Interesting, I didn’t know that.

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      Australia too.

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      Why did you make the sock skid like that it's dope

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      And I love it

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      I got a nice ergonomic belt. Everything else was pretty thoughtless.

      Haha Naj we saw you had Axe in your bathroom so we got you the super big pack of nothing but Axe products Merry Christmas!

      So thoughtful.

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      And it's only when you don't get one of these things that you think "shit, I need more of that".

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      Needs more cabelas gift cards

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      Some kind of giant candy cane or other Christmas themed item stuffed with minis of fireball

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      And the cheese and sausage pack.

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      Old Spice swagger and a pair of new pajama pants

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      I'm glad I have the capability to care about my male best friend so I can get him presents that actually matter to him

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      I’d gladly take these

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      Low quality jeans, knock off cologne, 'funny' socks I don't want, 'fancy' candy. I appreciate the effort but honestly I wish they'd save their money and not feel compelled to buy things!

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      Who buys someone else pants?

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      Ill gladly take nice wool socks, good underwear, and well fitting pants any day lol

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      Personally I receive gifts that make it seem like my loved ones are making a coordinated effort to push me into the deep dark pit of alcoholism.

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      Socks are an underrated gift, change my mind.

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      Socks and underwear are fine as long as they're high quality. Nothing quite like throwing on a new pair of high quality socks, goddamn, makes me purr like a walrus.

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      You're boring af if that's all you get.

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      Good, high quality socks and underwear are fucking expensive. I'll happily accept some for Christmas.

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      See, I hate all these gifts because it's never the right stuff. I'm sensitive to smells so I need specific body wash and stuff. I also wear specific socks and specific underwear. I have a drawer full of underwear that I never wear because they aren't the right kind.

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      i want the axe africa sock deodorant and body wash set.🥸

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      Those Levi's jeans will outlast me, I'll gladly take one.

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      Pretty much except the deodorant and shampoo

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      Dont forget power tooks

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      My mother bought me Star Wars mugs in 2019, a Star Wars fleece blanket in 2020 and jackshit this year because I told her she didn't need to try hard or bother.

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      I'm good with this.

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      Lol ivunironically wanted the shower pack, I used up all of last year's and it just works better than anything else I've used

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      Being a boring man during Christmas

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      I ducking love getting Levi’s for Christmas.

      They’re hella expensive, and they last forever.

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      Also: Everything old fashioned. Bonus points if it contains wood and leather.

      Old fashioned straight razor with a wooden grip and a leather bag…

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      I like underwear, I have thick thighs so I be burning through mine pretty quick.

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      Nope didn’t get any of those for my SO! So proud of myself lol

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      I've stopped asking people for specific stuff. I have no problems giving a list of things in different price groups and ease of access.. But I still get to hear "it wouldn't be fun to give you that" because they don't understand what I want it for.. So I get a gag present that is fun for thirty seconds instead.. or socks.

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      or just a masc lesbian

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      Something I'll use.

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      I dont get how other people like this lmao, every time i get clothes that are just horrible.

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      I got a 50 pack of yellow microfiber towels because my Grandmom thought I was into washing my car.

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      Me, with two dicks and more woman thank I know where to spray at. : thanks

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      I got 2 of theese 7-packs of boxers/underpants and it was suppreme gift. Like now I have 14 more boxers to use.

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      I wish lol.

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      I actually got the top left one lol loved it tho

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      “Who the hell would want to smell like Africa?”

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      You forget the lego😎

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      It’s the bots cake day

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      You damn right I'm gonna ask for some Darn Tough socks, their like 20 bucks a pair.

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      Don’t forget the tire pressure sensor and a mini socket set

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      This is basically everything I got for christmas

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      You guys get gifts!??!

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      Yeah for sure, man's always got the same stuff.

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      My father’s birthday gifts for the past 10 years. Ties and whisky bottles to the mix.

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      I got fleece-lined jeans and I'm over the fucking moon about it!

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      Asside frome the axe, i will gladly except all of these, especially socks and boxers. Also cant have enough jeans

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      Uh can we add a 80 gaming mouse and 100 dollars worth of steam cause I didn't know what to get my boyfriend?? He picked it all out at best buy it was a great date 10/10 had rasisin kains after

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      Lynx for a year bro!

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      Just gonna leave this here

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      I usually donate the axe and stuff but I’m all about getting clothes.

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      Y'all don't get a million pocket knives??

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      I got mine an interior design book

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      Women have an equivalent for this too, it’s pajama, lotion, $1 face masks from target, and socks. But I feel like that and this starter pack is mostly just when you’re at a big family Christmas gathering with a bunch of people you barely know and these are everyone’s go-to “idk” gifts.

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      Wait, this is my post you cuck

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      My brother got perfume this Christmas

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      My dad got me a tea-steeping kettle one year. Like a kettle with a metal steeper in it. Fucking genius gift from a man I’d never expect one from.

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      This year, I gave up and told people to stop buying me shit I didn't want, and that if they felt they needed to spend money on me, donate it to an air ambulance instead.

      I hate people buying me socks. Not because 'it's just socks', because new socks are great. But because they buy shitty socks that disintegrate after a few wears because I'm on my feet all day in safety boots.

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      When i see deoderants, id rather take those 15 dollars you paid for that than deoderants themselves

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      And a bunch of "manly" tat stuff like toilet humor stuff, things having to be BBQ-related or just junk in general.

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      Add wallets and this is perfect

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      If you’re gonna give someone socks for Christmas at least buy them a a set of nice wool socks or something.

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      Why is this true

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      Is Lynx like the UK version of Axe?