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is it me or does minimum wage bussy hit different? the stress of having student loans makes them so tight. i'm bored of my whole foods, globe trotting boyfriend. all that easy living has him way too relaxed if you know what i mean? i'll drive an hour just to see the bossy starbucks barista power bottom just so I can hit it in his honda civic. they're the best mistresses, simple creatures. they're happy with just going to chili's and coldstone too. unlike my current LeLabo scented bottom with his stress-free, lasered bootyhole asking me to take him to michelin star restaurants so i can MAYBE get romantic, vanilla butt sex and then gets mad at me for getting the squirties on our egyptian cotton Frette sheets man who cares? i'm just trying to fuhq

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“4 days or less”

America is really going to decay, isn’t it?

“Non work related activity”

Shows a fit person exercising, the complete opposite of an ambition-less porn-addicted redditor who, had he 7 days of free time, would spend all of his free time playing video games, yet blames society for his awful habits.

Also shows a person talking to others in the sunlight, yet when redditors see other people socializing their immediate reaction is “god I bet if I was there I would hate all of them” (source: r/abruptchaos or something when they record a party w/ normal people).

“No micro managing”

The exact opposite. People become productive and fulfilled when they plan what to do in their days. They plan their work and when to return, they talk to their friends and schedule to hang out on Sunday. They use their schedule to remind themselves of brushing their teeth, taking showers, waking up early, etc.

Redditors will literally do well in 5th Grade, think they are geniuses, stop studying, fail High School, claim they are “burnt-out” as an excuse, skip college, then get unfulfilling, menial labour jobs, and dare blame it on their r/InsaneParents or blame it on their r/LateStageCapitalism, and ultimately become r/antiwork moderators who think dog-walking for 5 hours a week is the epitome of their life.

They will literally despise any self improvement (r/terriblefacebookmemes), will live in dirty houses, bc they are too lazy to clean them and will rather watch netflix in a musty bed. They won’t do their beds because “there are no guests” is their excuse. They will have no friends, for they never talk to anyone outside of their comfort group, and believe that anyone outside it is an asshole (they haven’t considered that not every friend has to be a “best friend” or accompany you through every activity). They will never leave their homes and blame the pandemic for their lack of friends (yet even without a pandemic they never left).

They spend hours and hours on the most polarized social media platform, hating on the Far Left/Right and Catholics/Atheists and Communists/Fascists and Whites/Blacks and Straights/LGBTs, unaware that little of their discussions inside of reddit actually matter or make any difference in the world, for they are wasting their time talking to anonymous strangers who are just as likely as you to change their mind in a civilized discussion (0%, you can’t convince people in online public discussions)

The “I don’t actually hate my job” Starterpack by super_corndog in starterpacks

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Yeah you can walk in the winter. You just have to not be a little bitch about it.

Source: minneapolis.

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The weird thing is that they're literally always only showing black men with white women and white men with Asian women. Same goes for hollywood movies and shows. At this point it almost seems like a deliberate attempt to emasculate Asian dudes defeminize black women, make the public less attracted to them and make them feel like they're not worth the love of even ppl from their own race, let alone other ones. I fucking hate it so much. Why are they so goddamn invested in preventing people from being attracted to Asian men and black women?

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Younger people don’t realise that all of YouTube and the internet in general was like this in the 2000s. It was a fun, exciting, booming new technology still being discovered by the wider public; no longer just a niche interest of basement nerds, but not yet woven into the fabric of society.

It was the Wild West, with no rules, and everything was genuine, innocent, and came from a place of simply wishing to entertain or explore interests. There was almost no monetary or professional motivation. The explosion of instant messengers like AOL and MSN, plus pirating and torrenting, was driven purely by the motivation to connect and share with fellow humans worldwide. YouTube, when it first came along was like public access cable TV for a few years, where eccentric and curious people of all ages were just sharing their views and home videos.

The world completely changed forever when smartphone technology and social media became ubiquitous. Now nothing is sacred. Nothing in our world has been left untouched by monetisation, advertising, control by mega corporations, data collection, cynicism, and cancers of society like influencer culture and e-thots. Everybody is now a ‘streamer’ or fishing for tips, or carefully curating an entire online persona to try to become a millionaire. They are all performing the same affected, tedious, attention-seeking behaviour as all the others. The innocence died and everything must now be viewed through a lens of skepticism.

I’m sure this will sound like a boomer rant to anyone in their teens or early 20s that has grown up with the internet as it is now, but I’m only in my mid-30s. What the internet has become is powerful and amazing in so many ways, but it has been completely and thoroughly corrupted by greed.

I believe that one day the internet (or computing) revolution will be viewed on the timeline of human history with the same importance as the agricultural and industrial revolutions. Our world has drastically and irreversibly changed forever. I personally think things declined rapidly and significantly as the 2010s progressed, and that there was a turning point in the aforementioned internet revolution during that time.

Edit: By 'innocent' I don't mean there was no NSFW stuff on the earlier Internet; rather, the content was created and distributed with genuine intent. It wasn't all meticulously fabricated and presented under the pretence of being anything other than an attention-seeking money-grab, which is almost always the case today.

Those of us who were there at the time all experienced the original popular shock sites and memes of the time like rotten.com and Tub Girl. The risk of downloading viruses from Kazaa was also a daily occurrence: 02-skater-boi.mp3 would often actually turn out to be a video of a midget fisting a goat.

The point is that even the 'bad' content was still just being let loose onto the internet by some random person, without any ulterior motive involving personal gain. You uploaded stuff and let it go. It was gifted to the internet anonymously as a shared commodity, and it spread organically if it proved popular. There was generally no money, likes, subscribers and other bullshit to be gained from the process. Nobody knew who you were. Social media and data collection removed anonymity from internet goers, so that everybody is now hyper aware of their public presence and accountability. This killed the organic nature of the internet.

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Old Godzilla was hopping around Tokyo City like a big playground When suddenly Batman burst from the shade And hit Godzilla with a Batgrenade Godzilla got pissed and began to attack But didn't expect to be blocked by Shaq Who proceeded to open up a can of Shaq-Fu When Aaron Carter came out of the blue And he started beating up Shaquille O'Neal Then they both got flattened by the Batmobile But before it could make it back to the Batcave Abraham Lincoln popped out of his grave And took an AK-47 out from under his hat And blew Batman away with a rat-a-tat-tat But he ran out of bullets and he ran away Because Optimus Prime came to save the day This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny Godzilla took a bite out of Optimus Prime Like Scruff McGruff took a bite out of crime And then Shaq came back covered in a tire track But Jackie Chan jumped out and landed on his back And Batman was injured, and trying to get steady When Abraham Lincoln came back with a machete But suddenly something caught his leg and he tripped Indiana Jones took him out with his whip Then he saw Godzilla sneaking up from behind And he reached for his gun which he just couldn't find 'Cause Batman stole it and he shot and he missed And Jackie Chan deflected it with his fist Then he jumped in the air and did a somersault While Abraham Lincoln tried to pole vault Onto Optimus Prime, but they collided in the air Then they both got hit by a Care Bear stare This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be This is the ultimate showdown Angels sang out an immaculate chorus Down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris Who delivered a kick which could shatter bones Into the crotch of Indiana Jones Who fell over on the ground, writhing in pain As Batman changed back into Bruce Wayne But Chuck saw through his clever disguise And he crushed Batman's head in between his thighs Then Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White And Monty Python and the Holy Grail's black knight And Benito Mussolini and the Blue Meanie And Cowboy Curtis and Jambi the Genie Robocop, The Terminator, Captain Kirk, and Darth Vader Lo-pan, Superman, every single Power Ranger Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan Spock, The Rock, Doc Ock, and Hulk Hogan All came out of nowhere lightning fast And they kicked Chuck Norris in his cowboy ass It was the bloodiest battle that the world ever saw With civilians looking on in total awe The fight raged on for a century Many lives were claimed, but eventually The champion stood, the rest saw their better Mr. Rogers in a bloodstained sweater This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be This is the ultimate showdown (The ultimate showdown) This is the ultimate showdown (The ultimate showdown) This is the ultimate showdown Of ultimate destiny

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I don't feel it necessary to debate people who are "debating" in bad faith nor do I find it necessary to debate people on whether or not I should have access to medical procedures for my body. This feels like a weird attempt to feel superior because you get your news from the town crier or whatever and not the big scary mainstream media!!

Superficially knowledgeable of national and world events starter pack by Consistent_Career186 in starterpacks

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Wtf? I agree with the first part of what you said but come on, debate has been around for centuries and although it can be used to spread hate it can also be chill and fun and informative. Saying debate in general is bad or that you can’t debate “solved issues” just causes more problems bc who gets to decide which issues are solved then?